What Types OF Comments You Should Approve For Your Blog

comments you should approve for your blog

Wow! Again a new comment. It’s really a great feeling when someone put a comment for your post. Your post is valuable and informative when it gets comment from readers. Real people read your post and they exchange their thought through the comment box.

But now comments are being spammed and it worth’s nothing but keeping certain comments mean you are wasting your hosting storage. Today my post will show you what types of comments you should approve before it goes to public.


The biggest competition in web among the website owners is to get reorganization and traffic for their site .Everyday millions of web users they are trying to promote their blogs, products and services. Now one of the most common and effective method to promote and rank your site is to comment in other sites. It generates quality back links where you get nothing but worthless comments with full of links.


You can easily understand and make difference among the fraud and genuine comments. Fraud or spamming comments always contain self promoting links. Let me give an example for that:

Suppose you have made a post about the “how to make a website?”


Here the fraud comment looks like below:

“Thank you for your post. How about this site for proper hosting package WWW.BADSITE.COM”
“Get free hosting services at WWW.BADSITE.COM, thank you for your post”

Allowing this type of comment will disturb other commentator. Remember only few commentators are real people and they want to learn from your post. The genuine comment may be containing this type of words:

“I have no idea about making a site but now I hope I can build my own website”

Making a site or blog is simple but to keep it spam free is always challenging and tough job. Hope next time you will be careful when you will be approving comments.

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