Container Storage for Rent – Profitability, Safety and Pricing

Container Storage for Rent
Container Storage for Rent - Profitability, Safety and Pricing

Container Storage for Rent – we will discuss about profitability, safety and pricing.

Renting containers for a warehouse is an opportunity to protect the goods as much as possible.Today, cargo storage is becoming more and more secure. Companies providing logistics and warehousing services offer options for stowage of goods that require specific storage conditions, and goods that do not need a certain temperature and humidity. The most profitable of these solutions is the rental of a container for storage. Choosing this service allows you to avoid spending on the purchase of your own warehouse and protect the goods from unauthorized access, damage and deterioration.

Why is container rental for storage gaining popularity?

The reliability and convenience of metal containers today can be appreciated not only by those who use container transportation, but also by those who transport goods in other ways. A metal box with a high capacity can be used as a storage place and not be used when transporting the goods stored in it. Renting containers for a warehouse is gaining popularity because it allows you not to waste time placing pallets and boxes in warehouses. Metal containers can be stored directly on the street without fear for the safety of the goods.

The rental of containers is in demand both among individuals and large companies. This service allows you to significantly save money and not worry about how securely your cargo is protected. Most often, the rental of containers for storage is used by those who need temporary placement of equipment, personal belongings or bulky goods. Rented containers can be left on the territory of our warehouse, where they will be monitored around the clock, and placed on our sites.

When is a rental necessary?

Such a service as renting a container space is very convenient when there is a need for temporary storage of a consignment of goods, which is single, and not put on stream. It is also cost-effective when organizing warehouse storage for up to 6 months. The client can choose to rent a container unit of 20 and 40 feet in accordance with his wishes, goals and financial capabilities. They offer entrepreneurs convenient areas for storing containers, which are equipped with security and video surveillance systems. Modern loading equipment ensures the safety of goods.

Benefits of renting a container for storage

  • Profitability. Using containers is cheaper than buying your own storage space or renting an office where you can store small quantities of goods. Depending on the quantity of goods that you expect to place in a metal box, you can choose the volume of the container. The most demanded rental for a warehouse is a 40-foot container, because it has standard dimensions and can accommodate even bulky cargo.
  • Tightness. Goods that must be stored without access to sunlight and oxygen are extremely difficult to provide the necessary conditions. Especially if you cannot do it yourself and want to save as much as possible on warehouse services. In such cases, renting a 40-foot container for storage is ideal. In a metal box, the goods will be protected from both light and air and moisture.
  • Mobility. If necessary, you can, without unloading the goods from the warehouse container, transfer it to another place. It is possible to transport a metal box both within the city and abroad.
  • Safety. Having closed the container and installed it in a protected area, you can not worry about the safety of the goods. The metal case will protect it from damage, exposure to precipitation, as well as unauthorized access.

What can a container be used for ?

Individuals can store bicycles in winter and winter sports equipment in summer. Spare parts, tires, furniture, garden tools, household appliances, tools – almost any item that is not currently in demand can be stored in a rented container, freeing up space for a comfortable stay.

An online store can use a box container as a warehouse with round-the-clock access to goods.

Small stores can use our services to free up retail space from the accumulation of inventory. Unlimited access to the repository will allow control over implementation.

Companies can free office space from accumulated documents, archives with the possibility of their prompt viewing or withdrawal.

Container Types and best suitable containers for you

Container 5 feet

Container 5 feet

Container dimensions:
Length 2.4 m, Width 1.5 m, Height 2.7 m,
Area 3.5 m², Volume 10 m3.

  • Warehouse rental – container 5 feet (3.5 sq. m)
  • The minimum cost of renting a warehouse
  • Ideal for storing personal items

Container 10 feet

Container 10 feet

Container dimensions:
Length 3 m, Width 2.4 m, Height 2.6 m,
Area 7.5 m², Volume 20 m3.

  • Warehouse rental – container 10 feet (7.5 sq. m)
  • Ideal for storing household items
  • A whole gazelle breaks in

Container 20 feet

Container 20 feet

Container dimensions:
Length 6 m, Width 2.4 m, Height 2.3 m,
Area 15 m², Volume 34 m3.

  • Warehouse rental – container 20 feet (15 sq. m)
  • Ideal for office relocation
  • Optimal ratio of rental price and volume
  • Can be loaded 11 euro pallets in 1 tier

Container 40 feet

Container 40 feet

Container dimensions:
Length 12 m, Width 2.4 m, Height 2.7 m,
Area 30 m², Volume 76 m3.

  • Warehouse rental – container 40 feet (30 sq. m)
  • Minimum rent per square meter
  • Increased container volume
  • Fits the contents of a standard truck

Mini office shed

mini office shed

Rent a mini-office (change house) next to the warehouse. The cost of rent is much lower than the most budget office space!

Sizes of mini-offices:
Length 6 m, Width 2.4 m, Height 2.3 m.
Area 15 sq. m. m.

  • Walking distance from public transport, security, lighting, full bathroom, dining room, electricity, internet.

Is there any container storage conditions ?

There may be some restrictions from the container rent service provider here some things that we would like to discuss with you via FAQ.

What items are your warehouses suitable for storing?

It is allowed to store furniture, carpets and toys, sports and tourist equipment, household and office equipment, clothes, dishes, packaged building materials.

What can not be stored in a warehouse?

Live plants, animals, foodstuffs, explosive and flammable objects, weapons and objects prohibited.

What is the minimum warehouse area?

Minimum available area – 1m²

What is the maximum storage area?

The maximum available area is 30m². 
But if this is not enough, then you can rent an unlimited number of boxes if necessary.

Will upholstered furniture mold during long-term storage?

In boxing all conditions for long-term storage of things, furniture, equipment are created. 
The temperature in the boxes is always 20-23°C. 
Thanks to the ventilation system and additional moisture protection, the room is always dry. 
The correct microclimate eliminates the appearance of dampness and mold.

Can I extend the rental period of the box?

Most of the service provider they allow to renew the renting service.

What is the container storage rental rates ?

The actual rental rates can’t be mentioned as it depends on several factors like your storage period,goods,container types etc.

How to search best container renting companies ?

We could share some of the best container rent service provider , but we don’t know your location thus this service may not be available. The easiest way to search your nearest container rental services with the help of google.

  1. Go to Google search engine and type “Storage Container For Rent or Container Storage for Rent”
  2. It will show all available service list instantly


Containers were invented in the USA in the middle of the last century. Their appearance greatly simplified the transportation of goods. Gradually, special boxes entered the lives of ordinary people. Today they can be used for storage. This solution is one of the most correct and simple. You can store a lot, with the some special exception.

You can clarify the list of what is available for storage in a container with your company managers. Depending on your needs, they will select the appropriate option. All storage locations are located in a protected area with limited access to the facility. If necessary, heating and electric lighting can be supplied to the boxes.

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