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Estonia Post Tracking – ESTONIA post international tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from ESTONIA POST

Estonia Post Tracking - Track Estonia Mail & Parcel

The new name of the Estonian Post (Eesti Post) is Omniva. This is an international logistics company that moves goods and documents, creating modern solutions that simplify business processes. Omniva is a reliable partner for both buyers and sellers, as it quickly delivers goods purchased from online stores from distant countries.

The purpose of Omniva is to provide postal services, parcel delivery services and information logistics by developing, connecting and managing the necessary networks and systems from the profits generated from its economic activities. Estonian Post also provides financial, warehouse and customs brokerage services, including wholesale and retail trade.

Geography of work of the Estonian Post

The Omniva Group includes AS Eesti Post as the parent company and Maksekeskus AS in Estonia, Omniva LT UAB in Lithuania and Omniva SIA in Latvia. Subsidiary Post11 OÜ also belongs to the group. As for ownership, AS Eesti Post is a 100% Estonian state-owned enterprise.

Omniva works with all Baltic countries, Europe (including Russia), USA and Canada , South America, China and other Asian countries, as well as with Australia and New Zealand.

How to track a parcel by tracking number? Estonia Post Tracking

Shipments sent by Omniva within Estonia can be tracked from start to finish on the official website of the postal service. On the UPU (Universal Postal Union) website, it is possible to track the arrival route of a shipment to Estonia only if the sending country has added information about the shipment to the international database. Until the goods have arrived in Estonia, the client can try to search for them on the website of the postal organization of the sender’s country.

On the track-trace website, in the “Post / EMS” tab, you can track the route of the shipment from Estonia at any time, as well as the movement of the international shipment after it left Estonia. You can track the parcel of the Estonian Post by an identifier, which is a combination of letters and numbers (for example: CE000000000EE), or by a barcode.So far Estonia post tracking takes just few minutes to display the delivery status.Use our free tracking tool and keep tracking your parcel movement.

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Parcels from AliExpress

The Omniva system will start displaying information about the parcel from the moment the parcel is handed over by AliExpress to China Post or another carrier. If preliminary information about the registered shipment has not been sent to Omniva, the parcel will appear in the tracking system only after the goods have been received and coded in Estonia, that is, after entering the parcel data. Please note that no tracking information is sent for unregistered shipments.

If the addressee has not received information on the goods ordered from AliExpress, you should first check what the website’s own tracking system shows. To do this, you need to open your account on AliExpress, usually there is a “Track order” button next to each order. Clicking on it opens information about the movement of the cargo. Depending on the service with which the seller placed the parcel, it is possible to trace its route either only after leaving China or before delivery to Estonia.

13-digit barcodes are used:

  • at the beginning two letters (parcels from AliExpress arrive in Estonia as a postal service, in which case the first letter is U, L or R);
  • then 9 digits;
  • at the end – a two-letter country code (the country through which the parcel arrives in Estonia, for example: CN, SG, TR, NL, etc.).

Package statuses

When ordering goods in China, trust the Omniva tracking system. Omniva tracking statuses in Russian will look like this:

  • acceptance of packet from client – the cargo is accepted from the client;
  • arrived to destination country – arrived in the country of destination;
  • arrival at delivery office – parcel at the delivery point;
  • Arrival to post office — the shipment has arrived at the post office.

It is worth noting that when the event “arrived in the country of destination” occurs in the tracking system, in the postal world this often means that the parcel has just left the export terminal of the sending country. That is, the physical arrival in Estonia may take several days for air transport and several weeks for sea transport.

Estonia Post parcel tracking statuses

Tollist vabastatudReleased from customs
Saabumine kullerkontorisseArrival at delivery office
TarnekatseDelivery attempt
Postkontorisse saabumineArrival to post office
saadud saatmisteaveshipping information received
Saadetis lähteriigistShipment from country of departure
Paketi vastuvõtmine kliendiltAcceptance of packet from client
Sihtriiki saabumineArrival to destination country
Termini muutmise salvestamineStoring term altering
Kõrvalekaldumine edasisorteerimiskeskusestDeparture from forward sorting center
Üleandmine kullerileHandover to courier
SMS vastuvõtjaleSMS to receiver
E-post vastuvõtjaleE-MAIL to receiver
Esitatakse tollilePresented to customs
Saabumine sorteerimiskeskusesseArrival to sorting center

Estonia Post Reviews :

CE5EE received in 8 days
Quality service. I recommend. It is convenient to track the movement of the parcel to its destination through any search engine “where is the parcel?”

— July 1, wrote liubatima

RO6EE received in 42 days
Everything is fine, I chose size 4XL, it fit for height 180. I bought three different T-shirts in total, the fabric is dense, the tailoring is of high quality.

— 21st of June, wrote Igoris

RO6EE received in 39 days
Hello! I received the parcel, everything is fine, the packaging is excellent and without damage. Thank you very much for your work!

— 2 June, wrote sensei

RL3EE not received in 85 days
The parcel was never received. Went from China through……..Estonia. Super weird! Well, most likely for political reasons it did not reach. Someone in Estonia pocketed it, sucking out a “reason” for stealing someone else’s property.

— 2 June, wrote bukhtvladimir

RL3EE not received in 85 days
There are no messages yet. Horror!!!!! From China went to Russia ……………… through Estonia. What kind of incomprehensible logistics!?? It is a pity that not through Ecuador. I probably would have already!

— 2 June, wrote bukhtvladimir

CL0RU received in 28 days
The parcel came from Siberia itself to Estonia and this is in our turbulent time !!! Great! The site works clearly, all movements were quickly reported! I recommend to all.

— May 29, wrote irisha_75

RO5EE not received in 139 days
Good morning. I ask you to leave the parcel RO598995546EE “Spoiler for Forester 2008-2012 in the warehouse m. Sofiivska Bogshchagovska, ul. Malaya Koltsevaya 10/1 for storage. I will pay for storage. Laylo Andrew.

— May 24, wrote voleyua

LY3DE received in 11 days
This parcel was delivered in such a short time of 11 days. Very nice, thank you! The packaging was ok. Tracking went smoothly!

— May 18, wrote tsniina

RL3EE not received in 62 days
Estonian Post declines responsibility for the location and safety of my parcel sent to my address from India. The latest information is confirmed by the Omniva resource, the package has been with them since March 7, 2022. But the Estonian Post is not responsible and evades information about the location of the parcel.

— May 15, wrote kipr73

RO6EE received in 84 days
Thank you for delivering my parcel safe and sound even in such a difficult time for our country.

— The 21st of April, wrote Max_Yavorovsky

RO6EE received in 37 days
Arrived safe and sound. Satisfied with the quality. It was expensive, but now is the time. The seller is good.

— April 19, wrote

RO5EE received in 61 days
Parcel RO599172387EE received, the packaging is not damaged. Thanks to your site WherePackage, helped to quickly track the parcel. The only pity is that the parcel went for a very long time

— April 3, wrote 1trocenko1

RO5EE received in 113 days
Yes, I received it when I had already lost all hopes and the purchase had lost all meaning …. for a very, very long time … and it is almost not tracked, and the operators do not have access to information about the parcel and for some reason it goes to Ukraine through Estonia, after Germany, then Latvia and only then Ukraine 2-3 weeks in Ukraine and when you have already lost all hope …. oops surprise you receive an SMS message that your package has arrived at the office))))))

— March 15th, wrote anr7704

RL3EE received in 22 days
Fast delivery, but the parcel changed the track number without notification from ES10018069577650001010001A0N to RL364617258EE and came not from China, but from Estonia.

— March 13, wrote admirall

SYA25 received in 23 days
Received at the parcel machine on 03/05/2022. – fast shipment and delivery of goods. The parcel was tracked. The seller is a sociable person with whom you can solve problems that arise. Packaging – a standard bubble wrap, then sealed packaging (see photo) and, additionally, battery packs are sealed with packaging film. The product was delivered without damage.

— March 8, wrote judovlad

RO5EE not received in 74 days
Super long delivery over 2 months! It hasn’t arrived yet, but it has already appeared in my country .. I hope that it will arrive ..

— March 1, wrote BVA

RO6EE received in 29 days
For the specified declaration number RO610717857EE, tracking number CR436793104EE to me at the address of the post office meest No. 6666, located in Kyiv 104, on the street. Bastionnaya, 5, a paid parcel was sent from China on January 26, 2022. Today, February 24, 2022 (a month later), I received a message on my mobile phone about the arrival of my specified parcel to the pharmacy of hormonal drugs at a completely different address in Kyiv, st. John Paul II. It’s like, delivery to where meest wants?

— February 27, wrote seraphimtarh

RO6EE received in 28 days
I got on the New Year holidays in China, because of which the parcel was delayed for a long time in China. All the time it was tracked using the site “Where is the parcel”. Today the parcel arrived to me, without damage, without any complaints. Myst Express tech support was very helpful and answered all my questions quickly. I was satisfied with everything.

— 24 February, written by jamescoverdj

RO5EE received in 113 days
113 days!!!! Unrealistically long delivery, there was no longer any hope that the parcel would reach Lviv safe and sound. A lot of nerves were spent, because the parcel just got stuck in Germany and only after 2 months it arrived in Latvia. And then stuck at customs in Ukraine. The product is not damaged, which is just good.

— February 20th, wrote savkasofia11

RO5EE received in 87 days
very long delivery .. the cost of delivery is almost equal to the cost of the goods .. tracked a couple of times without any regularity .. I do not recommend such logistics

— 18th of Febuary, wrote hqhq

RO5EE received in 111 days
I did not have such a long delivery of 111 days. There was practically no tracking. The safety of the goods is good.

— The 14th of February, wrote vlgolodyuk

RO5EE received in 89 days
When the parcel came under the jurisdiction of Meest Express, someone replaced the phone number with all units. After I asked to compare my details (as written on Ali) with those indicated on the package, it was still delivered. The recipient’s phone number is not listed on GdePosylka. Look for information on the Meest Express website. PS. There is a sticker from Omniva on the package with the correct data.

— 12th of February, wrote gnfalex

RO6EE received in 22 days
It has been noticed more than once that Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta deliver international shipments quickly and without a headache, unlike Mist Express. And Nova Poshta combines your parcels into one

— February 10, wrote dobi

RO6EE received in 22 days
noticed more than once Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta deliver international shipments quickly and without a headache, unlike Mist Express.

— February 10, wrote dobi

RO5EE not received in 111 days
I never received the parcel, the delivery service Mist Express Ukraine screwed up, they indicated incorrect delivery data!

— February 10, wrote 16600

RO5EE received in 82 days
This is a failure. For more than 2 months, the parcel went through China, then Germany, after 8 days Lithuania, and after another 8 days – Ukraine. Two days later, Meest Express delivered it to me from Lviv to Kyiv. The content was not affected.

— February 9th, wrote yurvalmmm

RO5EE received in 68 days
The parcel arrived on foot. Half are not. I managed to find it through the operator Mist Express. There was a change in the phone number and could not explain why. From Kharkov for another week it was 50 km, I’m delighted.

— February 8, wrote aleksmosei4uk

RO5EE received in 76 days
The delivery service is just amazing! Already 4 parcels received on time and delivered very quickly and accurately! I definitely recommend this delivery. Thank you. Odessa.

— February 5th, wrote rambou49

RO5EE received in 74 days
I received the parcel on the last day of order protection. The package contained an Hti HT-18 thermal imager. MMPO Rosan calculated 20 dollars of customs duty, although I estimated that I would have to pay about 50. Well, thanks for that. The order was tracked normally, including after re-marking. Almost 2 months hung in transit. The box is slightly damaged. Small dents on the corners. This did not affect the device in any way.

— January 31, written by alexunder1984

RO5EE received in 110 days
Well, at least I got it, 110 days on the road, tracking about nothing, the recipient’s phone is always with the number 1111111, the hotline is an unpredictable roulette when you try to get through, actually the mist in all its glory. Actually there is nothing good to say!

— January 29, wrote graysloboda

RO5EE received in 61 days
Charm, not delivery!!! Already 3 parcels delivered very quickly. Excellent parcel tracking, quality and attentive service! Extremely satisfied with the delivery service! I definitely recommend! Thank you. Odessa.

— January 29, wrote rambou49

RO5EE received in 38 days
Many thanks to Meest Express for the “OPERATIONAL” delivery in UKRAINE from 12/29/2021. in LVIV and until 24.01.2022 in Kharkiv. JUST SUPER!

— January 29, wrote us4lfp

RO5EE not received in 71 days
Of the 6 (six) parcels delivered by Meest Express, only 2 (two) were received. Meest Express was created to steal parcels.

— January 29, wrote vega6s

RO5EE received in 87 days
The longest parcel from China, and Mistexprus in Kyiv also took it to me for 7 days. Sucks service this Mist

— January 27, wrote menin86

RO5EE received in 31 days
I’ve received the parcel. She arrived in Ukraine from China in 18 days, and traveled around Ukraine for 10 days by the Meest Express postal service – the worst carrier in my opinion, even Ukrposhta works faster.

— January 26, wrote sound78

LB0CN received in 52 days
the service works great. as soon as the movement of the parcel starts, they let you know where and where. it’s a pity the seller gave the number of someone else’s parcel twice

— January 26, wrote anatoljevits

RO6EE received in 23 days
Meest Express is one of the worst deliveries in Ukraine. I traveled across Ukraine for two weeks, at the point of issue (the Econom store) they gave it away only after 18-00, because they didn’t have time to issue the parcel before, because the delivery of parcels is not their main job!

— January 24, written by skorpio71169v

RO6EE received in 24 days
Mist Express is the worst delivery company that can be, the parcels went for a week from Lviv to Kyiv, constantly changing the estimated delivery date, as a result it arrived without warning, to another office that was not indicated or somehow agreed with the recipient, they just took it and brought it where they wanted to, as it turned out later, they sent parcels of different people from many districts of Kyiv to one department, also not agreeing with them whether it would be convenient and why it happened like this … in the support service, the question of why this happened was not answered can. Bottom line, try to avoid this delivery service, as it will bring your package wherever it wants, to a completely different area of ​​\u200b\u200byour city, and in Ukraine it will take longer to transport it than three other services combined were transported in three countries, horror is nothing to say.

— January 24, wrote arosv15

RO5EE received in 99 days
Meest broke records this time. 100 days. By the way, they don’t answer at all on viber, but on the phone they say that nothing is known. Wait by the sea for the weather.

— January 23, wrote mushmishel

RO5EE received in 90 days
Of course, the best was expected, and the parcel was ordered not on holidays. But thank God that it was delivered in 3 months

— January 23, wrote egorkarpisin

RO5EE received in 48 days
A bunch of Meest Express and Ukrainian Post when delivering your goods is the worst thing that can happen to your package. At first, Mist hoards a parcel for at least 10 days in his ill-fated warehouse near Lviv, then the “mighty” Ukrposhta system with its eternal jambs comes into force. In my case, the parcel was delivered to Ukraine before the New Year, but to pick it up from the dept. Ukrposhta (where she lay for ten days) I was able to pick up only on January 19. No notification was received, I accidentally met an employee of the department in the store and she remembered that some kind of package had been in my name for a long time ((Mess!

— January 23, wrote sergiusp610

RO5EE received in 91 days
Amazing, fast, favorite delivery service!!! Thank you very much for your attention to orders and parcels!!! With pleasure I will always turn to your help. Odessa.

— January 21, wrote rambou49

RO5EE not received in 92 days
Logistics is more than surprising: from China to Germany, then to Hong Kong and then to Lithuania – in the end, no package was RECEIVED !!!

— January 21, written by b.alexander.1959

RO5EE received in 24 days
Everything is great. Deadlines are normal. I was pleased that four parcels from different sellers were combined into one.

— January 18, wrote dimdoroh

RO6EE received in 11 days
The parcel was delivered quickly, but the package was damaged, sealed with tape. The content of the parcel has decreased significantly, most likely, it woke up. I will not underestimate the delivery service, there are dishonest everywhere.

— January 16, wrote megasun10

RO6EE received in 12 days
Thank you for the delivery, everything was received very quickly. I was even surprised how quickly this package arrived. It hasn’t been like this for a long time.

— January 15, wrote aleksis232

RB2RU received in 30 days
It was a registered letter. The packaging is not damaged. Despite the distance, the letter was received in a short time. Tracking on the territory of Russia took place without problems, which cannot be said about Estonia. I express my gratitude to the postal service of Russia.

— January 15, written by MilaJ

RO5EE not received in 71 days
parcel from China on the way 71 days. She left Germany 25 days ago and finally disappeared without a trace. amazing.

— January 15, wrote glazoonast

RO5EE not received in 76 days
The package is not delivered! 1. The Ali Express website does not allow you to raise a dispute if the parcel was sent from China and has not been tracked for about a month, which happened with this track. The site writes in response that the parcel is in your country. Although according to other sources, the parcel was in a transit country, i.e. The information from the website was NOT CORRECT. 2. The Ali Express website, without my consent, extended the protection for half a month (75 to 90 days), but the dispute could already be opened, which I did. I can confirm my review with photos or screenshots, but there is nowhere to add them. Good luck to all)))))

— January 12, written by delrus2003

RO5EE received in 14 days
Bought 5 pairs used from disassembly. All originals. The conclusions are two long, two medium, one short in each type of transistors, as specially selected. Gain from 60 to 150, but picked up a couple. I am satisfied.

— January 11, wrote bobka23

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