New Zealand Post Tracking – NZ Post Parcel Status

New Zealand Post Tracking - NZ Post Parcel Status

New Zealand Post Tracking – NZ Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from NEW ZELAND POST

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New Zealand Post Tracking - NZ Post Parcel Status

When ordering various products through online shopping services such as AliExpress, eBay or Amazon, users may encounter many delivery services. One of the popular services that delivers goods from abroad is the New Zealand Post. we will consider below,how to track the parcel of this service and what format the track number of the postal operator,

Company history and main activities

For the first time this organization began its work in 1831, and today it is a state structure of New Zealand. The main direction of the company’s work is the delivery of letters, parcels and parcels on the territory of the country, as well as abroad. An important event in the history of the service is the deregulation that the delivery industry underwent in 1998.

As a result of the changes, independent postal operators have received equal right to deliver various items, but most parcels are still sent using New Zealand Post. In recent years, the company has demonstrated stable profit growth and cost reduction, which is due to a decrease in the number of employees and an increase in the volume of work.

The company successfully cooperates with individuals and legal entities, in addition to standard shipments, provides express delivery services via EMS. The cost of parcels sent by this operator is somewhat higher than analogues, but this is offset by short delivery times. International shipments are subject to tracking, as well as some types of domestic parcels.

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New Zealand Post tracking methods

You can track a parcel sent using this postal operator in various ways. The traditional option is to use the official website, with which you can find out the current status of the shipment. To do this, you need to follow the simplest instructions:

1. First you need to go to the official portal of the service;
2. In the menu located at the top of the site, you will need to select the “Tools” section;
3. In the list of items that appears, click on “Tracking”;
4. A page will open on which a special field will be located, where you will need to enter the postal identifier of the parcel and click “Find”.

An easier method is to use a special window on the main page. You just need to enter the track number of the departure in the “Tracking” window and start searching for information. Tracking is provided at the time of shipment by New Zealand Post. After the parcel is delivered to the country of destination, it is transferred to the postal service in the country of destination, and tracking must be continued on the website of this service.

There is also an alternative option that allows you to track the parcels of this postal service, which involves using the service. It is capable of automatically detecting the postal service delivering the shipment, even if it has changed since it was sent.

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New Zealand Post tracking formats

For the convenience of searching and tracking shipments, they are assigned a special track number, which must be entered in the appropriate field. Its format provides for the presence of 13 characters, of which 9 are numbers and 4 are letters. For example:


The first 2 characters of the tracking number reflect the type of shipment:

· R – small registered packages, the weight of which is less than 2 kg;
C – parcels weighing from 2 to 20 kg;
· E – Express shipments delivered via the EMS service.

The last two letters in the identifier – NZ, indicate the country of departure, which allows you to quickly distinguish such parcels from others. It should be noted that some parcels, especially domestic ones, may not be tracked using the services, since they are not registered by the postal service.

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Delivery times and status

This service is distinguished by a fairly fast delivery of most items, which takes from 1-2 weeks to a month. It should be remembered that the delivery of the parcel to the recipient in the country of arrival is carried out by local postal services.

In this regard, such a period can be significantly increased, which, it is desirable to take into account in advance. If the order is not delivered within 1-2 months, the recipient needs to contact the company using the hotline number or the feedback form on the site, which will allow you to find out the fate of the shipment.

During the delivery of the parcel, the shipment can be assigned various statuses, among which, the following deserve mention:

· Picked Up – the order is collected;
· Processed at outbound depot – the parcel was successfully processed at the warehouse;
· International departure/arrival – international departure/arrival of departure;
At local/regional depot – indicates the receipt of the parcel at the local or regional office.

As a rule, after arrival in the country of destination, the shipment is assigned the status Handover to delivery agent, or With courier for delivery, which indicates the transfer of the shipment to the courier for further delivery to the addressee. After successfully receiving the parcel, its status will be changed to Complete.

About New Zeland Post

New Zealand Post (New Zealand Post) is the state-owned enterprise responsible for providing postal services in the country. The headquarters is in Wellington. Provides services to individuals and businesses. Offers forwarding domestic and international shipments. In New Zealand, you can send letters, documents, large loads over 25 kg. Sending is carried out by sea, air transport, trucking. Delivery of parcels and letters can be regular or express. The weight of parcels must not exceed 25 kg. International shipping involves parcels not exceeding 30 kg.

Main mail functions:

  • standard shipping,
  • Express delivery,
  • stamp issue,
  • payment service.

You can send parcels weighing up to 31.5 kg by mail. The NZ Post offer three types of departure: regular (land, water transport), expedited (air) or EMS (courier air delivery). Air shipment is a faster and more reliable method of service, but will cost more. The delivery time for the parcel will be from two weeks to two months, depending on the chosen method.

You can track the postal item on the official website of the service or on our portal Where is the Parcel.

Possible Parcel Tracking Statuses

Picked Up
Picked up/Collected
International departure
Processed at outbound depot
International arrival
Delivery Complete
In transit to local depot
With courier for delivery
At local/regional depot
Handover to delivery agent
Released for delivery
NZ Biosecurity (MPI) assessment
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