Web Hosting Reviews Sites Are Not Reliable

No matter how well experienced you are for making website or writing content in your blog,a bad hosting service will make you cry.Since all your content,SEO,traffic mostly depends on a good hosting service provider therefore you need to choose it wisely.Now in this case it brings complexity to specially those who does not have much knowledge about hosting and going to launch their brand new website.They become confused which hosting provider they should accept and whom to reject.

What is Hosting : First of all before going in deep you should know the exact meaning of hosting.Hosting is a type of internet service which let you store your all your files and data safely which can be accessible via the World Wide Web.Hosting is made for everyone and it has different categories depending on the client’s requirement.

Shared hosting is most preferred hosting type where you shared hosting space with someone else and its comparatively more cheaper than any other type of hosting. Blogger,small website owner,small business site or any other type of personal website goes perfect with shared hosting.

Why Reviews Sites Are Fake : Reviews are great to turn your company in profit side or it may decline your market position.People first read reviews before buying any new product or service,specially you should consider hosting company very carefully as it will decide your online presence and you won’t expect any site crash in the middle of your journey.

Now when you want a good hosting company for your site,it will be the best possible way to get the results via search engine.I have noticed that most common keyword for searching good hosting is “top 10 hosting companies” or “best hosting company”. Google and other search engines will display some sites where you will find the list of top 10 hosting companies one by one.Here you are cheated by them – how they cheat? let me explain by listing :

1. They list only those hosting providers which return a big fatty cash to them (well what you thought they are listing free for you – answer is no.They receive huge commission per sale)

2. You may notice some of the reviews sites also have user comment for particular hosting service.Here also no need to trust them because these comments are artificially made by paying others. Its possible with the help of micro job sites where people are paid for their mini jobs.

3. Coupon does not work – You may find some good coupons in their site but ultimately when you land to original hosting site you don’t see any discount for your package.This is just little trick to push you through their unique links and generate commission from your purchase.

Where would I get best recommendation : This is excellent question from your side as now you understood the real fact.The answer is very simple you just need to find those users who actually used the service or still using.The best source to find out these people is from blog as they will guide you and help you.You can also take help of forums because this is platform where real people discuss their topic to get solution or recommendation.

Conclusion – Web hosting service has now become very unstable and thus anything can happen with any hosting service even it is recommended by expert.Therefore it is always a good practice to back up data on daily basis so that you can change your hosting partner at any time with out any damage.

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