How To Be Safe In Facebook

facebook safety

Facebook is one of the best social sites ever,we all are part of this.Facebook saves our money which we used to spend in past for communication.Facebook is now very strong platform where you can spend your time.Above these sentences are 100% true but it also true that this Facebook may cause to end your life ,if you are not conscious about it.

Read these basic instructions carefully and your Facebook account is safe from hackers.

1. Do not put personal information in any case at your profile: 
Facebook is very popular social site but you should not place your personal information such as cell phone no,residential address,your date of birth,your full name ,your family members  etc.You may think how it brings trouble, well in today’s time nothing is impossible.Therefore many cases have been founded that duplicate credit card,passport ,identity cards issued to persons those who have not any linked or already died.Even giving your true information may cause permanent  family problems and jail.

2. Don’t accept all friend’s request :
When you will open an account with Facebook  you may get several friends requests who you don’t know.In this case simply just ignore these requests.Everyday thousand and thousand Facebook users are being victims of this.These fake account holders  first send friend requests and after accepting they steal you close pics and use their own purpose.Some marketers are doing same things for selling their products.So be smart, never accept anyone who you don’t know.

3. Be careful while posting :
Always be careful while you are posting message or photos in your wall.It may brings lot of problems to your friends as well as to you.In India it is strictly forbidden to publish any kind funny or bad image towards politicians and respected people.It  may cause you jail.So  post carefully .

4. Don’t open Facebook from search engine:
Most of the Facebook users they often log in Facebook account from search engine.Like first they go Google and type Facebook and search -> login. Your account can be hacked any time.Its recommended to you that please log in Facebook typing ( using address bar.Everyday hackers they are creating fake log in pages and linked it with search engine,so when you type your password they get this record and hacked your account.

5. Don’t  leave your account while its open:

You are in hurry and did not log out your Facebook account  – you are making a serious mistake.Always  after log in ,don’t forget to log out your account.In a minute everything can be change and you should not give this opportunity to others.

6. Don’t use your pic in profile:

It may sound to you odd.Let me clear, ‘people of Facebook’ ,they very easily upload their pic in wall and as a profile.But I have an experience  with my friends ,let me share :  One of my friends he uploaded his pic in Facebook  and its natural.But one day when he was searching  his study notes he saw his own pic there and that website is fully unknown to him.So you don’t know when and how your pic is being utilized .It always better to be hidden than spreading in nasty  web.

7. Always clean unnecessary photos from your timelines.
It happens many time that your friend tags pics for sharing its good to you,But sometimes what happens : You have added your teachers ,sisters,brothers  and so on people with whom you can’t  share anything bad.Therefore if any of your friends share any nude or bad jokes it may hampers you image,for this solution always clean unnecessary data and photos.

    1. last but not the least take action immediately if anything goes wrong.
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