How To Get Refund From Paytm Wallet

Paytm is one of the trusted sites in India for recharging mobile online.Paytm started their business with the main purpose which is online mobile recharging service.It lets you make payment for utility bills also.

Today Paytm has expanded their service more and now it offers online shopping to the consumer.They have efficient team to manage all the site activities and performance.Paytm has more than 70mn registered users and its growing fast day by day.

Paytm offers wallet service which enable you to store your cash advanced so that you can recharge fast.If you have sufficient balance in your wallet you can pay utility bills,shop or recharge instant.However many users experienced failed transaction and money automatically credited to Paytm wallet.

This post will guide you tolearn how you can again get the money back in your bank account.Paytm refunds wallet money but not all the time.You can see your wallet often credited whenever you shop with Paytm as it provides cashback with every purchase.Open your wallet and use those cashback for recharge or shopping.You can’t transfer purchase cashback to your bank account.

However if your transaction is failed,Paytm will refund money to your wallet in form of Paytm cash.You can then simply reuse it for shopping or transfer to your bank from the “Refund” option below. Paytm does not charge any extra fees for transferring money to your bank.

How To Get Refund From Paytm Wallet

See the full FAQ answer visting Paytm official website for more details.Hope this post will help you to get the money back from Paytm wallet.

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