How To Get Refund From FlipKart Wallet

Flipkart is an Indian largest e-commerce company founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007.Flipkart is basically reputed for the electronics products,you can also get other products from book store to home and furniture items.

However Flipkart accepts almost any credit cards/debit cards,it also supports all major netbanking and flipkart wallet as payment modes.Flipkart wallet is really easy to use and works fast to place the order.Therefore next time when product is limited quantity consider Flipkart wallet payment option for one touch payment.

Though Flipkart wallet has clear refund policy mentioned there but still users get confused and often upset when they want to transfer money in their bank account.Flipkart wallet balance will be available when you 1. Top up,2. By store credit 3. Promotional Credit

How To Get Refund From Flipkart Wallet

Top Up Method And Refund Policy : In this process you use your credit/debit cards to top up the wallet with your desire amount.You can use wallet for shopping any product in Flipkart.In earlier policy Flipkart used to refund the top up wallet balance but after few modifications in 2012,now top up wallet balance is not refundable and therefore it can’t be transferred to your bank account.

Store Credit : Flipkart account maintenance team assign credits to your wallet when certain orders cancelled by you and eligible for refund.In this case the entire wallet balance is refundable to you.

Promotional Credit : Yes,this credit applied to your wallet for promotional purposes.You can only use for shopping and not these credits are refundable.

Note : Your wallet balance will never expire,you can use it at anytime in Flipkart.You can’t delete your Flipkart wallet section from your account as its not separated from the main account.

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