How To Create Sitemap Step By Step Guide

create sitemap step by step guide

Sitemap is very important for your blog or website,specially if its new in web.Sitemap is a list which inform the search engine about all the posts and pages of your site.Therefore if you submit sitemap properly then your site will be indexed soon and you will get more visitors and attention.

You can create sitemap easily by sitemap generators.Today in my post I am going to share how you can make your sitemap with xml.

I never write extra words which is not necessary so that you can understand and do it easily.Just follow the below steps and your sitemap is ready.

1. Go to

2. Type “create XML sitemap” and press enter or click here

3. Find the ” Free Online Sitemap Generator” tab.

4. Put your website URL under ” starting URL” And Click “start ” button below.

5. Please wait while it creates your sitemap.

6. Now download your sitemap of any Format.
Now your website is ready to get more visitors with the help of sitemap which will be indexed in google.There are also other methods and alternative sites to create your sitemap.

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