Affiliate Sales Vs. Google Adsense PPC Program

affiliate sales vs google adsense ppc program

Affiliate sales and Google Adsense both programs are powerful to make revenue from your website. You can integrate any one in your site. Using your site or blog you can make cash from these both programs. Though it has no issue to go with anyone but still if you read the discussion and conversation about these programs, You can find the difference.

What is affiliate program?

It is a program which is mostly controlled by you. You can opt out any affiliate merchant and sale their products. The main job what you have to do in affiliate program is to sell their products and services with your unique link. We can easily call this program as the source of passive income.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a program that is own and run by Google. Google adsense is the giant platform to show relevant ads to their publisher. If your site is approved by Google to display their advertisements then you can be part of Google adsense. Basically adsense pays on per click basis. Their CPC depends on ad category, location etc.

Advantages Of Affiliate Sales:

An affiliate program has the several features, these are:

  1. It is highly paying program.
  2. You have control over it.
  3. You can choose any product.
  4. Unlimited earning opportunities.
  5. Geo location makes no difference to your commission.

Advantages of Google adsense:

Adsense is the top CPC program. You have lot of benefits if you use adsense:

  1. Genuine and trusted program
  2. Don’t need to buy anything
  3. More traffic mean more revenue
  4. Various ad units and banners to display Google ads.
  5. Visitor gets benefits when they watch particular ads.

Which program should be chosen?

It is very complicated issue to choose a program as both have the capability to make revenue. If you want my opinion, I would like to know about your site. You can apply for Google adsense if you are a blogger .Google loves blog as it contains lot of text which suits their policy. The biggest advantage of adsense is that earn every day.

While talking affiliate sales it is far better than adsense .You make daily $5 from adsense which we can estimate $150 per month. But here in affiliate programs if you sale only 2 products per day which has the commission $50 each, monthly estimated earning is $3000.

Now its up to you, people who use adsense and affiliate program they are all happy and doing great. Please let me know what you have decided? And how you doing with them. Thank you for reading the post.

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