Should Writer Work As A Freelancer

should writer work as a freelancer

Freelance site welcomes everyone from writer to site developer to use their free service.Freelance site is great and I will really recommend online workers to join these sites for earning lot of cash.But should writers also join freelance to provide their best quality writing service or not that probably confusing.

However if you create account with any freelance site then you can easily find lot of writers who are actually making money by writing their articles.Article budget depends on different factors like the purpose of content because if its commercial purpose then it would be high budget, for personal simple article it has medium budget,long article needs more budget to complete the project.You can get service from $5 to $25 article writing job very easily because employer needs mostly articles for their website content which is completely for commercial purpose and these articles called “killer articles”.

From the side of Writer : All freelance job seekers have one focus that is to earn maximum revenue.Writers have great demand on different freelance platforms and many webmasters ready to pay you thousand dollars for your quality article writing service.Just like other writers you may have interest to earn money following this method.But here I will explain what much more you can do with your killer articles.

Why you shouldn’t Join : First let me clear to you that when someone pays you for your articles that means its really effective article for long term basis.Job provider offers you a budget and within that budget you write articles for them.This is the point where you need to think deeply,yes just think if someone getting one unique article paying few dollars and making big profit then why don’t you use your own articles for your own purpose.They invest for an example $20 for one article and make profit lifetime without any extra effort.So which one you think is a more profitable $20 or lifetime profit ? I believe now your answer is lifetime profit.

How to utilize article ? You may have some questions that Intaj you say writers shouldn’t join in freelance site then what are the ways to use articles for making money? Well,you have endless options to convert your article into cash.Some of the best ways which are used by million of bloggers are :

1. Blog Monetization : You are creative writers and you have excellent articles that will help million of people,so your next step is to make a blog with your own domain and hosting.You can apply for Google Adsense which is the best monetization method for your blog and pay you on time.Adsense will approve your article if its not copied from anywhere and contains lot of information.Therefore when Adsense is approved your one article can bring even $20 per day.

2.Affiliate Method : Many bloggers they don’t display Adsense ads but it does not mean that Adsense is bad.They don’ display because they expect more cash from their blog.You can join some of the best affiliate network platforms which records each and every sale generated from your blog.These sites are like : SHAREASALE,CJ,LINKSHARE,CLICKBANK etc.

3. Direct Advertiesment : If you are not interested to use above methods then you can apply for direct advertisement which is also a good way to earn from your blog.You can provide the advertising charge in your blog in separate page or registering with one site called which display your site details to thousand advertisers.

There are also other ways to utilize your articles to make more profit rather than working under freelance site.Its your turn to think about it ,please let me know what you have thought.You can share your thoughts using comment box.

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