Pos Indonesia Tracking – Follow Up Indonesia Post Parcel

Pos Indonesia Tracking - Follow Up Indonesia Post Parcel

Pos Indonesia Tracking – Indonesia Post Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from INDONESIA POST

Pos Indonesia Tracking - Follow Up Indonesia Post Parcel

Indonesia Post has a large network of up to 4,800 online branches. The number of Point of Sales reached 58.7 thousand represented by post offices, agencies, mobile mail service and others. Pos Indonesia has a dedicated network, a reliable distribution and tracking system, excellent service, speed, accuracy and competitive prices.

Indonesia Post continues to innovate, including building a mail store as a retail business development tool, implemented to change the image of a simple post office into a modern branch with a one-stop service scheme, namely, including postal services (retail services) in the form of mail delivery services , packages, financial services, sales of stamps, philatelic goods, services for online stores.

Which countries does Indonesia Post work with?

Along with the development of information, communication and technology, Pos Indonesia’s network already has 4,800 online post offices and is equipped with mobile mail electronics in several major cities. All points form a chain that is connected to each other in a strong and integrated way. The postcode system was created to simplify the processing of postal items, where every kilometer of Indonesian territory can be accurately identified.

The expansion of Pos Indonesia’s service area extends not only to the territory of Indonesia, but also to the international world through cooperation with commercial structures in other countries on an international scale. The geography of Indonesian Post’s work covers such countries as the USA , the states of South America, Asia, Japan, Australia , Russia , Belarus , Latvia , Lithuania, EU countries, New Zealand, Great Britain and others.

Pos Indonesia Tracking , How to check a parcel by ID ?

All Indonesia Post international shipments are divided into two large groups, but only in one it is possible to track the parcel of Indonesia Post by track number.

1. International Airmail:

  • document delivery service with travel time for shipments from H+6 to H+10;
  • weight coefficient up to 2 kg;
  • payment for postage;
  • shipment tracking status and refund functions are not provided.

2. International ordinary postal parcels:

  • goods delivery service with passage of shipments from H + 30 to H + 90;
  • shipments are sent by sea;
  • serviced weight category up to 20 kg;
  • provided functions: tracking and reimbursement.

For those shipments that have been registered and received an identification code, a shipment tracking service is available on the posindonesia.co website. To do this, enter the track number of the parcel in a special tracking field and click the “Track” button. The code is a combination of numbers and Latin letters, the first two indicate the nature of the shipment, the second two indicate the country.


Indonesia post delivers most parcels in 14 days! But what if the package suddenly gets lost or does not arrive on time, on which of the thousands of Indonesian islands should you look for it? For this, there is Pos Indonesia Tracking. 

It is designed to ease your worries about the location of the cargo, dispel all fears that the package is lost or did not cross the border. By tracking the parcel from Indonesia post, you will not only be aware of all the movements of the parcel, but also protect yourself from Internet scammers, because at any time you can provide screenshots with the location of the parcel and prove the guilt of unscrupulous stores.


1. Find the track number on the receipt of the parcel, or in your account on the order page. The track number is an individual identifier code for all letters and postal items. It consists of Latin letters and numbers. It is thanks to him that you will be able to track the parcel of Indonesia post.

2. We go to the official website of Indonesia post and agree with the browser that wants to translate the page.

3. There will be a special window on the left side of the screen, enter our track number there and get up-to-date information.

You can do this method, or you can not force yourself to understand the not very high-quality “Google” translation and go the other way. 

What are the benefits of a parcel search service?

The indonesia post tracking service is free and simple, so it will become much easier for you to track the parcel from Indonesia post. For all registered users, there is an option to connect an e-mail, to which you will receive up-to-date information about the status of your package from Indonesia post. Moreover, all options are absolutely free for all users. Also, if necessary, you can use the index directory .

Track your postal items from Indonesia post by track number!

Indonesia Post parcel statuses

Tracking statuses for indonesia Post shipments on the company’s website are provided in English, Pos Indonesia Tracking in other language on posindonesia.co is not available. The translation of the most popular order statuses is as follows:

  • Arrival at outward OE — the cargo has arrived at the outbound sorting center;
  • Arrival at delivery/Transit Office – the parcel was delivered to the transit post office;
  • Processing document by Customs – the shipment is being processed at customs;
  • Pemeriksaan / Customs inspection – the cargo is undergoing customs inspection;
  • Departure from Transit OE – the parcel has left the transit sorting center;
  • Final delivery – final delivery.

About Indonesia Post :

Indonesia Post (Pos Indonesia) is the state postal operator. The first mention of Indonesian mail was in 1746. The organization provides a wide range of postal and non-postal services. Postal mission:

  • be useful to the nation and the state;
  • be the best choice for customers;
  • always strive to do everything for the good of the country;
  • to provide the best service for the citizens of the country, all customers, employees, society and shareholders.

Indonesia Post Services:

  • mailing letters, parcels, small packages, parcels within the country and abroad;
  • express mail (EMS);
  • Courier services;
  • issue and distribution of philatelic products;
  • Financial services;
  • logistics services;
  • retail trade in post offices;
  • online store;
  • business services;
  • offers for e-commerce.

Indonesia Post keeps up with its foreign postal partners, provides quality services and picks up new technologies. The service for tracking postal items of any delivery services – “Where is the package” offers to monitor all movements in auto mode and receive up-to-date information in any way convenient for you.

Indonesia Post Tracking Statuses

Posting / koleksiPosting/collection
pengiriman akhirfinal delivery
Tiba di OE luarArrival at outward OE
Berangkat dari OE luarDeparture from outward OE
Tiba di OE dalamArrival at inward OE
Tiba di kantor pengiriman/transitArrival at delivery/Transit Office
Memproses dokumen oleh Bea CukaiProcessing document by Customs
Item keluar untuk pengiriman fisikItem out for physical delivery
Pemeriksaan / Customs inspectionPemeriksaan / Customs inspection
Konfirmasi / Confirmation by Customs Nota Permintaan Data : DIMOHON KEHADIRAN ANDA DI KANTOR POS MPC BANDUNG JALAN SOEKAKonfirmasi / Confirmation by Customs Nota Permintaan Data : DIMOHON KEHADIRAN ANDA DI KANTOR POS MPC BANDUNG JALAN SOEKA
Berangkat dari dalam OE Adpis : 30Departure from inward OE Adpis : 30
Penerimaan Dokumen / Accepted by Customs Untuk detail proses di Bea & Cukai klik link di bawah ini : www.beacukai.go.id/barangkirimanPenerimaan Dokumen / Accepted by Customs Untuk detail proses di Bea & Cukai klik link di bawah ini : www.beacukai.go.id/barangkiriman
Berangkat dari OE Adpis dari dalam : 002200Departure from inward OE Adpis : 002200
Berangkat dari OE Adpis dalam : 000552Departure from inward OE Adpis : 000552
Berangkat dari forward OE Adpis :Departure from forward OE Adpis :
Pengiriman GagalUnsuccessful Delivery
Pelepasan / Pelepasan oleh Bea CukaiRelease / Release by Customs
Berangkat dari Transit OEDeparture from Transit OE
Kedatangan di Transit OEArrival at Transit OE
Berangkat dari OE Adpis dalam : 002429Departure from inward OE Adpis : 002429

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