Posten Norge Tracking – Norway Post Parcel Tracking

Posten Norge Tracking - Norway Post Parcel Tracking

Posten Norge Tracking – Norway Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from NORWAY POST

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The specifics of the work of Posten Norge

Posten Norge Tracking - Norway Post Parcel Tracking

Posten Norge is a Scandinavian logistics and postal group that dates back to the middle of the seventeenth century. Today the company is owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and has a monopoly in the transportation of postal items in Norway. The head office of the company is located in Oslo.

The organization carries out both receiving and sending registered letters, postcards, parcels, correspondence, cargo up to thirty-five kilograms. It also provides warehousing and transport services, insurance, money transfers, mail storage. The company transports parcels both to local cities and to countries such as Russia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and many others.

The Norwegian Postal Group has at its disposal one and a half thousand open branches and points of sale. The company employs more than twenty thousand highly qualified employees who have undergone special training. Posten Norge does not stand in one place, but constantly increases its competitiveness by opening new representative offices in different countries, attracting competent employees, improving the service system and transport logistics. To use the services of the Norwegian Post, you should take into account its work schedule: from Monday to Friday, the service is open from 08:00 to 18:00, on Saturday – from 09:00 to 14:00.

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Norway Post tracking methods

To find out if the parcel was sent and on what segment of the path it is at a given time, you need to use the Posten Norge tracking services. To do this, you will need a postal identifier, which can be obtained by e-mail, SMS message or by the issued receipt. You can perform an operation to search for the status of a departure in various ways.

Using the online store where the purchase was made, you can get information about the status of the package. All major commercial resources provide the ability to track the shipment by track number. To do this, you need to find the section “Tracking the shipment” (or similar to it) in your Personal Account. Using this method, you should be aware that information about the parcel may be provided with some delay, and the site interface is not adapted to your ownlocal language-speaking user, so some difficulties may arise against this background.

The official website of Posten Norge Norway also provides the option to track the postal items of this service. This option gives the client accurate information and does not take much time to update the data. Finding the required field for entering the track number is quite simple, since it is located on the main page of the site.

Registered users are given the opportunity to track several shipments at once. The Posten Norge tracking history is saved in your personal account so that in the future you can track the package without additionally entering track numbers. After starting the search, you will be able to view all the required information on several shipments on one page: the characteristics of the parcel, the details of the recipient and sender, how long the parcel has been on the way, and much more. The official website of the postal operator is available in two languages ​​- Norwegian and English.

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Alternative ways to track your package

Postal services of all countries provide tracking of the parcel only at the time of its transportation. After the shipment is handed over to the postal service of the country of destination, tracking must be continued using the resources of this service.

The universal tracker ParcelTrack automatically determines the delivery service by the track number, and also determines which service the parcel was subsequently transferred to and continues tracking based on the received data. Thus, there is no need to use different resources of delivery services, all information is provided in one service.

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Posten Norge Tracking number formats

When sending a parcel, it is registered and assigned an identification number. Depending on the country, it may consist of a different number of characters. In Norway, the most common code is used in the format of international shipments, which consists of thirteen characters and has an alphanumeric form.

It is the policy of the Norwegian Postal Group to divide mail into two categories. The main criterion in this is the specific weight of parcels. The first category includes all shipments that have a mass not exceeding two kilograms. The second category includes goods weighing from two to thirty-five kilograms. Light packages may not be registered, but in this case you will not be provided with a track number, and therefore the ability to track the package. Cargoes that have passed registration will look like this:

RT164836423NO. The number is assigned for small packages or packages that weigh no more than two kilograms;
CA164836423NO. Parcels weighing from 2 to 35 kg receive a track number of this format;
EE164836423NO. A similar identification code is assigned to express shipments. For the opportunity to receive the parcel faster than usual, you will need to pay an amount exceeding the usual departure.

In the international UPU standard, all characters in the track number have a specific meaning:

· R – registered small package weighing no more than 2 kg.
C – this symbol denotes a parcel weighing from 2 to 35 kg.
· E – indicated for EMC shipments.
· 164836423 – a number that ensures the uniqueness of the identification number.
· NO – such letters at the end of the code make it possible to understand from which country the parcel was sent.

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Delivery Features

The time of parcel transportation varies from fourteen to forty-five days. According to the company’s pricing policy, the cost of delivery of heavy loads (up to thirty-five kilograms) will start from 149 kroons, transportation of small packages (up to two kilograms) – up to 45 kroons. The Norwegian Postal Group Posten Norge delivers items to the country of destination, where domestic services then carry out further transportation. Some transported goods may be subject to customs clearance.

About Norway Post 

Norwegian Post (Posten Norge AS) is the country’s main postal service, which performs all basic services for sending letters and parcels, is represented on the market by two brands Posten and Bring. It is a state-owned company regulated by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and has a postal monopoly. The main office is located in Oslo, there are about 1,500 post offices throughout the country.

The company operates in three main areas: postal services, logistics and additional logistics services. One of the subsidiaries of Norway Post is ErgoGroup AS, which develops electronic services and outsourcing.

Norway Post provides a classic postal service: handling domestic and international shipments, courier delivery, financial transactions with the population, distribution of periodicals, issue and sale of stamps.

Posten Norge AS cooperates with postal and logistics services around the world, which makes it possible to deliver within the shortest possible time to any country.

Basic principles of mail:

  • customer orientation,
  • enthusiasm,
  • confidence,
  • innovation.

Track a package sent by Norway Post or other delivery services using our universal package tracking service.

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Possible Parcel Tracking Status of Posten Norge

The shipment has been sent from origin country
The shipment has been sorted and forwarded
The shipment has been collected
The shipment has been handed in to Bring
The shipment has arrived at the export terminal
The shipment has been handed in at terminal and forwarded
The shipment has arrived in destination country
The shipment is in transit
The shipment has arrived at terminal and will be forwarded
The shipment has cleared export customs
Shipment is in export customs clearance
The shipment has been delivered
The shipment being processed for import
The shipment has arrived at terminal
The shipment has cleared customs and sent to the recipient
The shipment has arrived at transit country
The shipment is forwarded from transit country
Delivery attempted
The shipment has been sorted
The shipment has been loaded for delivery
The shipment has arrived at Extra Slemdal
The shipment has been transferred to driver for delivery to recipient
The shipment has arrived at Coop Prix Sokndal. Last day for retrieval: 15.08.2018
The shipment has arrived at Alnabru bedriftssenter. Last day for retrieval: 01.02.2018
The shipment has arrived at Extra Sellebakk
The shipment has arrived at Meny Åneby
The shipment has arrived at Extra Gamlegrendåsen
The shipment has been sent from the import terminal
The shipment has arrived at Bunnpris Stortua
The shipment has arrived at pickup point
Notice has been sent to recipient
The shipment was sent to the wrong address. It has now been forwarded to the correct address
The shipment has arrived at Extra Slemdal. Last day for retrieval: 31.08.2018 Pickup code: JP54
An attempt was made to deliver the shipment, but the recipient was not present. The shipment can be collected at the local pick up point
The shipment is being processed for import
The shipment has been returned because the recipient did not collect it within the deadline
Notice has been sent to recipient by SMS
The shipment has arrived at St. Olavs plass postkontor
The shipment has arrived at Joker Haukerød. Last day for retrieval: 14.08.2018
The shipment has arrived at Rema 1000 K1
The shipment has arrived at Spar Blindheim. Last day for retrieval: 28.08.2018
The shipment has arrived at Joker Enebakk
The shipment has arrived at Elkjøp Kleppe
The shipment has arrived at Grünerløkka post office
The shipment has arrived at Bodø post office
The shipment has arrived at Extra Isrenna. Last day for retrieval: 03.09.2018
The shipment has arrived at Spar Mjøsbrua

Telephone: +47 23 14 90 00

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