Poste Italiane Tracking – Online Italy postal Tracking

Poste Italiane Tracking - Online Italy postal Tracking

Poste Italiane Tracking – Italy Post Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from ITALY POST

Poste Italiane Tracking - Online Italy postal Tracking

Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in 2015, Poste Italiane (Italian Post) has about 35% of the shares in free float, of which about 10% is divided among retail shareholders, and the rest is held by some of the world’s most important institutional funds. Another 65% of the shares are divided between the Ministry of Economy, which owns a 29.26% share, and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which owns a 35% share.

Today, Poste Italiane is the largest company in the Italian logistics sector and a leader in financial, insurance and postal services. The Italian Post plays an important role in the country, making a significant contribution to the production chain and the national economy: by investing and working together with other operators in its value chain, it achieves positive results not only through its business, but also through the creation of external links through activation of the local supply chain.

Which countries does Italy Post work with?

The cheapest way to send parcels and documents abroad is to use Poste Delivery International Standard. With the help of the service, you can send goods up to 20 kg to all EU countries. Goods, objects and documents are sent to approximately 175 countries outside the European Union using the Poste Delivery Globe service of the Italian Post. You just need to first check whether delivery is allowed at the post office of the recipient country. With Poste Delivery International Express, you can quickly send documents and parcels up to 30 kg worldwide.

Now there is a temporary blocking of Poste Delivery International Express shipments to Russia containing goods intended for individuals. However, the shipment can be sent using Globe Poste Delivery. At the same time, tracking of parcels from Italy to Russia is available at all stages of delivery.

Currently (probably temporarily) service for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (zip codes from 95000 to 98999) and for the city of Sevastopol (zip codes from 99000 to 99999) is suspended due to force majeure. Therefore, be sure to check the availability of the service.

How to track a parcel by Italy Post track number 

Italy Post shipments can be tracked in several ways:

  1. Using the search for shipments on the company’s website, for this you need to enter the track number (it will be indicated on the receipt under the barcode). The code must be entered without spaces and without hyphens (for example: 050000201242)
  2. Call the toll-free number listed on the website of the Italian postal service, stating the departure code.
  3. Thanks to the new delivery search service in the Postemobile or Post Office app right on your mobile phone.

For some destinations ( Tunisia , Greenland, the Faroe Islands and some Swiss postcodes ), delivery tracking refers to the arrival of the parcel at the destination Postal Administration, which will take care of the final delivery. Therefore, do not worry if the delivery status is interrupted at the stage of importation into the recipient country.


Thanks to the well-established system and the responsible approach of employees, every person in the world can now not only order the goods they like, but also track Poste Italiane parcels. Our service will help you with this.

The rating of the Italian Post is high, and the delivery always takes place in the shortest possible time. The average duration is 2-3 weeks. Customer reviews about the work of Italian Post are mostly favorable: people praise not only fast delivery, but also the quality of service and the safety of the parcel. Poste Italiane: track code and its format For each parcel, small package or parcel, the Italian Post assigns a unique code. According to the format, it is a set of letters and numbers that are not repeated with other items sent in the last year.

The Poste Italiane company allows you to track the order precisely because of the presence of the track code. It is reported by the seller, who collaborated with the postal organization. On our resource, everyone can find out the location of their order or postal item. We have tried to make this process as simple and convenient as possible for all visitors.

Track more postal shipment


To track your Poste Italiane shipment, you need to find the track code for your order and retype it in the tracking field. Click on the button and you will find out where the parcel has already been and at which receiving and sorting point it is now. This can be done every day to know exactly how the delivery service works and whether the workers are efficient.

The first few days after the order are usually given to the store employees for processing and shipping, after which you can regularly check the status of your precious package. This saves time and nerves, and most importantly, this service is free for those who know the track code of the package.

Poste Italiane Tracking statuses

In the tracking services of Italian Post, information on the movement of goods is provided in Italian. The most popular messages have the following meanings:

  • Partito dal Centro Scambi Internazionale – processed at the sorting center for international shipments;
  • In lavorazione presso il paese estero – in the process of processing in the country of transit;
  • In consegna – sent for delivery.

Poste Italiane Tracking official website:

Support : +48 43-842-06-00

Italy Post parcel tracking statuses

In lavorazione presso il Centro Scambi InternationaleIn progress at the International Exchange Center
Partito dal Centro Scambi InternationaleStarted from the International Exchange Centre
In lavorazione presso il Centro Operativo PostaleIn progress at the Postal Operations Center
Presa in carico da Ufficio PostaleTaken over by post office
In transito presso il Centro Operativo PostaleIn transit at the Postal Operations Centre
In corso la verifica doganaleCustoms verification in progress
In transitIn transit
In transito presso il Centro Operativo SDAIn transit at the SDA Operations Centre
Segnalati problemi durante la verifica doganale per fattura mancanteReported problems during customs verification for missing invoice
In consegnaIn delivery
In lavorazione presso il paese esteroIn progress in the foreign country
Presa in carico a domicilioTaking charge at home
In lavorazioneIn progress
Mancata consegna per destinatario assenteNon-delivery due to absent recipient
Presa in caricoTaking charge
In restituzione al mittenteReturned to sender
Restituzione al mittente per documentazione doganale incompletaReturn to sender for incomplete customs documentation
In lavorazione presso il Centro Operativo SDAIn progress at the SDA Operations Center
Disponibile per il ritiro presso il Centro Operativo SDAAvailable for pickup at SDA Operations Center
Verifica doganale conclusaCustoms verification completed
Mancata consegna per dati incompleteNon-delivery due to incomplete data
Mancata consegna per destinatario irreperibileNon-delivery for untraceable recipient
Pronta per la consegnaReady for delivery
Uscita dal Centro Scambi InternationaleExit from the International Exchange Centre
In corso ispezione postalePostal inspection in progress
Fermo in dogana forwardForward customs stop
Restituita al mittenteReturned to sender
Pronta per essere consegnataReady to be delivered
In lavorazione dal Centro Operativo PostaleIn progress from the Postal Operations Center
Segnalati problemi durante la verifica doganaleReported problems during customs verification
Mancata consegna per rifuto del destinatario. Spedizione in restituzione al mittenteNon-delivery due to refusal of the recipient. Return shipment to sender
Mancata consegna per indirizzo errato o incompletoNon-delivery due to incorrect or incomplete address

About : Poste Italiane :

Poste Italiane is a post office in Italy that has monopolized all postal operations in the country since 1998. All shipments, issue of stamps, correspondence and printed periodicals take place there through this system.

Italy is home to fashion shows, shopping and the global sales season. Thanks to the organized delivery, Poste Italiane parcels can also be received in our country. Every lover of Italian brands has a chance to buy the branded item of his dreams without spending money on flights and accommodation.

Italy Post Reviews

CB0********RU received in 14 days

Everything is fine! Thanks for the speed! Only now the first parcel has been on the way for 30 days and still not a rumor or a spirit.

— 27th of June, wrote ve-lu

EE4********IT not received in 109 days

EE465418242IT. The order was placed on the Italian site YOOX. The Italian Post did not send the parcel !!!! The YOOX site did not return the money for the purchased goods !!!!!

— 21st of June, wrote gurlev73

EE4********IT not received in 95 days

Things worth 9 thousand then another 120 dollars, sent on February 18, on February 24, SVO began in Ukraine, delivery was closed, the goods were not received

— 2 June, wrote terrorist

CP0********IT not received in 85 days

the parcel did not reach the addressee, on the application for the search for the parcel by the sender and the recipient., there is still no information!

— May 18, written by angelika01091971

CN0********JP received in 75 days

Kapets! There was a parcel from Japan to Italy for 75 days!! And when it arrived, they didn’t even bring it home, I sat and waited for two days, because it was written that it was on delivery !! They walked around in circles for two days and wrote that the recipient was not at home, twice. They brought it to the local post office! Didn't leave any paper in the mailbox for pick up or notice!! And at the post office they ripped off 9.75 euros in customs fees !! I will never buy anything from Japan again!

— May 2, posted by kisastar2010

EE4********IT received in 61 days

When contacting the "WHERE THE PACKAGE" service, the parcel was found within a week. Thanks a lot. I recommend using this service.

— April 30, wrote sna

EE4********IT not received in 60 days

EE465262783IT Parcel not received in 60 days!! Dispatched from Italy February 15!!!!!!!! Somewhere stuck in the international exchange service, what kind of exchange is this???? It was already possible to bring it on foot during this time. She left Italy, and the Russian EMS delivery services are in no way able to at least explain something intelligibly. The term for consideration of the claim is 3 months !!!! UNLIMITED!!!!! No way in Russia mother will not learn how to work👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

— 25th of April, wrote gelyavesna

CP6********UA received in 34 days

The service works well. Already two parcels and one document received on time, without problems. Thanks a lot.

— April 24, written by olgasinejko

CL0********RU received in 21 days

Everything came quickly enough, in 3 weeks, the only thing that was delivered for customs clearance was to pay, which had never happened before

— April 24, wrote tatti86.v

CP6********UA received in 31 days

The package arrived safely and on time. It was tracked well on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of Italy. Made me worry a little in the interval between Ukraine and Italy. Thank you.

— April 19, written by olgasinejko

RC2********IT received in 65 days

Thank you for delivering the package from Italy in our difficult time. Delivery times have increased, and I understand that it is not the fault of the Italian and Russian Posts. The parcel was delivered in perfect condition.

— April 16, wrote irinalimankina

EB0********IT received in 59 days

The parcel was delivered, but for a very long time – EMS for 60 euros was delivered in 59 days. DHL would be 20 times faster

— April 13, wrote 7952822

CP0********IT received in 61 days

Many thanks to everyone involved in the delivery of international mail! Parcel received, it is in perfect condition, everything is in place! Once again, thank you all so much‼️‼️‼️

— April 11, wrote luya75

CP0********IT received in 48 days

The parcel finally reached its destination. 48 days on the way from Italy to Russia. Apparently the Russian Post resumed delivery by horse-drawn transport, or rode on donkeys.

— April 11, wrote tpodoynitsyna

EE4********IT received in 58 days

The parcel from Italy was received, despite its long stay in Russia, the condition of the parcel and the contents in it are excellent!

— April 7, wrote a9653164147

ED0********IT not received in 92 days

Unfortunately, the parcel was not received. They wrote that the parcel could get into the Archive. How to get it from the Archive?

— April 5, wrote anopova

CL0********RU received in 41 days

Thank you very much for tracking. 41 days from Russia to Italy. The parcel was constantly tracked, which greatly facilitated the waiting. On February 28, she was already in Italy and this time she was held at customs for 2 weeks. And also, “hacked”, that is, there were obvious traces of the fact that it was opened and checked. But I have no complaints, they ripped it carefully, nothing was damaged, nothing was missing. Securely glued back. I was very worried about the events in Russia, but everything went well. Which is what I wish for everyone. Thank you site.

— March 27, wrote nicalilia

CL0********RU received in 88 days

Everything is well tracked, but it's a catastrophically long wait from Russia to Italy, though it was in early February. It probably doesn't even matter now.

— March 13, wrote wioletta09

CP0********IT not received in 67 days

CP081886438IT parcel number . Dispatched from Italy December 23rd. In Milan, the parcel was not released, they turned it back. Intercepted CDA mail. They did not send it to the place of departure, but sent it to the warehouse of abandoned parcels. It's just chaos. They stole into a brazen parcel and cover their tracks. .no parcel all

— March 8, wrote Favola23

CP0********IT received in 43 days

The parcel went from Italy to the Moscow region for 44 days, this is a record! I thank the site "Where is my parcel?" We regularly informed about all the points. Everything came safe and sound.

— 24 February, written by les182008

CL0********RU not received in 105 days

The parcel was sent to Italy on October 28th. On December 4, she reached Rome, and a couple of days later she was sent back to the sender, that is, to me. The recipient repeatedly contacted the Italian Post with a question about the parcel, but they did not have any information. The latest information was received on January 16 backdated to December 29 that she was going back. Since then, nothing has been heard of her. I have repeatedly submitted applications to the Russian post office, no answer. The recipient applied to the Italian post office, received a response after 2 days that the parcel was sent to the sender from December 29, and no one can say anything definite. Not only was the service not provided for an unknown reason, but the package was also missing.

— February 17, wrote irolkh

RO2********RU not received in 74 days

The parcel was gone … November 30 was delivered to customs. And I didn’t hear anything else. Advise. Where to go?

— February 16, wrote olgayakimchuk72

CL0********RU not received in 88 days

A parcel from Russia to Italy was sent by Russian Post with a tracking number, and as a result it ended up in SDA. The parcel was never delivered, SDA lost it and cannot track it. The recipient was an office that is open during normal business hours and on Saturday mornings. Initially, the SDA noted the unsuccessful delivery attempt on Saturday morning, when the office was open and receiving visitors. They later noted several failed delivery attempts during the New Year holidays when the office was closed. They tried to call them to arrange delivery during business hours, to which they said that the parcel had been assigned a new tracking number with the letter J, and they did not know which one. As a result, they cannot track where the package is. According to the Italian Post, a month ago, the status “package returned to sender” was set, however, it is unknown if she was shipped outside of Italy. At the moment, the parcel is lost.

— The 14th of February, wrote poses

CC0********LV not received in 71 days

I am amazed that it has been 71 days and the package has not reached the recipient. Why? You can walk to Italy in 71 days. But the children are waiting and we hope for a speedy safe delivery of the prodigal package.

— February 8, written by verajevtusoka

RA7********RU received in 50 days

Sent a registered letter to Milan on December 15th. Until December 19, the shipment was perfectly tracked when it left Russia. Only towards the end of January did some stirring begin. With grief in half, the letter was received on February 02. 50 days! This is a fiasco!

— February 6, wrote bantik2508

8C8**********58 received in 14 days

Only from Italy, parcels arrive quickly, as they get from SHEREMETYEVO immediately to Krasnodar and then to Anapa – 6 days from Italy to Anapa, and 5 days by EMC in Anapa – that's how we work, study. As they said that the Russian Post is the "Mesozoic era", nothing has changed !!!

— January 23, written by AlexHeavy

CL0********RU not received in 65 days

According to the mail operators (which I contacted repeatedly), the parcel was not delivered to the specified department

— January 23, wrote ninapanchenko68

EB0********IT received in 20 days

Post of Italy and Post of Russia worked just fine! The parcel, namely the departure of EMS, went through Italy for three days and went to me on December 31, and on January 7 it arrived in Russia. I was supposed to receive it on January 14, but I was not there. The courier called and rescheduled for Monday (17). Today I was contacted by another courier, very sociable and polite, even waited a few minutes for me to get home. Very satisfied, thank you!!

— January 21, wrote xxxisatra

RR0********RU received in 66 days

The parcel went 66 days. Moreover, it was in Italy for 50 days. After numerous calls and complaints about the Italian customs number, the parcel was delivered. It is unlikely that I will decide on such an adventure again.

— January 18, wrote olga2507

EE4********IT received in 14 days

The package arrived well packaged and ahead of schedule! Only now the courier did not give change from the amount he received, although he should have (((the information is plausible, you can not publish it, but the fact remains !!!

— January 16, wrote starodubceva.mariya


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