Hungary Post Tracking – Follow up Magyar Posta Parcel

Hungary Post Tracking - Follow up Magyar Posta Parcel

Hungary Post Tracking – Magyar Posta Tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from HUNGARIAN POST

Hungary Post Tracking - Follow up Magyar Posta Parcel

The Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta) is the universal and largest postal service provider in the country. In January 2013, Hungary joined the liberalized postal market of the European Union. According to the provisions of the Postal Law, Magyar Posta will now fulfill the tasks of universal service, providing services to everyone at an affordable price, accessible anywhere in the country in a manner and at a high technological level.

Magyar Posta is a market leader in courier, express delivery and parcel delivery (CEP) services. It is the first Hungarian courier company to launch a network of parcel machines. In 2018, the Hungarian Post expanded its parcel handling capacity by putting into operation a new world-class production line at the Parcel Logistics Center, which can process 10,000 items per hour, 24 hours a day.

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Which countries does the Hungarian Post work with?

As one of the largest national companies with a long history, Magyar Posta Zrt. is the largest integrated network in the world, so it has a great responsibility to its stakeholders.

As a responsible company, the Hungarian Post adheres to the principle of sustainable development, it is not a separate system of goals, but a system integrated into daily activities and business thinking. A life cycle approach and joint consideration of economic interests and environmental and social impacts are defining elements in corporate decisions.

The company strives to be at the forefront of the dissemination of best practices and approaches to sustainability, in which reliable data and information on the economic, environmental and social impacts of activities are constantly collected in order to make services available to customers, partners and other stakeholders anywhere in the world.

The geographical coverage of the work of the Hungarian Post includes a large number of countries, including the countries of the EU, Asia, the USA , the countries of South America, Canada , Russia , Ukraine , Belarus , the Baltic states and many others.

The list of countries is clearly organized and contains the conditions for sending international shipments separately for each country. All this information can be found on the official website of the Hungarian Post.

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Hungary Post has a standard set of postal services:

  • processing of internal shipments;
  • processing of international shipments;
  • · EMS delivery.
  • For an additional fee, you can get insurance services, cash on delivery, delivery to the addressee, etc.


The official website of the company allows you to track domestic and international shipments along the Magyar posta track.

International shipments receive a standard 13 digit tracking number. For parcels weighing up to 2 kg. it looks something like this RR345657895HU. For parcels weighing more than 2 kg. – CC183457456HU. For EMS shipments – EA047834567HU

To track a Magyar posta parcel, you must select RECEIVING MAIL in the menu and click on the Tracking link. In the window that opens, you must enter the track or tracks (but not more than 10) and click the search button.

Knowing the track number, you can easily track the Magyar posta package on our website. You will receive up-to-date and detailed information about your package.

How to check the parcel by track number ? Hungary Post Tracking Guide

With the free tracking function on, you can find out about the current status and movement of parcels and letters. tracking is provided for the following types of shipments:

• MPL business package (example: PB00010122727);

• package Europe + (example: CP123456785EN);

• European standard MPL (example: JJH30AAAAAPL00000001);

• international express mail EMS (example: EA004037757EN).

To check the package by the ID of the Hungarian Post, in the field “Identifiers of items” you need to enter the track number of the items you want to find, a maximum of 10 pieces. Each identifier is separated by spaces, commas, semicolons, or line breaks. The code can only contain numbers and alphabetic characters without accents, but no special characters.

After entering the track number, the current status of the found shipments is first displayed. The “Details” button contains all information related to shipments: processing, delivery events, home delivery, MOL and Coop, as well as post offices, information about parcel machines.

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Customers highly appreciate the quality of Hungarian Post services. Almost all shipments reach the addressees on time and without any problems. Customers note the efficiency, safety and ability to track Magyar posta cargo “from” and “to”.

Parcel statuses of the Hungarian Post

Hungary Post tracking is available in three languages: English, German and Hungarian. Tracking in other language is not available on You can select the desired language by clicking on the checkbox in the upper right corner of the tracking field. The most popular English-language statuses have the following meanings:

  • Delivery at post office registered — the shipment is registered;
  • Processed in the destination country – in the process of registration in the recipient country;
  • Arrival to delivery Post – arrived at the post office for delivery.


Tracking shipments Magyar posta, and shipments of other services, helps to resolve issues related to your cargo in a timely manner. There is no need to wait for a notification in the mailbox about the arrival of the parcel – as soon as the status appears in the tracking system that the parcel has arrived at its destination, you can go to the office to pick it up. If the parcel does not move for a long time, you can always check with the postal service for reasons. In some cases, you have to write a statement on the wanted list. If the order is made in an online store, then tracking will save you from unscrupulous sellers, because. you can always provide the route of your package and prove that it did not reach you.

Often, customers send mail using different logistics companies. In order not to open several tracking systems at once, you can use our tracking service. The resource receives information from the most popular postal and logistics services in the world. It is convenient and saves time.

We also offer additional options for our clients. All registered users can activate the free notification service about changing the status of the package. As soon as the parcel changes the item, an information letter will be sent to your mail.

Hungarian Post Tracking statuses

Megérkezett a célországbaArrived at destination country
Leszállított tételItem delivered
Elem elfogadvaItem accepted
Külföldre küldött tételItem sent abroad
Feldolgozás a célországbanProcessed in the destination country
Vám elé állított tételItem presented to customs
Cserehivatali napirendi pontItem in office of exchange
Bejövő tétel továbbítás a kézbesítési postáhozInbound item forwarded to delivery Post
A postai szolgáltató által elfogadott tételItem accepted by postal operator
Érkezés a kézbesítéshez PostArrival to delivery Post
Vámkezelt kimenő tétel vámkezeléseOutbound item customs cleared
Postai vámeljárás alattUnder postal customs procedure
Kézbesítés a regisztrált postahivatalbanDelivery at post office registered
Felvette a kapcsolatot a címzettelAddressee contacted
Sikertelen kézbesítésFailed delivery
Visszaküldés kézbesítéseReturn delivery
Tárolt küldemény, címzett értesítéseItem stored, addressee notified
Bejelentett tételItem announced
Belföldi válogatásra továbbítvaForwarded for domestic sorting
Követelés a postánReceivable at post office
Folytatódik a postai továbbításPostal forwarding resumed
Letétbe helyezettDeposited
A feladó által feldolgozott elemItem processed by the sender
Vámokmányok feldolgozásaProcessing customs documents

Hungary Post Tracking Official site:

About The Hungarian Post :

The Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta) begins its modern history in 1867, from the time of the emergence of Austria-Hungary, and celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017. The Hungarian Post has an extensive network of conveniently located post offices (some of them work around the clock) and provides a wide range of services to the public and legal entities.

Recently, sellers from China, Hong Kong have started using the services of the Hungarian Post. In Hong Kong, postal services of many countries are accredited and the sender has the opportunity to choose the best delivery method: inexpensive, reliable, and as fast as possible.

The official website of the Hungarian Post has an interface for tracking shipments, where you can choose to submit information in English or German.

An analysis of customer reviews shows a high rating for Hungarian Post. Departures are on the way, on average, up to 20 days. Occasionally the wait is long. With the help of our service “Where is the parcel” you can easily track the movement of any Magyar Posta postal items. Welcome!

Hungary Post Reviews :

RO2********RU received in 31 days

A bit long, but everything was handed over normally, taking into account apparently EU sanctions, processing in Hungary took 21 days out of a total of 31

— 27th of June, posted by giglio07

CC8********HU received in 14 days

Thanks to all employees of Ukrposhta! To everyone who delivered my package from Budapest to the Dnieper! The parcel was delivered from Budapest to Dnipro exactly 14 days, as promised by Ukrposhta! Along the way, her whereabouts were constantly monitored. We were very pleased with the delivery. Thanks!!!!

— May 2, wrote tatyana.nikiforo05

CL0********RU received in 29 days

The parcel was sent on January 10 from St. Petersburg. Passed all over Russia, through Poland got to the Netherlands and only from there to Hungary. Such a hook was made by mail to deliver a parcel from Russia to Hungary. Thank you for arriving safe and sound.

— February 11, wrote cservenyakaniko1

CC8********HU received in 14 days

Very convenient, well done management. In the morning I woke up and a message is already waiting for you where your parcel is. Thanks a lot.

— 1st of February, wrote ta.step

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