How To Solve WordPress Blank Page Error

No matter how many years you are with WordPress but still you learn WordPress everyday.Yes WordPress CMS may display freaking errors which may waste your entire day to solve the problem.This only happens when something mis-configured by you at the time of modifications.

However just like many other bugs today this post will guide you how to solve blank page error when you open your website.Let me share my experienced with this bug,I changed my old domain name keeping same old database.I backed up total database and uploaded it to the new hosting root.I configured WP-Config correctly with all correct database details but my site shows blank page.I was desperately looking for all probably mistakes but got nothing.

How I solved it ? I tried to log in to my WordPress site dashboard,it took me to dashboard without any single issue.I saw all the previous posts and activated plugins there.Still I couldn’t find the reason but I never gave up.I opened theme section and found that active theme is blank and that was the culprit.I used new theme and removed the previous one,it worked like charm.

So now you got the answer,log in to dashboard and change the theme.Hope you have solved this problem.

Intaj Mondal
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