How To Start Your First Blogging Career

start your first blogging career

How To Start Your First Blogging Career

OH! That’s great you want to be a blogger .But probably you may thinking “you have no idea” about blogging. You don’t need to tell me what your biggest fear about blogging. 3 years before when I started my first blog with blogger I was stuck with blog design and content. Now I can guide you how easily one can make a blog and to be successful blogger.

Making a blog indicates your presence in web. When you make a blog, you shout and share your knowledge with others. I have seen many bloggers that they created their blog but they really couldn’t find what to write. I always advise to every new blogger that don’t make your blog just because everybody making their own blog. You have passion and you love writing and sharing, Ok you deserve to be a blogger.

Now let me describe you step by step to make perfect blog:


Before creating your blog, you please make sure that you have deep knowledge on a specific industry.(it can be on Fashion, SEO, Computer or any other).If you are confused about the content then I recommend that please stop your blogging idea. People will read your content. If you write same and common content with full of wrong information then nobody is going to read your rest of the content. First ask yourself what you know best and what you can write? In blogging writing unique content is most important factor than anything.


Have you decided the best topic that suit for you? Well now second stage is to choose blogging platform. You can get several free blogging platforms to make you personal blog. For example

  1. Blogger.
  2. Word press.
  3. Tumbler and more others.

More about free blogging platform :

It is initially the best option to make blog with free blogging platform. But these free blogging platforms have so many disadvantages .I can remember that day when I woke up in morning and checked my blog found that your blog has been removed .I can’t forget that day, it was removed just because I tried to integrate a social sharing widget with java code. I don’t say it will happen to you but it might be .Some more disadvantages like:

  1. You can’t add high level language or code in free blog.
  2. You have no control over your blog, anything can be happen.
  3. Your blog would be rejected if you apply for advertisement from Google or other sites (Most of the time )


I want you to gather strong knowledge for blogging with free blog platforms.Later go for custom domain and hosting .Let me tell you little bit about it .

1. Buy a domain :

Buying a domain features you to create custom blog name. Suppose you want to create your blog naming “freecoaching” to teach online .Here if you use free blogging then it would be “” or “” or something else with their own extension.

But if you buy own domain it could be “” as you like to buy. So it’s the biggest advantage.

 2. Hosting :

I said earlier free blogging platforms restricted to your storage. Now paying for hosting mean you are completely free to do anything with large space.



Hosting and domain naming price depend on your choice. Normally domain with extension “.COM” is more expensive rather than other extensions like “.ORG”,”.IN”,”.US” “.BIZ” etc.

Similarly hosting package comes with different hosting capacity .If you need large storage for your blog then you need to buy advanced package that is expensive than starter package. I recommend you to buy starter package if you want to make your personal blog.



You can find several companies offering hosting and domain services .Choosing good service provider is necessary for your site performance .If you are from India then you can try GODADDY, BIGROCK, NET4, etc. For international I prefer IPAGE, GODADDY etc.

After setting up your blog, now it’s time to start writing quality content and be successful

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