How To Post In Facebook From Twitter Automatically

post twitter to facebook

No need to login Facebook to post your new blog article links,now Twitter can do this job on behalf of you.You can easily connect your Twitter account with Facebook to fetch your post automatically. All the tweets you have made will be live in Facebook.

This is a great feature of twitter to merge your account with Facebook. Facebook has mainly 3 places where you can share your thoughts these are your own home page, timeline or social page. When you are logged in Facebook and connect your twitter account you will get all three boxes to tick where your tweets will be posted.

To integrate twitter just do the following:

1. Register with twitter and make your profile.

2. In profile page you will see Facebook tab.

You need to click on it to authorize your twitter account to be merged by typing your password and user name.

When its done ,now tick the boxes (Page, timeline or home)where you want to post your tweets in Facebook.

Congratulations !! You are ready to post tweets in Facebook from twitter automatically.

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