How To Make Money By Parking Domains Online

Domain indicates a name for your website which is unique and can’t be shared with multiple users.If one domain is already registered you can’t get that domain any more until that domain expire or owner release it.

You may have question in your mind that if someone register domain,why they will offer you to purchase that domain name again.Like I mentioned in title that you can earn thousand of dollars if you grab the premium domain and find the right place to sell it.

How To Make Money By Selling Domains Online

How it works ? This works in a very simple manner,if you search domain name with any domain registrator you will see most of the common domain names are either registered or parked.These parked domains are ready for selling in some particular sites.Domain owners they most of the time fixed a minimum value for the domain which you are interested to purchase.Sometimes you can also go for bargaining via broker but this process also charge huge.You purchase the domain they earn money.

Why I should Buy Parked Domains 😕 Well, a better and easy keyword domain describe your business or website proper way.Since all the major good keywords registered by these people you don’t have other options but to buy from them.

How can I start? Okay,so you want to earn money doing this smart job! You can start instant by purchasing domain names which you think you will have customers in future.Here in this business you need to choose domain name wisely because you can only get profit when its sold.There are few good platforms where you can list your domain like – 1. 2. (you need to be member for the listing) .

Hope now you got another new idea to make money online and this time using your domain name.Please don’t forget to share and comment below.

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