IRCTC Cancellation Charges For Tatkal Tickets

Tatkal tickets are expensive than normal tickets but still we need it according to journey.Talkal tickets can also be classified into three main categories :

  1. Confirmed ticket , 2. RAC/WAITLISTED TICKET,3. Partially Confirmed Tickets.IRCTC provides below refund rules in their policy :

For Confirmed tickets there will be no refund. (Confirmed ticket – No refund)

For RAC/Waitlisted tickets Clerkage charge would be Rs.30 per passenger. (Waitlisted ticket – Rs.30)

For the Partially Confirmed Tickets if cancel more Than 6 hours before schedule departure of train then Clerkage charge would be Rs.30 per passenger.

For any doubt contact IRCTC  or your nearest reservation counter.

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