How To Import Large MySQL Database Quickly

Database is the heart of your site which contains all of your content and permalinks of your site.Therefore if you are trying to move your content to another hosting company you need to back up entire database properly without losing any single data table or element.

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I had problems regarding database importing when I switch on to different hosting partner for the first time.I tried the traditional way to import database using PhpMyAdmin and then go to import tab.But after loading and executing the database I found that not all the tables are there.Some tables are missing and my site not opening at all.I was confused what the exact problem is going on because I did not count the list of previous database tables.But finally when I checked I got almost 10 tables are missing.

So how can you import large database?

People who don’t know this process they will be frustrated – but believe me its so simple and now you can do it just following these simple steps.Before starting this process you need to download software called Bigdump,as this job is done by this software.

Download latest version of Bigdump here – Download

  1. After downloading now upload this zip in root folder (Using Cpanel)
  2. Extract the zip folder by clicking right mouse button
  3. Find “bigdump.php” and edit bigdump.php with your Database Password,User,Database name.
  4. Point to this URL:  http://yoursite/bigdump/bigdump.php
  5. Now start importing your database, after finishing you can check from MyPhpAdmin
  6. Don’t forget to remove Bigdump.php from your Web server

Take a look on screen shot which you will get after pointing above URL :

import large mysql database

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