How To Export Large MySQL Database Fast

In my previous post you can find how to import large MySQL database for keeping all content.Now this post will guide you to export large MySQL database.Normally when you think about exporting we always consider the most easiest way that is using PhpMyadmin.PhpMyAdmin lets you export your database with one click but not suitable for large size of database (start from 10 mb or more).

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So you need find the alternate ways to do that exporting task.For importing database we have used Bigdump software but in case of exporting you need another software which called MySQLdumper.

MySQLdumper do its job very well and does not skip any single database file while exporting. MySQLdumper is a php and perl based tool which is free to use widely known as backing up database. MySQLdumper is perfectly suited for shared hosting as well as other hosting type.

How To Start Exporting Large MySQL Database :

To export perfect database without losing any content follow the below steps  –

  1. Download MySQLdumper from its official website
  2. Upload MySQLdumper zip in root folder. (Using Cpanel)
  3. Extract Zip folder and point to this URL : http://yoursite/msd_demo/install.php (Remember “msd_demo” can be anything as you can make any folder to keep it)
  4. Now “click installation” and put Database name, user name, password respectively.
  5. Connect to SQL – save and continue installation –
  6. Go to Backup – start new backup – download now.

Check the installation process and exporting screenshot :

step 1 step 2

step 3

step 4


steps 5

Still if are facing problem then leave comment I will try to help you as soon as possible.

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