How To Build Online Presence

build online presence

How To Build Online Presence

This is the second time I am writing about identity. But this post is completely different from my older post. You will know the ways to make your online identity.

You are using internet only for entertainment. But do you know that 35% teenagers they have already made their online identity. People from all over the world they know them very well. Now the conception of using internet has changed .People they just don’t read the information but they contribute their knowledge through sharing their valuable information. You would find thousand and thousand names who are famous for their writing and contributing articles or something which help others.

Free, simple and effective way to make your identity online is blogging. Yes, this is awesome! Today may be 10 people know you but tomorrow it can be thousand. Professional blogging lets you share your ideas and information with others .You get comments, requests from your readers and they want to know about you .No doubt your blogging career indicates your daily online presence.

There are other ways also to be famous in online. Blogging is not the only option to make identity online. If you have some technical knowledge, you can build your own website. A website may contain anything as you are paying for your website.

Making Social Pages:
It’s not similar with blogging but its free. Making social pages lets you post and share anything with your followers. You will be reputed admin of your page when you will have sufficient followers.

World follow you when you have valid answer. I don’t know everything; maybe I can learn something from you. Therefore your answer may be very useful for someone. Everybody will respect you when your answer solves their problem. You can find many websites where you can submit your answer free.

Remember do not try to follow the fake and quickest way to be famous in web. Ultimately one day will come when you will have regret for that. Put your effort to get respect and genuine identity.

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