Free Amazon International Shipping Method

free amazon international shipping method

Just like Amazon river is the largest online shopping platform in the world where sales and number of sellers are endless.Amazon has expanded their business in some of the top countries like Australia,Brazil,Canada,China,France,Germany,India,Italy, Japan,Mexico,Netherlands,Spain,United Kingdom.Shipping charge would be no issue for them who shop daily from online staying in seller domestic area but it can be problem for international shipping.

Many of you probably aware with Amazon gift certificate which mostly used for gifting someone.Now this gift certificate become the most common reward method for many survey sites,GPT sites and to other genuine online site admin who gift you upon completing their certain task.

I have also earned many Amazon gift vouchers but as I belong from India it was really hard to redeem those gift certificates for purchasing right products.You may choose $20 value any item over there but when you land in final payment page,your total due may be $40-$80 as I have already said international shipping charge is always high.The reasons are behind high shipping charge like import fees deposit,extra taxes and most critical part is seller needs to book private courier (most of the time) which is more expensive rather than postal service.

Okay,now lets come to the point which is how you can save shipping charge ? well this trick I found when I was searching sellers desperately who has low shipping rate.Unfortunately I got no single seller from USA who has normal shipping rate but I never gave up and one day I found one seller from China.I browsed their products and bought one by one and believe me I paid no single penny for shipping charge.Take a look of my Amazon shopping with china seller :

screenshot of my amazon shopping

Sellers from China have lot of products to offer within very cheap price and you can utilize your full gift balance with them.I must inform you that after placing your order with them you need to wait minimum one month to receive the parcel as it  would be delivered via postal service.Here you may think this is long delivery time but still “Half a loaf is better than no loaf” as if you have low gift balance and you want to buy something,you will have rare opportunities of free shipping.

Therefore next time when you have any amount of Amazon gift card then go to your shopping search homepage and find some sellers from China.Please share this post so that other can also redeem their vouchers without paying extra shipping charge.

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