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Cuelinks Chrome Extension – Cuelinks is one of the best content monetization programs for bloggers or website owners.It lets you manage all affiliate programs in one place.You don’t need to sign up separately for different merchants.Join Cuelinks network and enjoy the best affiliate commission.They are associated with almost all reputed online merchants worldwide.

Cuelinks is very transparent regarding affiliate commission for the individual affiliate program.You can search affiliate partners from “Merchant Lookup” option.It displays commission rate along with merchant logo.

Now Cuelinks introduced their chrome extension which is available in chrome web store.Install and add to chrome for generating links instantly.You can see the Cuelinks logo (i.e arrow mark) in right side of the top bar.

How does Cuelinks Chrome Extension work ?

It works very simple.Click on the icon and it will show you supported merchants commission rate per sale.From here you can directly generate affiliate link.Log in with email address & password.If you prefer shorter URL just chek the shorten URL box.


For example open and use Cuelinks chrome extension.It shows current commission rate (i.e 9.36% per sale).For generating links instantly click on “Generate Button”.It also has the sharing feature on Facebook & Twiiter.

use cuelinks extension

This Simple & easy tool lets you compare merchants payout,generate affiliate links at lightening speed and share links on popular social sites.

How to use the Cuelinks Extension?

  • Click Cuelinks Icon (Get Extension Here)
  • Login to Cuelinks
  • View Merchant payout
  • Generate Affiliate Links
  • Copy & and share links

Cuelinks Chrome Extension 5 steps

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Final Words : 

Most of the bloggers,content writers are using Cuelinks without any issue.I have also an account and noticed valid transaction report each time a sale is made through their links.You can always check merchant details from account dashboard.However,this extension brings Merchant payouts at your fingertips.Generate affiliate links instantly from merchant product page.Shorten and share generated links on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.


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