Is Google Adsense Account Safe With Facebook Traffic ?

google adsense account safe with facebook traffic

If I am not wrong then massive traffic was your first thought when Google approved your website or blog for displaying Adsense advertisement.Well my friend that’s very natural reaction to all website owner,but you should know the real fact.Today in this post you are going to find exact purpose of Adsense and the impact of Facebook traffic.

About Google Adwords : Google Adwords is a platform where you can see almost all kind of advertisers who participate to display their ads. Now if you ever create your advertise campaign with Google then you might noticed that their platform not so cheap to advertise.You need to pay a good amount CPC for better appearance in search page as all competitors already set the highest bid to rank well to promote their product or service.Okay,this part is from the side of advertiser and now lets go to Google side.Google understands the value of each advertiser and they will never let you cheat with them.It is the responsibility to protect advertiser’s money from fake publishers because if advertisers don’t get any sales or profit they will never rely on Adwords.

Google always balanced both Adsense and Adwords activities,it will be stupid behavior if Google does not accept any more publisher to serve their ads because publishers are the main key to make online marketing  successful.Google needs best publisher who can actually return profit to their advertisers.Now a very common sign of a good publisher is organic traffic which basically generates from search engines like Google,Yahoo,Ask,Bing etc.You will never have any complaint from Google Adsense team if you your site getting organic hits.

Now very interesting fact is that most of the website owners they are hungry for any kind of traffic,I mean they never research the traffic sources and due to lack of this interest it can be disaster for them.There are lot of traffic programs available online – Paid traffic,PPC (Pay Per Click),Fake bot traffic,Social traffic.

Regarding Facebook Traffic – No need to introduce Facebook as this social site is too popular that some of the countries they have banned the access of Facebook,that’s the another story which is not related with our today topic.People visit Facebook for fun and social activities which has the ability to send massive traffic to website.Facebook has their own advertising policy and they are cheap comparing Google Adwords.Facebook and Google both have different platforms but still they are competitors regarding their advertisers because just think if Facebook were not any existence in todays online advertising marketplace then Google would get it 100% coverage from client side.Though still Google is number one when it comes for best ad impact and promotion.

Google Adsense Policy : Google has clearly mentioned their policy for promoting your site to increase more traffic.You will have some ideas from the below part which has been taken from Adsense policy section :

You’re welcome to promote your site in any manner that complies with our program policies. However, AdSense publishers are ultimately responsible for the traffic to their ads. So if you choose to partner with a third-party service to increase traffic to your site, it’s critical that you monitor your reports closely to gauge the impact that each source has on your ad traffic.

There are many services out there that can increase traffic to your site, including pay-per-click solutions to connect advertisers and publishers, as well as search engines and directory sites. However, we’ve found that some of these services actually send artificial traffic to websites, despite their appearance. To deliver the traffic levels that their customers expect, these services often generate clicks and impressions using click bots, or by providing users incentives to visit sites or click on ads. For this reason, we strongly urge you to use caution when partnering with third-party traffic services. 

Facebook Traffic Not Safe : You will never know the quality of traffic if you advertise in Facebook,it has been seen that traffic from Facebook has more bounce rate and poor quality.It could be suspicious traffic as you don’t know the user activities and click which generates from Facebook users.Facebook could be a best option for those who needs more like or apps install task or something else which has free taste.

Conclusion : Google has not restricted traffic from Facebook but they have warned you to stay away from fraud activities.Facebook never guarantees you for their user activities and not responsible to control invalid click on your ad.Since you got the Adsense account with your effort its time to keep it safe and secure from bad guys.Now its best idea to gather some knowledge about SEO rather hunting paid traffic from Facebook.

Hey guys let me know what you have decided to generate traffic to earn more with Adsense.Thank you for reading.

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