How To Increase Ebay Selling Limits For Listing More

ebay selling limits

eBay is the most powerful selling platform to sell new,used or refurbished items across different categories.Most of the established sellers do not face much restrictions regarding selling their products online.If you are new seller you may face selling limitations.

Generally eBay selling limits are 3 types these are :

1. Account Limits
2. Category limits
3. Item Limits

Besides these you may have trouble if you have an Ebay store.Selling limits are considered separately from the number of free insertion fees for auction-style listings quota available per calendar month.

account limits

Account Limits :
Account limits apply depending on your overall account performance. eBay team review your account activity and the limits vary by seller’s selling activity.

How account limits Work ?
The limit applies on sold items,gross merchandise volume, and active items for sale.The limit count towards when items sold but not ended unsold items.

To remove account based limit request eBay supports team for higher account limit.Confirm your seller profile information,communication details as these will help you to qualify for higher account limit.If in a month if you exceed the maximum listing quota try to remove active listing those are not yet sold.Maintain seller reputation for better opportunities in future.

eBay Selling Limits

How to find selling limit details ?
You can check out all selling activities & limits in your eBay account dashboard.Follow the below steps :
1.Log into eBay selling dashboard and MY eBay option at the of eBay page.
2.Go to sell section and select all selling option.
3.You can see Monthly selling limits section where all monthly selling summary appears.There also you can find limit details if it exceeds the monthly listing volume it will show a red alert.

Category limits
eBay limits on certain categories for some sellers that can be listed in a particular calendar month.This limit specially applies if :
1.It’s less than 90 days since your first successful sale as an eBay seller.
2.You haven’t sold multiple items in some particular categories before.
3.Almost a year you haven’t listed in this category.

The category limit automatically remove when you have positive selling feedback in a particular category.Once you are seller of more than 90 days with eB and have sold multiple items in this category,you are eligible to list more.

ebay item limits

Item Limits :
eBay ensure safe buying and selling performance.Some items are subject to additional restrictions for buyers safety. These are like : fakes,counterfeit items,replicas, or unauthorized copies.You cannot sell someone’s copyright or trademark items without permission.

How to increase selling limits ?
Well,now you know the basic reasons why limitation applied towards your listing.The first thing you can do that is request higher selling limits.Ebay team request you to verify contact information, business practices or listing details time to time.Once the verification is done they will review your account to allow more listing.

Quick tasks you can do from your side :
1. At least remain 90 days active seller.
2. Resolve all eBay Money Back Guarantee requests time to time.
3. Try to keep seller ratings at least 4.8 in all areas. (Call your customer to leave a positive feedback after post purchase)
4. Positive buyer Feedback is most important.
5. List item on a regular basis until you reach maximum listing quota.
6. Follow eBay policies and don’t violate
7. Keep good standing of your account.
8. Don’t ignore communication with your customer.
9. Send items that exact you described.
10.Contact eBay customer care team regarding any issue.(For India – Send email regarding more listing at –

Hope this will help you to increase listing limitations.Let me know what you have done for listing more on eBay.

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