How To Capture Computer Screen With Multi features Software

capture computer screen with multi features software

How To Capture Computer Screen

Image capture software is a very popular software .You may experienced that you need to send data or image from your computer screen.Normally you go for camera or webcam.But now you don’t need to do that way.

You just download the image capture software in your computer and capture image in a sec.There are also other options available like you can crop ,upload full image ,record live video.Now the most interesting fact is that if you watch video online and your recording is on,you don’t have to download that video separately.

Lets come to these software.If you find by typing “image capture software” in Google then you will get  lot of software’s name.So its so easy to get .If you ask what I use then I will say “Fast-stone image viewer”  Its easy and anyone can use it quickly.


Activate it for life time :

Note :User name –

Only for screen capture you may use old methods that is alt+print screen,but using this software you can do a lot .

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