Vietnam Post Tracking – Online VN Post Tracking

Vietnam Post Tracking - Online VN Post Tracking

Vietnam Post Tracking – VN Post Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Vietnam POST

Vietnam Post Tracking - Online VN Post Tracking

Vietnam post is the country’s main postal service. It has been a member of the global profile union (international level) since 1951 and provides logistics services at the international level. Individuals and legal entities can send parcels. The cost of delivery is different, it largely depends on the workload of the courier service.

Vietnam post provides the following services to its customers:

  • postal transportation of domestic and international format;
  • Express Mail;
  • financial services (money postal orders);
  • maintenance of individuals, legal entities in post offices;
  • sale of stationery, printed publications.

The carrier closely cooperates with online stores in China. A significant part of parcels from Aliexpress and other similar resources is sent by Vietnam Post. Therefore, the request for tracking different types of shipments is quite popular. Online on our website you can enter the number of your parcel and find out up-to-date information about its location, route.

We offer tracking in for Vietnam post without registration and payment. You just need to enter the track number in the search box and see the results. There is an option to save the number and subscribe to alerts along the route of the departure. The Vietnam Post website is designed in Vietnamese, which creates certain difficulties when using it. Our resource is completely Russified.

Vietnam Post Tracking

On the official website of the courier service, it is easy to track the movement of parcels and view the points of their current location. Open the Quick Tools section, in it Item Track.

There is an easier option – check the parcel “Post of Vietnam” by the track number on our website. Right at the top of the page you see a field for entering a code. Use it to search. If there is no data in the system, then the information simply has not been updated or you made a mistake when writing the track. Sometimes information on new packages appears in the database within a few days – at this time, information is not available to the user. Don’t worry – the information will be updated and you can repeat the request.


To get started, you will need the vn Post tracking number of your shipment. The track number is an individual code that is assigned to all registered mail. It consists of 13 characters – numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. As a rule, the letter at the beginning of the code determines the type of cargo (R – cargo up to 2 kg, C – from 2 to 20 kg, E-EMS parcels). This is followed by any letter, 9 digits and two letters close the track number – the code-identifier of the sending country. You can find the track number on the check that the postal service will give you, and if the order is made in the store, then look for the track number in your personal account.

After you find out the track number of your shipment, you can proceed to its direct tracking of Vietnam post cargo. To do this, go to the Vietnam post website, use the browser service and click “translate” in the pop-up window.

Then click on the icon called “Lookup – Positioning” on the left side of the screen. There you will see a special field for entering the track number of your shipment. By entering it there, you will have access to up-to-date information about the movements of your cargo within the country of origin. So you can track the shipments from Vietnam post.

Track More Postal shipments :


There are also specialized services for Vietnam Post tracking mail. An example of such a service is With the help of this service, you can track the Vietnam post package throughout its entire route. Just enter the tracking number of the cargo in the box in the middle of the screen, and you will be able to see the route of your cargo, customs points and the further route of the parcel. This service will allow you to track up to thirty parcels at the same time – just type in all the track numbers in the box and get information about the location of each of them.

Also, the website is completely Russified, which makes it very easy to track postal items from Vietnam post. We recommend that you register on our website. This will allow you to receive a newsletter to your e-mail with information about all the movements of the cargo, besides, after passing the authorization, you will not have to re-enter the track numbers of the parcels every time – the system will automatically remember them and immediately give you information when the site is updated.

Don’t forget to track your parcels, stay with Vietnam post and use tracking services.

What countries does Vietnam Post work with?

The international courier Vietnamese service cooperates with buyers from all over the world. A lot of customers live in Russia , since the Vietnam post courier service not only implements a convenient service for tracking shipments, but also guarantees favorable conditions and minimum delivery times. For tracking, “Vietnam Post” provides all types of shipments for different world countries.

Vietnam Post tracking number formats

In the Vietnam post service, tracking of parcels by identifier is carried out by the track number. It consists of nine numbers and four letters (letters come first). The numeric number is unique. The first letter in the line is used to indicate the type of departure, the last couple at the end is always VN – that is, the Vietnamese postal service.

Vietnam Post tracking number formats may have the following spellings:

  • RT123454485VN – small package;
  • CA123455185VN – standard shipment;
  • EE123453385VN – express delivery of cargo.

Sometimes the sender does not register ordinary letters with small packages – there will be no number for online status monitoring.

Vietnam Post tracking Package statuses 

Vietnam post offers a service for monitoring the status of sending a parcel. The system reflects in detail all points along the route. To track Vietnam Post shipments, just enter the international parcel number.

EMB: Đã đến Ngoại hối của nước gửiEMB: Arrived Foreign Exchange of sending country
EMC: Đã rời khỏi nước gửi Ngoại hốiEMC: Has left the sending country Foreign Exchange
O – Đang chờ khai thácO – Waiting for mining
Đã đến đíchArrived its destination
Ra khỏi bưu điệnGet out of the post office
Đã đến bưu điệnArrived at the post office
Chấp nhận gửiAccept sending
EMD: Ngoại hối đã đến ở nước nhậnEMD: Arrived Foreign Exchange in the receiving country
EMF: Ra khỏi ngoại hốiEMF: Out of Foreign Exchange
EME: Giao cho Hải quanEME: Delivered to Customs
D1: Chuyển sang Ngoại thương để làm thủ tục HQD1: Transferred to Foreign Trade for HQ procedures
D2: Đã đến Ngoại hối để làm thủ tục hải quanD2: Went to Foreign Exchange to do customs procedures
EMA: Được chấp nhận gửiEMA: Accepted to send
EMH: Phát sóng không thành côngEMH: Broadcast failed
EMG: Đã đến Bưu điện để giao hàngEMG: Arrived at the Post Office to deliver
EMF: Ra khỏi BCND của nước tiếp nhậnEMF: Out of BCND of receiving country
EDC: Hoàn thành thủ tục hải quan nhập khẩuEDC: Completed import customs procedures
EME: Lưu trữ tại Hải quanEME: Stored at Customs
EMD: Đã đến BCND của nước tiếp nhậnEMD: Arrived at BCND of receiving country
EDB: Xuất trình để làm thủ tục hải quan nhập khẩuEDB: Presented for import customs clearance
EMC: Ra khỏi BCND của nước gửiEMC: Out of BCND of sending country
EMB: Đã đến BCND của nước gửiEMB: Arrived at BCND of sending country
Giao cho người đưa thưDelivered to postman
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