Track Russian Post – Pochta Rossii Tracking

Track Russian Post - Pochta Rossii Tracking

Track Russian post – Russia post tracking to know parcel package speedpost ems delivery status.Get latest shipment online.

Track Russian Post - Pochta Rossii Tracking

The national postal operator of the Russian Federation “Post of Russia” receives, sends and delivers postal items on the territory of the Russian Federation and other states. In the branches of this national postal operator, the dispatch and receipt of both domestic and international parcels are processed. If parcels and postal items are sent within Russia, then the parcel is assigned a unique 14-digit identification number consisting of numbers, and for international shipments, an identification number of 13 characters (numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet) is assigned.

Both numbers comply with the S10 standard of the Universal Postal Union and both the sender and the recipient of the postal item can track the parcels of the Russian Post using them.

Features of Russian Post parcel tracking numbers

The track number of the Russian Post differ in the types of parcels and differ in their appearance.

  1. Packages, registered letters and small parcels have a 14-digit number.
  2. Parcels and parcels are tracked by a 13-digit code (4 letters and 9 numbers).


  • The first 2 letters of the code are the type of departure
  • 9 digits – departure code
  • The last 2 letters are the country of departure of the parcel

Russia Post tracking by type of shipment ZA..HK,ZA..LV (Aliexpress)

Thanks to the cooperation of the Russian Post, this type of parcel with Aliexpress is distinguished by a simplified clearance system, which allows you to make the shipment even faster and cheaper. It is worth considering that this type of delivery can only be tracked in the sender’s country, when the parcel arrives in the territory, the shipment will no longer be tracked, but after the parcel arrives at the recipient’s place of delivery, a similar status will appear. The approximate delivery time is 25-30 days from the date of departure.

ZJ..HK parcel tracking (JOOM)

Parcels with a number containing the letters ZJ at the beginning are parcels from the Joom online store , which also cooperates with the Russian Post. This type of delivery is budgetary, and is used mainly for the delivery of cheap goods and at the same time has limited tracking functionality. The fact is that Joom parcels during tracking can have one of only three statuses:

  • Package sent
  • Parcel arrived at the branch
  • Parcel received by addressee

That is, your parcel cannot be tracked at all stages of delivery, but important information that the goods have been sent or have already arrived at the post office will be known. 

Problems tracking Russian mail parcels?

Sometimes there are problems with tracking Russian Post parcels by track number. Most often this happens for reasons:

  1. Not enough time has passed since the sending of the parcel and the tracking number has not yet managed to get into the database, since not enough time has passed since the moment of departure. It is worth remembering that the period can reach up to 7-10 days. 
  2. The sender provided an incorrect tracking number for the Russian Post. In this case, you should once again check the number with the sender and copy it correctly into the tracking line on our website.

How to track a parcel of the Russian Post? (Pochta rossii tracking)

It is extremely simple to track the status and location of the parcel of the Russian Post postal company: to do this, you need to enter a unique track code for the parcel in the tracking line. After specifying the number, click on the “Track” button and find out the most up-to-date information about the status of your shipment by Russian Post.

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