Turkey Post Tracking – Online Ptt Turkey Tracking

Turkey Post Tracking - Online Ptt Turkey Tracking

Turkey Post Tracking – Ptt Turkey Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from TURKEY POST

Turkey Post Tracking - Online Ptt Turkey Tracking

Foreign online shopping is in demand among modern buyers, since from abroad you can order various goods that cannot be bought in your country, or the price will not be profitable. Although the bulk of trade is in China, today more and more goods are ordered from Turkey. These are souvenirs, textiles, gadgets, cosmetics, dishes, food and much more. In general, in Turkey there are a lot of interesting options for profitable shopping, we recommend that you take a look. Sometimes goods are sent from AliExpress through the “Turkish Post” .

The Turkish delivery service was founded in the 18th century and has changed a lot since then. At first, the list of services was modest, the country carried out mainly domestic, less often international transportation. In the 20th century, growth was especially active. The company was seriously modernized, delivery was accelerated, it became possible to track shipments by track number.

For PTT Posta tracking on our website is completely free. The data in the database is constantly updated and up-to-date. Registration is not required.

Turkey Post Tracking ( ptt turkey tracking)

The level of service from the Turkish courier company will pleasantly surprise you – a minimum of errors, polite treatment. The only thing that can be ordered is only postal services – sending correspondence, cargo (postcards, envelopes are not for sale). Food and cosmetics are not allowed to be shipped. If violations are found, the shipment will simply not be issued. Also in the country there is a limit on postage – this is an amount of 75 euros. If it is exceeded, a fee is charged.

Through our Internet service, you can easily track the route of the departure. To track a package from Turkey, it is enough to know its number. It will need to be entered in the appropriate field and click the search button. The system analyzes information instantly or almost instantly.


Due to the heavy load of China Post, services from other countries, including Turkey, are increasingly delivering from large online trading platforms. Turkey Post mail takes care of sending small orders, and delivery time varies from 15 to 45 days.

Turkish post is engaged in the transportation of orders to the country of the recipient, then one of the local postal services is responsible for the cargo. Sometimes, because of this, tracking Turkey Post parcels is difficult, because at the border, after passing through customs, the track number may change. Usually, the customer is notified about this by e-mail.

The postman brings small packages and puts them in the mailbox, but if the size of the box or package does not allow this, the buyer himself picks up the order at the nearest post office.
The speed also depends on the choice of a local company engaged in the delivery of goods – sometimes it is worth paying a little extra when placing an order and receiving the package in the shortest possible time.


The Turkish Logistics Service allows you to track Turkey Post cargo by an individual track number that is assigned to each package. The identification code can be obtained from the seller, or viewed on the order page. Usually, large trading platforms have the ability to track, but it is recommended to use either the Turkish post website or a special service.

Turkey Post carries out tracking of postal items on the website, where to determine the location of the parcel, it is enough to enter the track number in a special window. The only drawback: all information is available only in English and Turkish, so it is more convenient for other language-speaking customers not to track the order through the Turkey Post website, but on our resource.

The Turkey Post track is different in that it ends with the letters TR, which just indicates that the Turkish postal service is transporting the package. Now most often you can find codes in which there is no letter designation at all – only numbers. This format is used for inexpensive orders.
With Turkey Post, you can track the parcel by number anytime, anywhere, the main thing is to have Internet access and know the exact track code.

What countries does Turkish Post work with?

The national Turkish post carries out the forwarding of correspondence, cargoes all over the world. Our website offers to perform PTT Turkish Post tracking in English, which is very convenient, since all information on the official portal is presented in Turkish. Here you will learn what you need, without the help of a translator and factual errors.

You can also order delivery to Kazakhstan, CIS countries, Europe, etc. There are no restrictions on destinations. Delivery time is on average 2-3 weeks, but may be less, more, depending on the operator’s workload. Do not forget that shipments go through customs clearance, and this is the time.

Turkey Post tracking number formats

To find out the status of your shipment, enter the correct track. “Turkish Post” assumes the following format for writing identifiers – 4 letters first, then a 7-digit set and TR marking. Budget shipments (separate class) are designated as UPU. Tracking of parcels from Turkey to other countries is carried out using type numbers PALF1249756TR. If the system writes that the data is missing, it means that they have not been updated, or you made a mistake.

Package statuses

You can track international parcels of Turkey Post for free using the current track number. The ID will show where your order is located. Enter it in the tracking form and see the results. A full report on the status of the movement of the shipment is provided. Turkey Post tracking will show the city, location with dates of arrival, etc. After registering, you will be able to receive notifications on status changes.

Turkey Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

Ürün Gemi için HazırItem Is Ready for Ship
Madde aracı ambarındaItem is at agent warehouse
Menşeinden ayrılan öğeItem departed from origin
Hedef Ülkeye Yönlendirilen ÖğeItem Forwarded to Destination Country
Öğe hedef ülkeye uçuşa yükseltildiItem was uplifted to flight to destination country
Ürün hedef ülkeye ulaştıItem arrived to destination country
Değişim ofisinde ürün alın (Inb)Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
Müşteriden ürün alın (Otb)Receive item from customer (Otb)
Öğeyi gümrüğe gönder (Inb)Send item to customs (Inb)
Öğeyi yurt içi konuma gönder (Inb)Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Gümrükten iade edilen ürün (Inb)Return item from customs (Inb)
Teslimat ofisinde ürün alın (Inb)Receive item at delivery office (Inb)
Değişim ofisinde ürün alın (Otb)Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
Yurtdışına ürün gönder (EDI tarafından alınan)Send item abroad (EDI-received)
Öğe hedef ülkeye (Otb) iletildiThe item was forwarded to the destination country (Otb)
Başarısız ürün teslim girişimi (Inb)Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb)
Öğeyi teslim et (Inb)Deliver item (Inb)
PTT İş Yerine GeldiArrived in PTT Work Place
Ürün Önceden Tavsiye EdilirItem Is Pre-advised
Ürünü gümrüğe gönder (Otb)Send item to customs (Otb)
Gümrükten iade edilen ürün (Otb)Return item from customs (Otb)
Madde gümrük bilgilerini kaydetme (Inb)Record item customs information (Inb)
Posta Çantasına eklendiAdded to Mailbag
Sıralama merkezinde öğe alma (Inb)Receive item at sorting center (Inb)
Öğeyi fiziksel teslimat için gönderme (Inb)Send item out for physical delivery (Inb)
Teslim alma için toplama noktasında ürün alma (Inb)Receive item at collection point for pick-up (Inb)
Öğeyi sıralama merkezinin dışına gönderme (Inb)Send item out of sorting center (Inb)
Öğeyi teslimat noktasında bekletme (Inb)Hold item at point of delivery (Inb)
Postanede BeklerkenWaiting in the Post Office
Adreste Değil / Kapalı Makbuz Tavsiyesi YayınlandıNot In Address/Closed-Advice of Receipt Released
Postacı-Cihet No:40102829’a verilmiştir.Given to the Postman-Cihet No:40102829
Öğeyi güncelle (Inb)Update item (Inb)
Gonderi Hizmet Merkezinden ayrIldIGonderi Hizmet Merkezinden ayrIldI
Gonderi bekletiliyorGonderi bekletiliyor
Sistemden KaldırıldıRemoved from the System
Gönderi teslim edildiGönderi teslim edildi
Gönderi, PTT tarafından teslim alındıGönderi, PTT tarafından teslim alındı
Postacı-Cihet No:40103169’a verilmiştir.Given to the Postman-Cihet No:40103169
Postacı-Cihet No:40109831’a verilmiştirGiven to the Postman-Cihet No:40109831

About Turkey Post :

Turkish Post (PTT Turkish Post) is the national postal operator of the country, providing individuals and legal entities with various postal opportunities, logistics services, as well as a number of financial and commercial services for the population of Turkey. Postal services include the forwarding of domestic and international mail at various rates from economy to express, telegraphy, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, the issuance and sale of stamps.

Turkish residents actively use postal banking services: they send money transfers, conclude insurance contracts, receive pensions and salaries, conduct account transactions and other financial transactions. Turkish Post often appears when tracking shipments ordered on Chinese sites. With this operator, sellers mainly send small parcels and small packages using an economy rate, so the delivery period is often long.

We recommend that users monitor the delivery deadline on the sites where they made the order and open a dispute for a refund in time. You can track a small package sent by Turkish mail on the official website of the operator or using our tracking system.

Turkey Post Reviews :

RR2********TR received in 20 days
Sending parcels from Turkey to Russia is reliable. I advise. Delivery times from 10 to 25 days. Once, the package was only returned due to the incorrectly indicated address by the Turkish side.

— 21st of June, wrote yavuz_alanyali

RD0********TR received in 8 days
The parcel was delivered very quickly, without delay, the fastest export from the country. Order from Turkey, delivered quickly.

— June 16, posted by Filmgesellschaft_0705

RR2********TR received in 20 days
The post office said that the parcel would be delivered within 5 working days, as a result, they received it in 20 days, the package was intact

— 2 June, written by kenan17012010

CP0********TR received in 14 days
This time the package was delivered in the shortest possible time, in good condition, just super. I am very glad that I use the services of the Russian Post, I recommend it to everyone, thank you for your service! Coming back soon

— May 29, wrote Dougoud

RD0********TR received in 28 days
The parcel arrived on time. The packaging is not broken. Tracked well. The quality corresponds to the declared. Satisfied with the product. I recommend the seller.

— May 29, wrote Roma75

224*****47 received in 28 days
The parcel arrived on time. The packaging is not broken. Tracked well. The quality corresponds to the declared. Satisfied with the product. I recommend the seller.

— May 29, wrote Roma75

CP0********TR received in 13 days
Dear employees of the post of Turkey and Russia! Thank you so much for your hard work on weekdays and holidays! I am constantly sending parcels from Turkey to Russia to my dear sister and all parcels arrive in 2 weeks in perfect condition. Thank you everybody!! Best regards, Eleanor Akhan

— 26 of May, wrote laranorka

CP0********TR received in 21 days
The parcel was delivered on time in the proper form, now I am preparing another one, I hope that it will also arrive on time, thanks for the service!!! Russian Post is the best!

— 12 May, wrote Dougoud

RR3********TR received in 23 days
The catalogs came wet with the flu. It cost me a lot, I paid in Turkey and also in Spain for 650 gr. I paid 19,€

— May 8, written by yermolinatatiana

CA0********TR received in 53 days
I went to look for the parcel myself and somehow found it, I’m lying in the corner gathering dust, no one needs it, the mail doesn’t work well

— March 29, wrote mr.avtobaza.70

CP0********TR received in 9 days
Very satisfied with the delivery service. I sent several times, and everything always came whole and in a short time. Thanks

— 24 February, wrote albinakara77

UH9********TR not received in 65 days
Turkish Post delivered the parcel to Russia, and then the tracking ended. Sent on EBAY. After a month of ignorance, I wrote to the seller and asked for a refund. Returned without objection.

— The 14th of February, wrote iva3361

RR3********TR received in 11 days
The parcel arrived very quickly – much earlier than the estimated delivery time indicated on eBay, which I was pleasantly surprised at. When tracking, the statuses of the parcel were displayed correctly. When issued, the package was in good condition, with no damage to the packaging or contents.

— January 26, wrote tihomirovaekaterina

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