Thailand Post Tracking – Online Thai post Tracking

Thailand Post Tracking - Online Thai post Tracking

Thailand Post Tracking – Thai Tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from THAILNAD POST

Thailand Post Tracking - Online Thai post Tracking

Thailand Post is a state-owned enterprise that is responsible for the forwarding of domestic and international shipments. It is part of the EMS cooperative, so it delivers express shipments with a corresponding mark. The rules of Thailand Post are the same as those of other international transport services. The list of services is standard with a guarantee of ensuring freedom of transit for parcels moved by sea, air, land.

Since the company is a member of the Universal Postal Union, its activities are carried out in accordance with accepted standards. There is a ban on the import of certain items, groups of goods – check this point in advance. We provide the ability to track Thailand Post parcels without registration.

Thailand Post Tracking

State-owned company “Thai Post” provides courier services in the territory of this country and in other regions. All services:

  • sending international postal items;
  • Money transfers;
  • sale of postal products.

Founded in 1883. The headquarters is located in Bangkok. In general, the level of service is high, and delivery times are minimal. But if you need to clarify the information, you can do it on our website.

Other tracking Services :


You can track and control parcels on the Thailand Post to the smallest detail – the site contains an order passport with full data on its condition, date of packaging, loading, location. The user himself can observe the entire path of his order by updating the main page. For the most comfortable use of the site, we recommend using an online dictionary or an automatic translator program.

In order to find the parcel, you must enter the Thailand Post track number of 13 characters into the cell. It is personal and is assigned strictly to one order.

The parcel is tracked in real time. Data on the status of the order is displayed in this way: “Accepting shipment” indicates that the order is ready for shipment and a quick farewell to the sorting center. At this stage, Thailand Post parcels arrive at the logistics department for distribution, go through customs, and go to the destination country. On the site, this is displayed as “Export”, and after – respectively, “Import”. The final notification “Issue” informs the client about the delivery of the goods to the place of receipt.

We recommend that you pay attention to the following:

  • Express delivery by Thailand Post directly depends on many conditions, including distance and weather;
  • Immediately after the payment for the order is made, the shipment is not tracked, since the track code has not yet been assigned to the parcel;
  • Moreover, it takes about a week to collect the order, after which it is delivered to the Thailand Post sorting center and becomes “visible” for postal services, and the track number is transmitted to the client;
  • If after the specified time the purchase has not been delivered, you can claim back its value in cash.

You can trace the path of the Thailand Post parcel until it arrives at the post office at your place of residence, however, if the order is sent from a distant country, then there is a possibility of re-tracking and transferring the parcel to the local transaction service. 

What countries does Thailand Post work with?

The service is international, it delivers to all countries of the world. Terms, cost of services will depend on destinations. Tracking Thailand Post parcels through the official website is also possible, but a translation will be needed. 

To perform tracking, just enter a unique track number in the appropriate field and click the search button. If there is no information in the system, check the spelling of the number.

Thailand Post tracking number formats

Thailand Post carries out all popular types of deliveries. It:

  • SPSM – items not heavier than 2 kg, delivered by sea, land transport, delivery time is about 2 months;
  • IPSM – cargo weighing 2-20 kg, sent by sea, land transport, delivery 2 months, rarely more;
  • SPA – air delivery up to 2 kg, waiting time 2-3 weeks;
  • IPA – air parcels over 2 kg, delivery no more than 3 weeks;
  • EMS – express shipments, sometimes they reach in a few days, in other cases you will have to wait 2 weeks.

Please note that Thailand Post only provides free tracking of parcels of the last two types. In other cases, it is possible, but for an additional fee or may be carried out incorrectly.

To check the status of the parcel, you need to enter the track number. It consists of 9 digits, a pair of Latin letters, the TN code at the end. The R code is indicated for small registered packages, C for parcels in the range of 2-20 kg, E for express shipments.

Package statuses 

To track “Thai Post” you can use the services of our service , they are completely free. Detailed statuses for international shipments are not provided – you can only find out the date of registration in the system, arrival in the country, warehouse, issue (but this information is generally sufficient). Thailand Post parcel tracking is subject to constant updating of information in the system. The data is current at the time of the search, constantly supplemented. If you did not find the information you need, repeat the request after a certain period of time. Sometimes the data in the system is updated with some delay.

About Thailand Post

Thailand Post began its history in 1883, when the first branch of the postal service was opened. In 2003, as a result of the privatization of the State Administration of Communications of Thailand, two companies Thai Post Co.Ltd and CAT Telecom Public Co.Ltd were formed, which operate very efficiently.

International shipments of interest to us are sent by Thailand Post in several ways:

  • EMS – fast, expensive delivery (5-15 days) The track code is included in the shipping cost.
  • SPA – air delivery of items with a permissible weight of up to 2 kg. A tracking number is available at an additional cost. Delivery speed – 14-30 days.
  • IPSM – land (sea) delivery of items weighing 2-20 kg. Terms are 60-100 days. For an additional fee, a track code is issued.
  • IPA – air delivery of parcels weighing more than 2 kg. Delivery time 14-30 days. Tracking number included.
  • SPSM – delivery by land (sea) transport of parcels weighing up to 2 kg, the cheapest and the longest (60-100 days). The track code is not included, but you can pay extra and get the opportunity to track the movement of the parcel.

It should be noted that often parcels arrive earlier than the stated deadlines, which is a plus.  Customer feedback shows that the average delivery time for postal items is 15-45 days. You can track the progress of your parcel on our website.

Thailand Post Reviews :

RO1********TH not received in 175 days

Unfortunately, I never received my parcel. The money for the service not rendered was not returned to me either … Terrible quality of service!

— May 4, wrote diamant755

UA1********TH not received for 84 days

Terrible delivery job, package is still in export status on the site, no news of its location

— 12th of February, wrote egorowadayanna

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