Belgium Post Tracking – Bpost Belgium Tracking

Belgium Post Tracking - Bpost Belgium Tracking

Belgium Post Tracking – bpost belgium post international tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Belgium POST

Belgium Post Tracking - Bpost Belgium Tracking

Post of Belgium, also known as Bpost International, is a global courier and postal company that offers reliable tracked delivery services in Belgium and worldwide. The Belgian Post is one of the largest civilian employers in the country. It provides a range of postal, courier, marketing, banking, insurance and electronic services in the highly competitive European market.At the moment, the state and private individuals own exactly half of the service on each side, but the controlling stake belongs to state institutions. You can now track a package sent with bpost using a new algorithm.

Which countries does the Belgian Post service work with?

Bpost International offers its customers to send parcels worldwide by offering:

  • flexible working hours and convenient online services;
  • track the parcel by Belgian Post number or barcode using Track & Trace.Belgium Post Tracking is now very easy and convenient.You just need the tracking number to get the details of your parcel.

All shipments will be divided into two broad categories:

  1. Sending parcels within the EU without customs clearance: France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal. It must be remembered here that some areas within the EU are not included in the tax area of ​​the European Union.
  2. Sending goods to Russia, Switzerland, China, USA, UK. In this case, it is necessary to provide the necessary customs documents.

Sellers from such popular online marketplaces as Aliexpress , Gearbest , Banggood choose Post of Belgium to make the delivery of their goods as fast as possible. They send orders to the sorting centers of the Belgian Post, from where the parcels are already sent to recipients around the world. This is convenient for all parties, as Bpost International provides the appropriate tools, know-how, and advice and guidance to provide an excellent customer experience.

Tracking other country Postal shipments :

Belgium Post Tracking number formats 

The recipient or sender can easily track the Belgian Post parcel by ID or code on the Bpost International website. To do this, go to the “Track & Trace” section, select the “International Bardcore” item. To track Bpost shipments, you need a track number. Most often, Bpost package tracking numbers start with:

  • from the letter R for registered parcels weighing less than 2 kg;
  • with the letter C for registered parcels weighing up to 20 kg;
  • letters E if these are EMS packages.

At the end of the number, immediately after the numeric code, there will be letters B and E. Example code options: CE210887475BE, EA136299403BE.

To search for a shipment, you can use the barcode or link sent by Bpost or the sender himself. The recipient will find it in a text message via email, through a deposit confirmation or receipt from the local post office. To correctly check the package using the Belgian Post code, be sure to include the full barcode.

The user can enter their link in the Bpost mobile app. The client will be informed free of charge about the route of the parcel via push messages on the smartphone. To do this, you need to download an application for iPhone or Android (Samsung, Nexus, Oneplus, etc.).


To track parcels sent by Belgian mail, you will need a tracking code. There are three main types of codes used in Belgium:

  • Numeric code, first letter R.

All shipments weighing up to two kilograms registered in the country pass under such a track. Most orders from online stores have a similar track code. It is tracked on any service offering parcel search services, since it is automatically an international code format.

  • Numeric code, first letter C.

Parcels weighing up to twenty kilograms are classified as oversized cargo. Therefore, such shipments can not always be tracked. To clarify where your parcel is, you will need a special service that will support this format of track codes.

  • Numeric code, first letter E.

An abbreviated code, in which there are half as many numbers as in a regular track, is used in the case of EMS delivery. Fast delivery is a fairly popular service, which is used by at least a third of Belgians. However, it is not very popular on international shipments – the cost of delivery in the case of sending cargo from bpost to another country grows exponentially.

Bpost Package Tracking Different statuses

Regardless of the method of monitoring the cargo, the Belgian post uses not generally accepted, but its own phrases, through which it informs customers about the movement of their package. Here are some examples of the most popular Bpost International tracking statuses.

  • your international parcel is ready to be handled by bpost – the international parcel is ready to be handled by bpost;
  • confirmation of preparation of the shipment received – confirmation that the parcel is ready for shipment;
  • sustoms cleared: authorized — rastamožka passed successfully;
  • departure from office of exchange — the cargo has left the exchange office;
  • item delivered — cargo delivery.

If the package status does not change in Track & Trace, most often there may be various reasons for this:

  • cargo is delayed;
  • the post office or courier service in the recipient country does not provide tracking information for the parcel.

Tracking Bpost International parcels outside of Belgium is possible if the Belgian side receives information from foreign colleagues.


In the early 1910s, customs and the official Belgian postal service began a conflict related to the process of passing international shipments through customs posts. The essence of the conflict was then covered in detail by the state newspaper of Belgium (the country’s oldest official media). The number of parcels ordered from the country increased greatly at that moment. On the wave of “getting rid” of the global crisis, residents of neighboring countries ordered large goods in Belgian online stores. The issue was resolved in a few months, however, there may still be problems with parcels from bpost at some customs.

Belgium Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

Vertrek uit het wisselkantoorDeparture from office of exchange
Artikel geleverdItem delivered
Aankomst bij het internationale wisselkantoorArrival at international office of exchange
Objectgegevens die handmatig bij de balie zijn geregistreerdItem information registered manually at the counter
Aankomst bij faciliteitenArrival at facilities
Gedeponeerd objectItem deposited
Uw object is gesorteerdYour item has been sorted
Artikel vrijgegeven van de douaneItem released from customs
Douane ingeklaard : toegestaanCustoms cleared : authorized
Artikel dat ter controle bij de douane wordt aangebodenItem presented to customs for control
Artikel in leveringItem in delivery
Artikel in distributiefaseItem in distribution phase
Bevestiging van voorbereiding van de ontvangen zendingConfirmation of preparation of the shipment received
Object niet geleverd: leveringspoging gedaan – andere redenItem not delivered : delivery attempt done – other reason
Bij de douane aangebracht artikelItem presented at customs
Artikel niet geleverd : geadresseerde werd gecontacteerdItem not delivered : addressee was contacted
Item beschikbaar bij het ophaalpuntItem available at pickup point
Bewaard bij de douane : reden onbekendRetained at customs : reason unknown
Onregelmatigheid item : probleem adresIrregularity item : problem address
Terug naar afzender: levering onmogelijk – item niet opgehaald door geadresseerdeBack to sender: delivery impossible – item not collected by addressee
Bewaard bij de douane : factuur ontbreektRetained at customs : invoice is missing
In afwachting van antwoord van de geadresseerde : levering onmogelijk – artikel beschadigdAwaiting response from addressee : delivery impossible – item damaged
Gepresenteerd item – geadresseerde afwezig – bericht achtergelatenItem presented – addressee absent – message left
Uw internationale pakket is klaar om door bpost te worden behandeldYour international parcel is ready to be handled by bpost
Terug naar afzender : afleveradres onvolledig/onjuistBack to sender : delivery address incomplete/incorrect
Artikel is doorgestuurd naar het geplande distributiekantoorItem was redirected to foreseen distribution office

Belgium Post Reviews :

224*****56 not received in 67 days
Terrible delivery service!!! Belgian Post and its postal service orders are not tracked and disappear at Belgian customs, never reaching Russia. I don’t understand what is the point of suppliers using this delivery service ??? After all, the order is still not delivered.

— March 27, wrote garele

EC1********BE not received in 103 days
Disgusting work! 3 months since the parcel got to Belgium and no further information. The parcel is not tracked, it is not known where it is now.

— March 13, wrote 813026

CA0********RU received in 35 days
Thank you. Sent a parcel to Belgium. Everything was clearly tracked. And this helped to contact the addressee when they tried to take a tax from him for a gift as for a product.

— February 20th, written by IvanT

CE4********BE received within 30 days
the site is very convenient and informative, it helps to track the passage of the parcel from the place of departure to the address of the recipient

— 1st of February, wrote rami222

LD3********BE received in 39 days
The parcel arrived on time. Tracked well. The packaging is not broken. The quality corresponds to the declared. Satisfied with the parcel. I recommend the seller.

— January 24, wrote Roma75

224*****97 received in 123 days
The parcel arrived on time. Tracked well. The packaging is not broken. The quality corresponds to the declared. Satisfied with the parcel. I recommend the seller.

— January 24, wrote Roma75

224*****25 received in 22 days
The parcel arrived on time. Tracked well. The packaging is not broken. The quality corresponds to the declared. I am satisfied with the purchase. I recommend the seller.

— January 7, wrote Roma75

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