Taiwan Post Tracking – Online Chunghwa Post Tracking

Taiwan Post Tracking - Online Chunghwa Post Tracking

Taiwan Post Tracking – Chunghwa Post Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Taiwan POST

Taiwan Post Tracking - Online Chunghwa Post Tracking

Taiwan Post is the state postal service of the country, it is part of the UPU Worldwide Union. The headquarters is located in Taipei. Sending correspondence is possible anywhere in the world.

Customer feedback on the work of the service is mostly positive, the average delivery time for shipments is 2-4 weeks. The level of service is high, the list of services is constantly expanding. Available features:

  • sending parcels of different weights, urgent and standard, domestic, international;
  • Shop online;
  • financial transactions;
  • philately;
  • insurance services.

You can track the Taiwan Post parcel on the official website of the service or through our website . The second option is much more convenient, since the menu is Russified, the information is updated constantly and is available for free. 

Online monitoring for Taiwan Post

The service offers convenient conditions for online monitoring of shipments by number. Enter the track and find out the current location of the departure. We provide the most accurate data.

Taiwan Post is a well-known international carrier. This is a state-owned enterprise that guarantees an appropriate level of service provision. The delivery rules are common for such shipments, the standards of the Universal Postal Union are observed. The conditions of postal exchange between participants are regulated at the level of legislation.

You can find out the current status of shipments online, including without registration. The portal service is free. We recommend registering to receive reports on the movement of the parcel to your smartphone. The service is convenient, it will be useful to all customers of the postal service.

Track more shipments


You can track and control parcels to Taiwan Post to the smallest detail – the site contains an order passport with complete data on its condition, date of packaging, loading, location. The user can observe the entire path of his order himself, simply by periodically updating the main page. To make working with a site in a foreign language comfortable and understandable for you, we recommend using a page translation program.

In order to find a parcel on the Taiwan Post website, you must enter a 13-character track number in the cell, which the seller will provide you with after sending. Further, by the status of the order, you can determine at what stage it is. So, “We accept shipment” means that the order is ready for shipment and will soon leave the sorting center. After sorting, Taiwan Post orders are sent to the logistics department, where they are sent to the exchange office. Next, your package is sent to customs, passes control and, finally, leaves the country of origin. Its status immediately changes to “export”, after – to “import”.

Upon arrival in the country of destination, orders go the same way, only in reverse order – from customs to the recipient. Notification “Issuance” informs about the receipt of the parcel to your local mail.

When working with Taiwan Post mail, please note that:

  • Delivery by Taiwan Post depends on the weather and the promptness of the customs service;
  • In order for the parcel to be displayed on the site, it should take about a week from the order, since it takes about seven days to collect the order, pack it, and record it in the registration database;
  • If after the specified time the purchase has not been delivered, you can request the money back or demand an exchange.

You can trace the path of the parcel from registration to arrival at the post office at your place of residence, however, remember that after crossing the border, the parcel is transferred to the jurisdiction of the postal service of another country. For example, if the order arrived in Russia, then on its territory the Russian Post will be responsible for it .

Which countries does the service cooperate with?

The international transport company provides communication between China and Russia , other countries, allows you to monitor the status of shipments. By the way, Chunghwa Post tracking is also available on the official website of the organization, but the other buyers will have to translate from Chinese. There will be no such problems with our service, since the data is immediately available in English.

The organization cooperates with all world countries, only prices and delivery times will be different.

Taiwan Post Tracking number formats

All Taiwan Post shipments, after registering in the system, receive an individual track number – it can be used to track the route. Only very small packages sometimes come without code.

Tracking Formats for Taiwan Post Service:

  • up to 2 kg – type Rx123336785TW;
  • from 2 to 20 kg – type Cx123451185TW;
  • EMS (express delivery) – Ex123456711TW.

The 13-digit track number is used to encrypt the type of shipment, the uniqueness of the code is confirmed by the 2nd letter and numbers. The last pair of letters indicates the country of the postal service (this is the unified marking standard for all international parcels).

Taiwan Post Tracking statuses

Tracking Taiwan Post is a convenient service for users, it creates conditions for monitoring the trajectory of shipments. You will immediately see where your cargo is, you will understand when to expect its delivery. The manager of our service is ready to answer basic questions, but please note that he is not an employee of the courier organization.

Detailing by status is quite detailed. You can find out about the date of registration of the departure in the system, its movement by points, and the time of arrival. The average delivery time is 2-4 weeks, urgent parcels usually arrive faster. If you did not find the necessary information in a single online system, repeat a similar request later (the data will have time to update) and check the correct spelling of the track. For convenience, you can download the application to your mobile.

About Taiwan Post :

Taiwan Post (Chunghwa Post) is the state post of Taiwan, part of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The headquarters is located in Taipei City. Carries out sending of postal correspondence and parcels to all points of the globe.

Customer reviews are mostly positive. Delivery time is on average 15-30 days. Taiwan Post works at a high level, develops in many directions, and offers quality service.

The operator offers the following services:

  • postal service (international and domestic shipments from economy to express shipments);
  • online store;
  • Money transfers;
  • insurance;
  • philately.

While waiting for the mail, you can track its movement on the official portal of Taiwan Post.

Hotline: 0800-700-365

Taiwan post tracking Official site: www.post.gov.tw/

Taiwan Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

預計抵達寄達國Expected arrival in the country of mailing
承運商已承攬,運輸途中The carrier has contracted, in transit
已出口-資料詳如右方Exported – Data detailed as on the right
交寄郵件Deliver the mail
投遞不成功/郵件轉運中Delivery is unsuccessful/mail in transit
到達寄達國投遞局Arrive at the National Mailing Bureau
離開寄達國互換局Leave the Mailing State Exchange Bureau
投遞成功Delivery was successful
到達寄達國互換局Arrive at the Mailing State Exchange Bureau

Taiwan Post reviews :

TYZ************YQ not received in 91 days

The parcel has not been received yet. Latest information: 2022-03-22 import to destination country. Today is already 2022-05-30. There are no messages. There is no tracking information.

— June 8, written by screene2010

TYZ************YQ not received in 130 days

The parcel was not tracked, the seller could not tell where it was, the employees of the Russian Post also claim that it is impossible to track it. Gone.

— June 8, wrote marusin34

TYZ************YQ not received in 79 days

Ali reports: "Passed customs on March 22, 2022 at 21:33." On "Where is the package" latest information March 13, 2022 at 10:40 am and no more new information. I have already received two more parcels, Ali reported on the progress. On "Where is the package" information did not appear at all. The parcel never came, apparently lost completely.

— May 26, wrote creatorbastet

TYZ************YQ received in 63 days

The first time the patches went so long – 63 days. The product is good, but the delivery needs to be faster. Tracked badly. I will look for another seller!

— May 8, wrote aleks955

UC4********TW not received in 91 days

Package has not come. Judging by the reviews, this delivery service is terribly bad. If a Chinese sent a parcel to you by this service, then you should prepare that you will never wait for it.

— April 30, posted by patu.temic4

TYZ************YQ not received for 83 days

Disappointed. The parcel is on the way for a long time, it is not delivered. It is indicated that the parcel was delivered to Belarus, although when placing an order, the delivery address was specified in Russia

— April 16, wrote agaevn

TYZ************YQ received in 27 days

I liked this tracking system. Works good. Gives the necessary tracking numbers already in the country. What does not, for example, aliexpress

— April 7, wrote soynika

RA8********TW received in 18 days

The track disappeared at the China-Taiwan border, you need to track it on another site, in general everything is fine and fast. The goods came whole.

— 24 February, wrote artik0079

RG8********TW received in 49 days

the delivery time had already passed two weeks ago, the parcel was not tracked for a long time, I really wanted to write for a return), but then I suddenly woke up, showed up in the tracking and delivered

— February 11, wrote nkantorovich

UC4********TW not received in 70 days

The parcel is no longer tracked. The seller can't say anything. All parcels ordered later have already been delivered.

— January 21, wrote Beliy_San

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