Swiss Post Tracking – Die Post Track (Poste Suisse)

Swiss Post Tracking – Die Post tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from SWITZERLAND POST

Swiss Post Tracking - Die Post Track (Poste Suisse)

The national postal service in Switzerland is called Swiss Post. It is a state-owned logistics company based in Bern. Serves the successful functioning of the Swiss postal turnover of more than 60 thousand people throughout the country.


Switzerland is a country of high standards and quality work. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the postal service copes with its tasks just fine. And this is not a subjective opinion, but a generally accepted fact: the Swiss Post tracking rating is brilliant, above average. All parcels arrive quickly and safely. The average delivery time is 2 weeks, less often 3-4 weeks.

In addition to the standard functions that all mail perform – delivery, courier departure, issue of stamps, issue of printed periodicals and correspondence processing, the Swiss organization also provides hybrid mail services. This is the possibility of delivering ordinary paper mail using electronic methods. Swiss Post: track the parcel by number Swiss quality has already become a household name. But in order to buy something in a Swiss store, it is not necessary to fly to Zurich or Geneva. After all, now there is an opportunity to order what you want via the Internet and wait for delivery to your city. It’s simple, convenient and reliable.

For Swiss Post customers, tracking an order is a quick and easy process. For it, you only need a verification individual code. Swiss Post assigns a tracking number to all postal items. It is issued by a postal employee along with a receipt. That is, the seller who arranges the delivery should take care of this. He sends the track number to the customer in a response letter after sending.


To track a Poste suisse shipment, simply enter a unique track code in the column on our website and click “Search for a parcel”. The service will automatically create a history of the territorial movements of your purchase, so you can easily calculate the estimated delivery time.
Our service works quickly, and finding the parcel does not matter for tracking. Even if the Swiss Post parcel was first processed at the Swiss post office, and then crossed the border, we will still be able to find its location. This approach to movement control saves time.we offer Wide range of postal service tracking like Japan Post Tracking, Lithuanian Post Tracking, Uzbekistan Post Tracking and so on.

Which consignments can be tracked?

  • Letters
  • Parcels
  • Business Solutions

la poste suisse Tracking Number Format

Swiss post tracking number starts with LS and end with CH.The tracking number consist total 13 alpha numeric characters.

Switzerland Post package tracking statuses

Ankunft im AuslieferungsbüroArrival at delivery office
Verlassenes TransitlandDeparted transit country
Angekommen im TransitlandArrived in transit country
Lieferung fehlgeschlagenDelivery Failed
ZustellversuchDelivery attempt
Die Sendung hat den Ursprungsgrenzpunkt verlassenThe consignment has left the origin border point
Ankunft am Grenzpunkt im ZiellandArrival at border point in the destination country
Ankunft am AusgangsgrenzpunktArrival at origin border point
Dem Zoll übergebenHanded to customs
Die postalische Zollabfertigung ist abgeschlossenPostal customs clearance is complete
Übergabe an die InlandssortierungHandover to domestic sorting
Vom Zoll freigegebenReleased by customs
Abschluss der ExportverzollungCompletion of export customs clearance
AusfuhrverzollungExport customs clearance
Die Sendung hat den Grenzpunkt verlassenThe consignment has left the border point
Zur Abholung registriertRegistered for collection
Postverzollung läuftPostal customs clearance process underway
Ankunft bei der ZustellpostArrival at delivery post office
Sendung weitergeleitetConsignment forwarded
Sendungseinnahme in der LieferfilialeConsignment received at delivery branch
Die Sendung ist bei der Umschlagbasis angekommenConsignment has arrived at transhipment base
Sendungseinnahme in der AbgangsfilialeConsignment received at departure branch
Versandfertige Sendung am UmschlagplatzConsignment at transhipment point ready for forwarding
Sendung nach Abflugzweig weitergeleitetConsignment forwarded by departure branch
Importvorgang im Bestimmungsland abgebrochenImport process cancelled in country of destination
Zustellversuch, Empfänger ist unbekanntDelivery attempt, recipient is unknown
Lieferung an den SchalterDelivered to the counter
Zustellversuch: Adressat abwesendDelivery attempt: addressee absent
Übergabe der Sendung an den LieferpartnerConsignment transferred to delivery partner
Vom Absender erfasste Sendung (zugestellte Daten)Consignment recorded by sender (data delivered)
Die Sendung ist verzollt und wird weitergeleitetConsignment has cleared customs and will be forwarded
Sendung in der Filiale – bitte kontaktieren Sie TNT ExpressConsignment at branch – please contact TNT Express
Lieferung per SchubladeDelivered via pigeon-hole
Falsche Adresse – bitte kontaktieren Sie TNT ExpressIncorrect address – please contact TNT Express

Swiss Post Reviews

LS5********CH not received in 68 days

Delivery is not received. I can’t file a claim on the site, since for some time now it has only issued a set of sanctions rules, according to which it does not deal with clients from the Russian Federation. The purchase, however, was made and fully paid for by February 24 of this year, and even managed to arrive at the border on February 21. Since then, there has been no information about her. Of course, there can be no other assessment than a sharply negative one.

— May 8, posted by basinaelena

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