Japan Post Tracking – Instant JP Post Tracking

Japan Post Tracking – Instant JP Post Tracking

Japan Post Tracking – JP Post tracking to know parcel package speedpost ems delivery status.Get latest shipment status from JAPAN POST

Japan Post Tracking - Instant JP Post Tracking

Japan Post is a public postal Japanese service that delivers international cargo, domestic correspondence. Legal entities and individuals can use its services without restrictions. There is an urgent sending of EMS, its cost is higher than the standard one, but the delivery time will be minimal.Every day, millions of people place orders for the purchase of Japanese technology, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, famous for the highest quality. Thanks to the active development of e-commerce and mail tracking systems, tracking japan post parcels has become even easier.

Shipping restrictions are standard for similar companies. You need to focus on the mass, dimensions, contents of the shipment. There may also be differences depending on the country of the recipient. Japan Post services are used by buyers who often arrange delivery from China. You can order any product through this service.

For Japan Post, our site does not require registration and allows you to check international shipments for free. Japan Post parcel tracking is available through the search bar – enter the track and click the “Track” button.

Japan Post Tracking

In Japan Post, tracking through online services allows you to find out exactly where the package is now. At each stage of shipment, information about the movement of cargo is entered into a single database. To find out the status of the shipment, just enter the number given by the sender. Information in the database is updated regularly, so it appears almost instantly.

At Japan Post, tracking of shipments is available completely online – you don’t need to call anywhere, you don’t need to wait for a connection with the operator. But if you have any questions, you can always ask them to a representative (employee) of the carrier company.If you don’t want to visit official website to avoid japanese language you can simply use our tracking service.It display tracking result in english.There are number of postal tracking supported such as NLpost , Belpost , Kazpost , USPS etc.

If you ordered the transportation of goods by the Japan Post service, you can track the parcel by number at any time. The company has a user-friendly website, which, for the convenience of foreign users, has been translated into English. Even if you are not strong in foreign languages, you can track the japan post cargo without any problems – you just need to enter the identification number in a special window, and the results will be the names of countries and cities that even a person with minimal knowledge of English can read.

The only problem with the site is that tracking of the japan post ems does not work in the recipient country, because there the parcel is transferred to one of the local courier services and the departure number changes. Therefore, when delivering japan post, it is more convenient to track the order through a special resource that allows you to control the transportation of goods from different services, save data and set up automatic alerts. You can understand that it is Japan Post that is sending your package by the track number – the thirteen-digit code must end with JP.


Japan Post pays special attention to the safety of the cargo, so the order from almost any store in this country will be carefully packed and nothing will happen to it on the way. Sending japan post is very fast – no more than 15 days, and any delays are already due to the fault of the local postal service. After paying for the order, the cargo leaves the country of origin the very next day – the work of the logistics company is so well-organized.

The company tries to cooperate only with trusted transport services from different countries that guarantee the quality of delivery. Usually the courier brings the order to the address, or the person needs to pick up the parcel himself at the nearest post office.
Japan Post is a mail that can be used as an example for most international services, this company makes sure that the goods are delivered on time, safe and sound, and also takes care of all the problems with customs clearance and transfer of cargo to local postal services.

What countries does Japan Post work with?

Japan Post provides logistics, courier and other services. The company’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Chiyoda district. The organization itself was founded in 1871. In addition to postage, it provides insurance services. The Japan Post Corporation is now a self-financed public joint stock company. It cooperates with clients from all over the world, delivering locally produced goods in a convenient way for the buyer. The fastest option is air shipping, but others are also available.

Japan Post ems tracking number formats

Japan Post tracking number provides different formats for tracking  , some parcels come without numbers at all. Usually these are small packages that simply do not register in the system, do not require online tracking or express delivery by EMS.

The track number format approved by the company includes 13 characters, of which the first 2 are letters. They are different:

  • RA – the presence of the letter R (Registered) in the track indicates that the weight of the cargo does not exceed 2 kg;
  • CD – the weight of the parcel is not more than 20 kg, this is indicated by the letter C;
  • EE – the presence in the E code indicates that the delivery is fast, such as EMS.

All data about the shipment is encrypted in the number – type, uniqueness, weight, country of the postal service of arrival, etc. You can not delve into such subtleties, but simply track the parcel from Japan by the track number on our website.Whatever the tracking formats, japan post tracking international is supported and shows parcel location instantly.

Package statuses 

According to the status of “Acceptance of departure”, the recipient will make sure that the parcel has been sent. After that, each stage along the route is entered into a single database – this is the arrival at the sorting center, registration at the warehouse, customs clearance, cleaning, transfer to the operator in the country of the recipient, shipment, return, and so on. The service is very convenient, because it shows exactly where the parcel is at a given time, allows you to track the trajectory of its movement in case of problems.

Japan Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

内陸交換所に到着Arrival at inward office of exchange
交換局に到着Arrival at outward office of exchange
内線交換所からの出発Departure from inward office of exchange
交換局からの派遣Dispatch from outward office of exchange
税関でIn Customs
最終納品Final delivery
途中en route
送信者に返送Returned to Sender
配達郵便局での処理Processing at delivery Post Office
税関を輸入するために提示されたアイテムItem presented to import customs
輸入税関が保有Held by import Customs
輸入税関から返品された商品Item returned from import Customs
陸上輸送で到着Arrival at over land transport
陸上輸送への派遣Dispatch to overland transport
輸出税関が開催Held by export Customs
輸出税関から返品された商品Item returned from export Customs
税関を輸出するために提示されたアイテムItem presented to export Customs
最終配達-カウンターで収集Final delivery – Collected at counter
輸入税関からの通知Notice sent by import Customs

Japan Post Reviews

CI2********JP received in 186 days

The parcel went for a long time … for a very long time .. and when I was already desperate to receive it, to my surprise, on the 178th day of wandering, it lit up in Russia. They handed it to me along with a response from the Russian Post that on the date of the request (it seemed to be December when I wrote a search request to the Russian Post), the parcel did not arrive on the territory of the Russian Federation. I’m waiting for another parcel, while 167 days. There are no complaints about the Japanese post, they accepted it on 08/10/21, sent it to Russia on 08/11/21 … and the fun began. Don’t lose hope, everything will arrive… the question is when… perhaps, next Chinese New Year, the containers with our parcels will be dismantled –

— February 20th, wrote NSTC

CN0********JP received in 227 days

It was horror. Thank God, of course, the parcel arrived, after an unfortunate 227 days, I think it’s a miracle that the November parcels slipped through, I didn’t even wait for my plastic. In the course of departure in Russia, the parcel got stuck in sorting centers, which were not very conducive to quick dispatch and sorting, I would say, they also shook their nerves. I wish all people who have December-January nerves and strength to transport your plastic through other countries!

— July 1, wrote deweliss

CN0********JP not received in 171 days

The parcel was sent on December 4, 2021. Returned to the sender on May 31, 2022. All parcels sent from Japan starting from December 21 will be returned to the sender. But my seller has the personal ability to send parcels through China, was sent again, without additional shipping charges.

— July 1, wrote vectom

CL0********JP received in 212 days

The parcel arrived, but at what cost. I already thought that I wouldn’t get it, because they wrote about the return of November-January, but I didn’t serve for a long time, and appeared in June. And then – the Russian mail application failed and did not send notifications.

— June 28, wrote stezhko.t

CN0********JP received in 223 days

The parcel was sent on November 11, on June 18 after 218 days it was registered in St. Petersburg, on June 22 it was received in Moscow, apparently I was lucky that it was not returned by Japan Post.

— 27th of June, wrote vks6

CN0********JP received in 225 days

The parcel was sent on November 12, 2021. It was received safe and sound on June 23, 2022. All the same, apparently the parcels sent in November last year will definitely reach the addressee. As they say, hope dies last and all is well that ends well.

— 27th of June, wrote vectom

CN0********JP received in 225 days

The parcel was sent on November 12, 2021. It was received safe and sound on June 23, 2022. All the same, apparently the parcels sent in November last year will definitely reach the addressee. As they say, hope dies last and all is well that ends well.

— 27th of June, wrote vectom

CL0********JP received in 209 days

Well, what can I say, lucky, lucky. My package reached me despite Japan Post’s threat to return all November packages to senders. This parcel sailed from Japan on November 19, tracked at customs in Moscow on June 11, and on June 15 I received it in the mail. Thank you for coming…

— 21st of June, wrote umineko.basa

CN0********JP not received in 171 days

The parcel was returned to the sender, the money was returned. But now sea mail from Japan does not work … Horror, just terrible

— June 16, wrote Aligav

CN0********JP not received in 179 days

The parcel was returned to the sender, the money was returned. But now sea mail from Japan does not work … Horror, just horror.

— June 16, wrote Aligav

CN0********JP not received in 179 days

The parcel was returned to the sender, the money was returned. But now sea mail from Japan does not work … Horror, just horror.

— June 16, wrote Aligav

CN0********JP not received in 181 days

The parcel was returned to the sender, the money was returned. But now sea mail from Japan does not work … Horror, just horror.

— June 16, wrote Aligav

CN0********JP not received in 178 days

It seems that really November – January parcels can no longer be expected. We’ll have to talk with the sellers about the return of money. All this time, as it turns out, our parcels were stored in a sump. Like, the Japanese mail sent them, but did not transfer them to Russia. And I thought that the Russian Post was marinating us. What would I ever buy in Japan – no way!

— May 30, wrote vintagecd

CL0********JP received in 183 days

Received all parcels that were sent before November. BUT I received bad news on May 16 from Yap.Poshta… ALL PARCEL FROM NOVEMBER – JANUARY WILL BE RETURNED TO THE SENDER!!! There are rumors that part of the parcels (November) will be redirected to the Russian Federation through the EU, but there is no official confirmation yet.

— May 21st, written by senjianiki

CN0********JP not received in 156 days

More than 156 days have passed, the package has not yet been received, but judging by the reviews, it’s too early to despair. You have to wait up to 200 days, and then you can already forget about her if she does not come.

— May 18, wrote korich.name

CI1********JP not received in 169 days

Is it possible to speed up the processing of parcels? Why do you have to wait six months? And this despite the fact that there is practically no mail from abroad? It’s just out of the way!!!!!

— May 15, wrote vintagecd

CN0********JP received in 117 days

I received the parcel!.. Usually, the time of shipment was less than 90 days… I was already worried… But Japan and the United States Post Office worked well!.. Better late than not received at all!.. Good luck everyone!..

— may 13, wrote larisaknit

CI2********JP not received in 142 days

So far, the parcel CI201681190JP has not reached, the last tracking was in early December. and now the service is not available. very sad and no money

— May 8, written by zhanagul_1966

CN0********JP received in 75 days

Kapets! There was a parcel from Japan to Italy for 75 days!! And when it arrived, they didn’t even bring it home, I sat and waited for two days, because it was written that it was on delivery !! They walked around in circles for two days and wrote that the recipient was not at home, twice. They brought it to the local post office! Didn’t leave any paper in the mailbox for pick up or notice!! And at the post office they ripped off 9.75 euros in customs fees !! I will never buy anything from Japan again!

— May 2, posted by kisastar2010

CI1********JP not received in 121 days

This is a disgrace, your system stubbornly removes parcel numbers from Japan! Delivery times have greatly lengthened, and you do not adjust the search terms on your website! As much as possible! I add her tracking number, and you stubbornly delete it

— April 16, wrote a.ch7

0CL0********JP received in 180 days

Ladies and gentlemen, this complete tin, I can’t express it in any other way. I ordered the parcel back in September, and received it in March. There was no hope until I finally saw the letter of happiness, so guys, don’t be upset, most likely everything will come

— April 13, wrote alyacucumber

CN0********JP received in 176 days

This is unprecedented! Delivering a package for 176 days is a complete bottom! And such a delivery time thanks to FUNABIN , Japan Surface Post ! I thought that the Russian Post was working badly, but the Japanese proved the opposite! One thing only pleases that in the end it is still delivered!

— April 11, wrote frogfilya20

CN0********JP received in 188 days

The parcel was received in 188 days, of course, like many, I was terribly worried. The parcel was sent by a brother from Tokyo, on the 3rd day the status stopped. After messages began to appear from people that they receive in 190-200 days, I calmed down a bit. The cargo was fragile, but everything came intact, the parcel appeared on the 183rd day in Yekaterinburg. There are no complaints about the mail, there is clearly some kind of ambush with customs and maritime logistics. I wish everyone to receive their parcels safely and as soon as possible.

— April 11, wrote andupl95

CN0********JP received in 177 days

The parcel was sent on October 8, this time, the customs did not open the parcel, it reached Russia in a week

— April 7, wrote sveta-foxy

CN0********JP received in 165 days

Received finally, after 165 days, departure from Japan. I waited, I didn’t even lose hope thanks to the reviews of those who were waiting like me, where people cheered and encouraged me for a positive result, despite the very long delivery time. So just wait and everything will come!!!

— April 5, wrote fogel66

CN0********JP received in 177 days

The parcel was sent from Japan on October 7, received on April 1, on the way 177 days. It took two days in Japan. After the number was not tracked for 172 days, after which for some reason it showed up at customs in Yekaterinburg. To the Moscow region came in 5 days.

— April 5, wrote vintagecd

CN0********JP received in 196 days

Received today the fifth expected package. On the way were 180-197 days. Everything is safe. Apart from half a year of nerves, everything is ok. Wait for yours, everything will come!

— April 3, wrote romanand

CL0********JP received in 194 days

As many have noted – be patient and wait. The parcel went through customs not in Vladivostok, but in Yekaterinburg. Everything came without damage. It makes no sense to blame the mail itself for the delays.

— April 3, posted by rennsport

86CC2********JP received in 196 days

There are no complaints about the Japanese post, there are no complaints about the Russian post in terms of delivery from customs to delivery. The big question is the time before customs. The parcel passed customs in Yekaterinburg

— April 3, wrote defyz

1523CL0********JP received in 211 days

The parcel was sent from Japan on August 30th. At first I twitched, then calmed down. When they began to share information on the forums that parcels began to be sent through Yekaterinburg, I just had patience. And you will be patient. Everything came, everything is whole, the packaging is in order. I hope my December package is also somewhere waiting for its train to Yekaterinburg

— April 3, wrote ladyelwie

CN0********JP received in 193 days

I ordered a parcel on September 17th. In three days she left Japan and went on a 190 day voyage. I had to wait a very, very long time. Moreover, there was a failure in the mail application, so the notification did not come until a few days later. I never thought that I could get it. But everything came safe and sound.

— April 3, wrote stezhko.t

CN0********JP received in 193 days

Expectations lasted 193 days. Sometimes it already seemed that she would not come, she missed all the terms of protection. The seller assured me that everything will be fine and be patient. I finally received it safe and sound. Don’t lose hope, wait!

— April 3, wrote terehoov

CN0********JP received in 215 days

The parcel arrived in 7 months. Two days she walked in Japan, five days she walked in Russia. The rest of the time was not tracked for about 200 days. I did not expect to receive it, but everything came safe and sound.

— April 3, wrote dvproskryakov

CN0********JP received in 205 days

The parcel was received in 205 days, it was sent from Japan on September 3, received on March 26, it was opened at customs, what is there a seal on the parcel, and for some reason the packaging with the cream was opened and not sealed back, what did they not like there? Previous parcels from August were delivered in 180 days, customs clearance times are increasing

— March 29, wrote sveta-foxy

CN0********JP received in 194 days

The parcel was accepted on September 10, and sent from Japan on September 11. On the 190th day I showed up at customs in Ekb, on the 194th day I received it in Perm!

— March 27, wrote slabsk

CC2********JP received in 209 days

The parcel was delivered in 209 days. I ordered on August 27, 2021 on the AmiAmi.com website. One large parcel was broken into two. It took a very long time, but 2 parcels arrived at the same time intact and in full.

— March 27, wrote kolomeytsevproject

CN0********JP received in 223 days

No hope, to be honest. BUT! Today I finally took the parcel sent last summer. If you haven’t received it yet – wait, everything will definitely come!

— March 13, wrote portnoymk

CN0********JP received in 202 days

Parcel from Japan received in 200 days. Don’t be discouraged if your parcels haven’t arrived yet, most likely they are stuck in traffic jams, but are slowly being processed. There are no complaints about the Japan Post, the package went through Japan with lightning speed. I think the Russian post is also not to blame, as soon as the cargo began to be determined on the territory of our country, all procedures were carried out at the usual speed. And the delay was due to hanging at customs.

— February 20th, wrote tata_d

CN0********JP received in 179 days

Two parcels sent on August 12 and 20 from Nagano were received for 181 and 179, through the customs of Yekaterinburg, in Japan for two days, in Russia along with customs clearance for a week, the rest for half a year in the warehouses of Vladivostok. Two more parcels on the way, we are waiting. Everything came, the parcel was not opened and not damaged, everything is in place. It’s a shame that it took so long, but still delivered, be patient

— 18th of Febuary, wrote sveta-foxy

CN0********JP received in 208 days

A miracle happened! After almost two hundred days, when all hopes were already extinguished, the parcel suddenly appeared in Yekaterinburg and reached Balashikha in 10 days – battered and wrinkled, but the contents were still not affected. (2)

— 18th of Febuary, wrote mail

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