Postnord Tracking – Online Sweden Post Tracking

Postnord Tracking - Online Sweden Post Tracking

Sweden Post Tracking – Postnord Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from SWEDEN POST

Postnord Tracking - Online Sweden Post Tracking

PostNord is the leading provider of communication and logistics solutions in the Nordic region, dealing with both imports and exports. Sweden Post provides postal services to individuals and companies in Sweden and Denmark . The service provides various types of services:

  1. Sending parcels and letters for both individuals and business owners, many different possibilities for sending goods domestically and abroad.
  2. Individual logistics solutions. Sweden Post is adapting its logistics services to changing needs and in addition to traditional warehousing services can also offer various types of value-added services.
  3. Third party logistics. The solution includes import and delivery, storage and customs clearance of goods.
  4. Delivery of goods from online stores and much more.

Sweden Post coverage areas

The main activity of the company is the delivery of domestic and international cargo. Countries PostNord works with: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and countries outside Scandinavia such as Germany , Netherlands, Belgium , Luxembourg, Austria, Estonia, Latvia , Lithuania, Spain, Portugal , France, United Kingdom, Poland and Czech Republic , as well as the USA, South America, Russia and Asian countries.

How to track a parcel by Sweden Post track number

Delivery of parcels in Sweden, the Nordic countries, as well as to the countries of Central Europe and beyond, takes place every day, seven days a week. The main advantages of Post Nord:

  1. Simple and fast. The service picks up packages from the sender and delivers them directly to the recipient.
  2. Safety. Each shipment can be tracked along the entire delivery path.
  3. With Send Direct Business or Pacsoft Online, web-based transport administration tools, customers can track shipping documents and all of their deliveries.

It is very easy to check the parcel by ID on the Swedish Post website. You need to enter the postnord tracking code, the link that the addressee will receive if he indicates his email address, or by the code from SMS. On the customer portal, PostNord offers the Track & Trace Premium service, where you can create an automatic notification flow for recipients.


Sweden Posten provides supplies not only to Sweden, but also to Denmark and China, cooperating with their logistics centers. On the official platform, everyone can study the list of services, the conditions for concluding an agreement with entrepreneurs.

The parcel of the postal company Sweden Posten can be tracked using the track code of the UPU format. A personal postnord tracking code is an alphanumeric sequence; it is unique and assigned to each order immediately after its confirmation in the system. After that, the sales manager or just the seller sends the number to the buyer / recipient of the parcel.

To track the track code from Sweden, go to the main page of Sweden Posten, enter the number in the “TrackingItem” line, press “Enter”. The parcel passport will be displayed – the day, month and year of assigning a personal number, the exact hour of departure, the location of the goods, etc.

The Sweden Posten service has the following features:

  • It is allowed to send parcels weighing no more than 30 kg;
  • Express delivery Sweden Posten directly depends on many conditions, such as weather and the recipient country;
  • After the payment is made, the shipment is not tracked – it takes about a week to collect the order, pack it, register it in the registration database, after which the order is delivered to the sorting center and becomes “visible” for postal services and the client;
  • Keep track of the guarantee for the delivery time – if at the end of the specified time the purchase was not delivered to the addressee, you must request its cost back.

The parcel is tracked in real time, the tracking results are uploaded in a new window. 

Track other shipment

Postnord tracking number formats

Each registered PostNord shipment is assigned a number that complies with international standards. By number, you can check the parcel of the Swedish Post and track the status of its delivery along the entire route.

The track number of the shipment depends on the weight of the shipment:

  • up to 2 kg – the code starts with a capital letter R;
  • for parcels weighing 2-20 kg – with the letter C;
  • cargo weighing 20-30 kg – with the letter E.

All of the above letters are capital letters written in Latin. They are followed by a combination of 9 numbers and capital letters again, which indicate the country of origin of the goods.

delivery Status tracking 

Sweden Post customers can track letters, parcels and other shipments using the shipment ID, sender’s logistics customer number and link, or track using the SMS number and notification code. When using the mail check tool, the user will see the following shipment statuses:

  • the shipment is on its way – посылка в пути;
  • försändelsen har lämnat avsändarlandet – the cargo has left the country of origin;
  • försändelsen har ankommit distributionsterminal – parcel in the distribution center;
  • PostNord has received electronic information about your delivery which is now with the sender or on the way to PostNord’s terminal. Postnord tracking information is updated when the delivery has arrived at the terminal – Почта Швеции registers the cargo, the information will be updated;
  • försändelsen har lämnats in efter sista inlämningstid – the parcel has been handed over for delivery to the recipient.

In countries where there are no PostNord offices, local courier services or post offices are responsible for delivering packages to the recipient’s address.

About Postnord :

Postnord Denmark is the largest postal operator in Denmark. The head office is located in Copenhagen. The company has more than 21,000 employees in its headquarters. In 2009, the postal service merged with the Swedish postal operator Posten to form the PostNord AB holding.

The operator delivers parcels, documents, oversized cargo both within the country and around the world. Collaborates with many local and international services to create the optimal transit route and achieve the best delivery results, for the sake of customer comfort. Postnord Denmark offers a wide range of communication and logistics solutions for individuals and companies.

Basic services for individuals:

  • receiving, storing and delivering parcels and letters,
  • Courier services,
  • order tracking,
  • SMS notification.

Service for legal entities:

  • collection of goods from the customer’s warehouse,
  • warehousing and consolidation,
  • Express delivery,
  • fulfillment,
  • return of goods.

To track postal items on the site Where the Parcel is, you need to register on the site, enter all the identification numbers of the parcels, the system will notify you of each new movement to your e-mail.

Sweden Post parcel tracking statuses

Forsendelsen er på vejThe shipment is on its way
Forsendelsen er ankommet til modtagerlandetThe shipment has arrived in the recipient country
Forsendelsen har forladt afsendelseslandetThe shipment has left the country of dispatch
Forsendelsen fortoldes af osThe shipment is cleared through customs by us
Forsendelsen er leveret af afsenderenThe shipment has been provided by the sender
Mislykket leveringsforsøgUnsuccessful delivery attempt
Forsendelsen er afleveret efter sidste leveringstidThe consignment has been handed in after the last delivery time
pakken er leveretthe package has been delivered
Forsendelsen er leveret til et servicecenterThe shipment has been delivered to a service center
Modtageren er blevet underrettet via brevThe recipient has been notified by letter
Forsendelsen returneresThe shipment is returned
Forsendelsen er ankommet distributionsterminalThe shipment has arrived distribution terminal
Eksportér dokument / Forsendelsesdokument mangler eller er forkert eller ufuldstændigtExport document / Shipping document is missing or incorrect or incomplete
Transport af forsendelsen er påbegyndt i afsendelseslandetTransport of the shipment has begun in the country of dispatch
Transport af forsendelsen er påbegyndtTransport of the shipment has begun
Forsendelsen er blevet sorteret forkertThe shipment has been incorrectly sorted
Der er sendt en meddelelse til modtagerenA notice has been sent to the recipient
PostNord har modtaget elektroniske oplysninger om din levering, som nu er hos afsenderen eller på vej til PostNords terminal. Sporingsoplysningerne opdateres, når leveringen er ankommet til terminalenPostNord has received electronic information about your delivery which is now with the sender or on the way to PostNord’s terminal. The tracking information is updated when the delivery has arrived at the terminal
Modtageren er blevet underrettet via smsThe recipient has been notified via text message
Forsendelsen er tilgængelig på en distributionsterminal i afventning af aftale med modtageren om leveringThe shipment is available at a distribution terminal pending agreement with the recipient on delivery
Forsinket transportDelayed transport
Telefon meddelt, levering af forsendelsen vil ske efter aftaleTelephone announced, delivery of the shipment will take place by agreement
Indsamlet fra en agent, valgt af modtagerenCollected from an agent, selected by the recipient
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