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posti finland tracking

Finland Post Tracking – Posti finland tracking to know parcel package speedpost ems delivery status.Get latest shipment status online.

Finland Post Tracking - Posti Finland Tracking

Finland is famous not only for its saunas and excellent tourist opportunities, but also for the quality of its goods. Yes, and sellers of the world-famous Aliexpress trading platform sometimes contrive by sending parcels not directly, but by transfer through this country.

Shoppers are increasingly shopping online. Today almost everything can be ordered online. Many actively use this opportunity. But it is one thing to buy in an online store, and quite another to receive your package. Many factors depend on the choice of a logistics company: timely delivery, integrity and safety of the cargo. The Finnish group Itella is recognized as one of the most reliable organizations in the world. She has been working in the logistics market for over 20 years. Tracking Itella parcels is very convenient using our website. Unsurpassed experience in the field of e-commerce allows us to confidently talk about the high quality of the services provided. The service offers to control all orders while sitting on your own sofa. 

Posti operates in 10 countries, but its activities are concentrated in Finland, the Baltic States and Russia. They provide services in the following countries: Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Posti has five business groups:

  • Post services
  • Parcel and e-commerce
  • Logistics solutions
  • Itella Russia
  • OpusCapita

Each shipment (parcel, parcel) is assigned an identifier. This is a unique track code consisting of a combination of letters and numbers. Parcels from Finland can be accompanied by two types of tracks:

The last two letters (FI) indicate that the departure is from Finland. As for the difference in the first letters, the combination with “RA” is safer. Parcels accompanied by a track with the initial “RT” are usually not tracked, since sellers on Aliexpress assign such codes to cheap goods.

The most popular postal operators in Finland are Posti Finland Economy and Itella. You can track any parcel both on the official website and on specialized tracking services. We’ll show you how to do it the fastest.

What are the ways to track a parcel from Finland?

Posti Finland has an official website where you can get the necessary information about the movement of shipments. This option has one nuance: the data is displayed in the state language. Of course, you can use the automatic page translation function, but the information may be slightly distorted during processing.

tracking finland post , How it works? 

For example, you bought goods online and selected Posti Finland Economy tracking on the delivery page. Each purchase is assigned a unique digital code, the so-called tracking number. Log in to the site to receive information about your order. Tracking Itella parcels from the online store is available for personal accounts. In addition, you do not have to waste time and re-type identifiers in the search bar: all shipments will be saved automatically. Tracking Itella parcels from any online stores will be available in your personal account. In addition, you do not have to waste time and re-type identifiers in the search bar: all shipments will be saved automatically. Tracking of Itella parcels from any online stores will be available in your personal account. In addition, you do not have to waste time and re-type identifiers in the search bar: all shipments will be saved automatically.


Logistics companies play a special role in modern e-commerce, as they are responsible for the safe transportation of orders. Therefore, many online stores are looking to establish cooperation with the Finnish Post, a company that traditionally holds a leading position in the field of e-commerce and international mail forwarding. This company is also distinguished by a carefully developed system for tracking parcels of Finnish mail. The company guarantees safe and fast processing and transportation of postal items, and tracking of parcels of the Finnish Post is always accurate and fast. Finland Post offers package tracking on its official website. In addition to being able to track parcels from the Finnish post office, you need to go through a simple registration procedure in order to access additional free services. So, You can set up automatic notification of order status changes. 

Finland Post tracking of postal items is carried out around the clock, the information is always up-to-date and accurate, it will come in the form of short messages by e-mail or by SMS. Also, all track numbers and tracking history will be stored in your personal account – you do not have to enter an identification number every time to get information about the package. For the Finnish Post, parcel tracking is an opportunity to prove once again that the parcel will definitely not be lost on the way and the service can be trusted. The system will always allow you to quickly and easily track the Finnish Post track and in a matter of seconds will provide detailed information about the current location of the parcel. There is a possibility of feedback – operators are always ready to advise you on any issues.

About Finland Post :

The Finnish Post is one of the oldest postal systems that began functioning in the 17th century. Now it is represented by the international company Posti Group, which is recognized as one of the most reliable postal organizations in the world. The company is a national postal operator and provides services in the field of information technology, logistics and postal communications. Over the 400 years of its existence, Finnish Post has accumulated vast experience in the field of postal services and now, in the age of the Internet, uses innovative solutions based on accumulated knowledge. The company strives to make the postal service as accessible as possible for everyone – machines for processing postal services are installed throughout the country, and Finnish Post offices are open in 10 countries. Today, customers of the service can track the parcel of the Finnish Post online.

Posti Finland Tracking different status and meaning

Item has been registeredTuote on rekisteröity
In transitMatkalla
The item is on its way to the destination countryTuote on matkalla kohdemaahan
The item is not yet in PostiLähetys ei ole vielä Postissa
Item has arrived to warehouseTuote on saapunut varastoon
Item has departed from the warehouseTuote on lähtenyt varastosta
The item is in transportTuote on kuljetuksessa
Item arrived in the destination countryTuote saapui kohdemaahan
Item ready for pick up at the destination country place of collectionTuote valmis noudettavaksi kohdemaan noutopaikasta
Item delivered to the recipientTuote toimitettu vastaanottajalle
Item in process in office of exchangeTuote käsittelyssä vaihtotoimistossa
Item in sortingTuote lajittelussa
Item accepted from transportTavara otettu kuljetuksesta
Item received for transportTavara vastaanotettu kuljetukseen
Item posted in country of originTuote postitettu alkuperämaassa
Shipment information has been savedLähetystiedot on tallennettu
Item is in delivery transportationTuote on toimituskuljetuksessa
Item ready for pick up at a Post Office collection point against a notice of arrival or item code. Pick up from parcel point with locker codeLähetys valmis noudettavaksi Postin noutopisteestä saapumisilmoitusta tai tuotekoodia vastaan. Nouto pakettipisteestä kaappikoodilla
The delivery has arrived at the customs warehouse. You have 20 days from the day of arrival of the delivery to take care of the customs declarationToimitus on saapunut tullivarastoon. Sinulla on 20 päivää aikaa toimituksen saapumispäivästä hoitaa tulli-ilmoitus
Item has not been collected.Returned to senderKohdetta ei ole kerätty. Palautettu lähettäjälle
A reminder has been sent to the recipient by text messageMuistutus on lähetetty vastaanottajalle tekstiviestillä
A reminder has been sent to the recipient by emailMuistutus on lähetetty vastaanottajalle sähköpostitse
A notice of arrival has been sent to the recipient by text messageSaapumisilmoitus on lähetetty vastaanottajalle tekstiviestillä
A notice of arrival has been sent to the recipient by emailSaapumisilmoitus on lähetetty vastaanottajalle sähköpostitse
The shipment was not accepted for air transport due to its contents. The shipment may continue as road transport or if ti is not possible, it will be returned to senderLähetystä ei hyväksytty lentokuljetukseen sen sisällön vuoksi. Lähetys voi jatkua maantiekuljetuksena tai jos se ei ole mahdollista, se palautetaan lähettäjälle
Delivery of the item has failed. The item has been forwarded to Posti´s Item Investigation ServicesTuotteen toimitus epäonnistui. Lähetys on välitetty Postin lähetystutkintapalveluihin
The notice of arrival was not delivered to the recipient because the recipient’s information is incomplete. The item can be picked up using the item ID or from a parcel locker using the locker codeSaapumisilmoitusta ei toimitettu vastaanottajalle, koska vastaanottajan tiedot ovat puutteelliset. Tuotteen voi noutaa tuotetunnuksella tai pakettiautomaatista kaappikoodilla
The item was left for shipping too late to make it to same day transport. The item will be shipped the following working dayTuote jätettiin lähetettäväksi liian myöhään, jotta se ehtisi saman päivän kuljetukseen. Tuote lähetetään seuraavana arkipäivänä

Posti Finland Economy Finnish Post parcel tracking

Official website:

Example: RA247541874FI

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