Korea Post Tracking – Online Korea Post ems Tracking

Korea Post Tracking - Online Korea Post ems Tracking

Korea Post Tracking – South Korea Post Ems Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from KOREA POST

The main office of the transport company is located in Gwanghwamun. The network of branches is developed – more than 3.5 thousand offices. The minimum delivery time for international shipments is 2 weeks, the maximum according to the regulations is 45 days. The cost depends on the type of delivery – the express option always costs more.

Korea Post Tracking - Online Korea Post ems Tracking

To constantly improve the quality of service, the management of the organization organizes a system of training employees on the ground, constantly improves the quality of financial services, and improves the level of postal logistics. The focus is on accessibility and the highest quality of service. Tracking parcels from Korea by track number for customers of our site is available online, without registration. You don’t need to pay anything. The information is current and constantly updated.

South Korea Post Tracking

Korea Post international transport service, according to the agreement, delivers mail to the nearest office in the recipient’s country. Further transportation is carried out by local operators. Korean Post works with different transport companies, the client can choose the best solution for himself in terms of price-quality ratio. The easiest way to track packages from Korea is through our aggregator service. The data is constantly updated, the interface is Russified.

Available shipping methods:

  • sound;
  • nautical;
  • ground.

Sometimes a combination of these options is used. The speed of delivery will depend on the chosen method of shipment, the need to go through customs. Air mail is the most expensive, but you will receive a letter or parcel in the shortest possible time.

Filling out a customs declaration is not necessary for all types of shipments, check. You can also track the South Korean Post parcel by number through the official website.


If you made an order in one of the Korean stores, most likely, the track code of your parcel will end with the letters KR. This means that the national postal service of the country, Korea Post, takes care of all the issues of cargo transportation. The post office processes orders as soon as possible, usually parcels and parcels leave the sending country in 3-4 days.

Korea Post parcels are tracked using special identification numbers that are assigned to each shipment. You can find it on the page of your order in the personal account of the online store. You can also ask the seller a question. In korea post, the track number consists of 13 characters – two letters at the beginning and end of the code and nine numbers in the middle. For all questions, you can contact the support service.

The work of the logistics company Korea Post allows you to track the order at each stage of transportation, but sometimes the number changes after customs clearance – the buyer is informed about this by e-mail. On the mail website, you can not only track the Korea Post cargo, but also save all identification numbers, as well as set up alerts about all parcel movements.

More shipment tracking

Who can track Korea Post ?

Korea post tracking is available to everyone. After all, this does not require special skills, it is enough to know only one thing – the tracking number of the parcel. An alphanumeric code is assigned by postal employees immediately after the item is issued. Thanks to the unique code, tracking of postal items by South Korea Post is fast enough. So, the package with purchases is on its way. Now it remains to be patient and wait for the precious cargo. 

Use the services of professionals, and Korea Post tracking will take a matter of seconds. What is needed for that? Just enter the identification number in the special line of the web resource and click the “Search” button. The screen will immediately display information about the status of the parcel. Thanks to the WherePackage service, even a child can track Korea Post. Registered users get additional features. They can save several track codes of expected parcels in their account.

What countries does South Korea Post work with?

The Korea Post Organization is the state postal service, one of the oldest in the world. The service organizes the delivery of letters, small packages, standard parcels, postcards, documents, cargo weighing up to 30 kg. Shipping can be domestic or international. Additionally, storage and insurance services are provided.

Now sending correspondence by the service is possible to all countries of the world. The Korea Post tracking form for recipients is available in this section. It is free, easy to use, and provides users with up-to-date information.


The company cooperates with many delivery services in different countries, therefore, usually, the buyer is given the opportunity to choose which company will be responsible for the order in his country. The Korea Post parcel can be delivered to the local post office or by courier.
Usually, it does not take much time to transport the goods, the parcel is delivered within 7-20 days from the date of payment for the goods. 

The cost largely depends on the prices of the local postal service. Buyers should pay attention to the possibility of tracking – very often the parcel lies in the mail for a week before the postman brings a notice. Also, screenshots with information about the movement of the shipment can serve as evidence if the package is lost on the way and you need to return the money. However, in the case of Korea Post, this happens extremely rarely, the goods arrive on time, safe and sound.

South Korea Post tracking number formats

Each parcel, after acceptance at the point of dispatch, receives a personal identification number. South Korea Post assigns 13-character alphanumeric codes to shipments. Marking features:

  • RT – code of small packages;
  • CA – parcels up to 30 kg;
  • EE – express departure.

KR – an indicator that the parcel or letter was sent from Korea. The numeric code is always 13 characters, unique. Check the correctness of its spelling when tracking.

If you entered a track for online tracking, but there is no information, repeat the request in 1-2 days. Updates in the database usually occur promptly, but not always instantly.

Package statuses 

Korea Post offers tracking of shipments at points of registration – from arrival to sorting, customs clearance, registration, sending back, etc. That is, the path of the letter, parcel is reflected as detailed as possible. You can find out the status in this section of our website.

South Korea Post parcel tracking status

환전소 도착Arrival at the sending exchange office
배송 준비 완료Ready to ship
캐리어 인수Carrier takeover
도착한 환승 국가arrived transfer country
통관 및 분류Customs clearance and sorting
다른 나라의 인수takeover of the other country
다른 나라에 도착arrival in other country
항공기 출발 예정, 한국 시간)Departure of the aircraft (planned, Korean time)
항공사 인수Airline takeover
통관customs clearance
납품 완료delivery complete
배달 불가non-delivery
목적지 환전소 도착Arrival at the destination exchange office
배송 준비 완료ready for delivery
선박 출발(예정) 날짜Ship departure (planned) date
세관 검사 대기 중Waiting for customs inspection
공기 보안 반환air security return
반환 납품return delivery

Contact number in South Korea: +82 2 2195 1114

South Korea Post tracking official website: www.koreapost.go.kr/

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Korea post reviews :

CL0********RU received in 11 days

I don’t know what played a positive role, but parcels to my granddaughter in South Korea began to reach not 20-25 days, as before, but 9-12. Logistics has become different, in short. Well done!

— May 30, written by Gogenz_56

CL0********RU received in 9 days

Typically, a package along this route was delivered 20-25 days or more. I hung around in Moscow for several days, then – even more – in the Republic of Korea at the customs … What has changed? I think there are two reasons: 1) The parcel went through the UAE for the first time; 2) a new President was elected in the Republic of Korea, and the Koreans cheered up and earned optimally. Hooray.

— April 11, written by Gogenz_56

EG2********KR received in 12 days

Hello. I received the parcel from South Korea in 12 days. Brought home in excellent condition. Thanks to the company "Where is the package" for their work.

— April 3, wrote nimfa975

EG2********KR received in 14 days

Service is awesome! The first time I received a parcel to Ukraine from South Korea in 10 days, the second time in 14 days.

— March 13, wrote lovev88

EG7********KR received in 16 days

Hello. I sent a parcel from South Korea on December 20, it was received in Ukraine on January 5. The tracking went well. The box was damaged, but everything came intact. Given that the parcel was sent before the New Year holidays, it arrived in normal time. Thank you delivery service!

— February 5th, wrote altuna-v

EG2********KR received in 22 days

The parcel from Seoul to Almaty arrived in excellent condition, without damage to the packaging, delivered home. Tracking was as accurate as possible, although I had to worry about delays at customs, well, this is normal, especially before New Year's Eve. Thanks to EMS and the site GdePosylka!

— January 23, wrote izhilina

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