How To Save Money For Online Shopping – Follow 11 Best Ways

online money saving tips

When you buy something via the internet that is called online shopping.You can make this online transaction using PC, mobile devices, tablet etc.Thousands of products can be purchased staying from home.The biggest advantage of online shopping is that you don’t need to wait for placing an order.Normally if you visit an offline store you can’t purchase on holiday and special events.The online eCommerce sites open their web portal 24 hrs and 365 days.Almost all type of products are available to purchase.Buy books,laptop,electronics,digital books,e-books,games,online songs,movies,online courses,storage,live event broadcast,online services and more.As we are talking about online shopping, let’s cover its payment method.There are several ways to pay the amount.Use credit cards, debit cards or COD (Cash On Delivery).The international eCommerce sites accept Paypal which is reliable and secured.Some of the giant online platforms are Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

The above part was a little introduction for a newbie regarding online shopping.Now we need to focus how to save money while shopping.Well, all products that you see on an eCommerce site are managed by sophisticated software and advanced program.Here you can’t change the price or bargain until it is changed by a seller.You have only options to do something from outside of the store.Don’t be upset, there are some tips that can save your money.People often try to use some hacking part and lose their account.I recommend you to follow only legitimate ways to keep your account in a good standard level.

Best Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

compare price

Compare Price Online

Think naturally – If you want to buy a shirt from your nearest clothing store, you will first compare the price.Therefore, you visit multiple stores in your city.The same process should be applied for online transaction.An e-commerce site is a platform where you can buy and sell products.Here different sellers offer different prices.For an example, Amazon seller and Flipkart seller both offer the same item but at a different price.So what would be your job? –  Before purchasing any product from online always compare the price.You can do it manually or visit some third party sites which display current price and offer with each e-commerce details.Some of the popular comparing sites are like:

  1. (For India)
  2. (For India)
  3. (For India)

Note: These third party sites always add their referral tag, which generates commission upon a successful transaction.Therefore, if you want to buy a product using your own affiliate link it won’t work.Make sure that third party sites do not redirect you to the particular shopping site.In this case, You should look at the price and visit direct eCommerce site manually.

coupons discountSearch Coupons & Discount Code

One of the Best ways to save money when shopping online is to apply a coupon code or special discount code.Due to competition, each shopping site offers exclusive discount code time to time.The main motto of these coupons to boost their sale.Here you can take this advantage instead of paying the full amount.Yes, just 5 minutes effort may save a lot of money.The Internet is full of opportunities to shop and save.Just google the coupon and you will find thousand of coupon sites which show latest coupon details with an expiry date.

How to search coupon?

Getting a coupon is very easy.You need to type some specific keyword in Google search box and that’s it.For example – I need the coupon code for Snapdeal.Here you can probably type

  1. Snapdeal latest coupon
  2. Snapdeal valid promo code
  3. Snapdeal Offer

Promo code for a particular category  – You can also search coupon for a particular item or category.Here you need to include the category name along with eCommerce store. For example:

  • Amazon offer on shoes
  • Snapdeal promo code on electronics
  • Flipkart coupon code for mobile

become an affiliate

Become An Affiliate

Whether you know or not, affiliate program has a great role in running an e-commerce site.Almost every shopping site has their own affiliate program.Anyone who has a minimum standard online presence platform (I mean blog, Website etc) can apply for affiliation.Some websites need to be approved by the e-commerce affiliate team.Most of the cases you get instant approval for promoting their products.

Come to the main point – How to save money joining as an affiliate right? well, you get the commission each time you make a sale through your affiliate link.The commission amount depends on the product category.Generally, clothes, shoes, apparels have the highest percentage commission up to 15%.You can find category and commission details from your affiliate dashboard.

How does it work?

Like I said, you earn money promoting each product.Here you promote the product for yourself.Before doing so you need to create an another account which is completely separate from your existing account details.Now when you need to purchase anything, you should first convert the product link with your affiliate ID.This will track your sale and commission will be reflected as soon as the product delivered.You will receive the commission when you reached the minimum threshold.It is transferred to your bank directly.

Note:  I recommend you to use different IP and computer.Please make sure that you are purchasing the product using your affiliate link and different account (not same affiliated account)

Without Affiliation

You can also save money without applying for their affiliate program.Yes,thats true – those who does not have proper setup blog or website they can go ahead for this program.I am talking about Cuelinks, It works the same way but here you can join free without any approval.Here you can generates affiliate links and promote on your blog or create a direct link. Join Cuelinks Today

Read Cuelinks Installation Guide

Cuelinks Chrome Extension For Publishers

How Cuelinks Works?
Cuelinks generates affiliate link and you promote products free.When they receive the commission from a particular merchant, they take a little percentage.Rest of the percentage is credited to your account and paid to you.The benefit of this site is that you don’t need to apply for each affiliate program separately.One account manages all affiliate networks, isn’t that cool?

wallet payment method

Use E-Wallet Payment Method

Most of the eCommerce sites now accept wallet payment method.It is simple and fast to pay the amount.A wallet needs to be recharged previously.When you shop any item you can see the supported wallets list as a payment option.Now the wallet will redirect you to the main wallet site for paying the amount.

  • Select wallet payment method
  • Choose particular wallet from drop down menu
  • Wait until the page redirect you the main site
  • Login and make payment fast

How to save money using wallet payment?

Wallet is just a form of payment.You save money from the other side.Most of the Indian wallet service providers like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Jio  Money provide exclusive add money offers.Let me clear – when you load money to the wallet you get the option to enter “Promo Code”.This will actually add extra cash back when you add money to the wallet.For example, If you need to make payment amount rs.500 or more, you should always check for different “wallet add money offers”.For getting promo code just use the keyword “add money promo code/offer”.

Keyword Examples:

  • Freecharge add money offer
  • Paytm add money offer
  • Mobikwik add money promo code

I got rs 50 extra by adding Rs 250 to my PayTm wallet.So the total amount Rs.300 I used towards my shopping.

gift card payment method

Choose Gift Card – Save Money

The gift certificate is another most popular payment form introduced by several giant e-commerce sites.It takes few seconds to make the transaction.You can buy Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, Target and more gift cards online.The gift code can be redeemed in your account dashboard.Whenever you purchase something the gift card balance deducted from the account.

How to save money buying a gift card?

Not all the time but in some special festival, the official site offer extra value by reducing the price.You can purchase a bunch of gift certificates and load it to your account.You won’t save a huge amount of money but something is better than nothing.

 Buy Gift Cards From Third Party

Unwanted gift cards are really big issues for those who want only money.That’s why they want to sell their gift cards at a low price.Now there are a number of sites who manage all these unused gift cards.These sites help sellers to get real cash and buyer also get benefits as the price is always lower than the official site.Therefore if you are looking for gift card value $20, you can buy it at $18 – you save $2 just using this technique.Some of the international sites gift card exchange sites are:


Note: You will find a lot of sites who claim they will provide real cash.But only a few sites are legitimate and transfer money to your account.I request you to please check the reviews before making any deal with the unknown site.

membership card

Take Advantage Of Membership

This is 100% recommended for those who shop on regular basis.You can find membership program only on few popular shopping sites.The subscription fees charged annually.You might have the question what are the extra benefits they offer.But I must admit that it really provides unique facilities and save money also.I become the member of Amazon prime program.After joining I saw that all prime orders are eligible for free delivery.I also get early buying option and grab the lightning deal fast.I paid only rs.500 for one year subscription.If you calculate the delivery charges in a year for products that you order, you will find you get your money back within 2 or 3 months.You save delivery charges for rest of the months.

special offer

Plan To Buy On Upcoming Events

Saving money online is all about your strategy.Purchase products at right time and save a ton of money.Check out the upcoming events or festivals.No matter what deal you have missed, shopping site they can only survive when they offer a good deal.So it’s never too late – whatever the occasion arrives you will get the special deal.You know I am from India, I wanted to buy VU led TV (40 inches) within rs,20,000 or lower.I wait for 4 or 5months and when Flipkart big billion day came I ordered it.You will be surprised to know the price, I got it just rs.16,400/-


Grab Exclusive Bank Offers

Do you have more than one bank account? you can grab the exclusive discounted price.Most of the Indian e-commerce portal they now promote bank’s services.Often you can notice 10% to 15% discount are available for a particular bank account holders.Since you have bank account always get a debit card or credit card ready.For Indian citizen I recommend at least create an account in these below banks:

  • SBI Bank
  • AXIS Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • ICICI Bank

exchange offers

Grab Exchange Offer

The exchange offer generally reduces the price as you exchange your old product and buy a new one.You can deduct up to 50% by exchanging the old product.Popular sites have already introduced this exchange offer to attract more buyers.You can see the terms & conditions when you apply for this offer.This is a great way to save your cash and bring a new product to your home.

payback points

Payback Points (India)

Payback is basically a Customer loyalty program which lets you earn points.Payback is associated with thousand of stores in India.You can find the store details online by visiting their official site. You can apply for free Payback cards from an offline store or online.

Does Payback save money?

Actually, Payback does not offer money.They credit points when you shop using their card or from their store.Later you can redeem those points for recharge, shopping, online services, DTH recharge etc.

Supported online and offline partners – American express, Book My Show, Ebay India, Make My Trip, Bigbazaar, Icici Debit cards, Ezone Online, Central, Tripadvisor, HP, Napptol, Mobikwik and more.

Apply for free payback card –

Payback Official Site

online shopping money saving ideas

Request Seller To Reduce Price

Unlike other e-commerce stores, Ebay has some special shopping features.You can list any item on their site for selling your stuff.They have auction facility which manages bids and boosts selling power.You can actually contact a seller directly from Ebay account dashboard.The seller often responses fast for selling and bargaining purpose.Therefore, if you really want to buy a product and there is a high price issue.You can contact the seller via email.I have personally tested this method and seller offered me a lower price. Join Ebay Now

Final Words:

I have tried to show you how you can save your hard earned money with some basic knowledge.You will receive deals and notifications every day from shopping sites.Ultimately you have to decide whether you should purchase or not.Less price does not mean you need to buy that product, spend your money only when you need that product.

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