View WordPress Cluttered Notifications In Separate Section

control wp cluttered messages

WordPress is the most popular CMS for its plugin feature.Any additional services you require are managed by the plugin.Wordpress shows all notifications in your dashboard whether it’s regarding the update, broken URL, any detected issues or plugin recommendation.Well, this is a great service to keep notifying WP users.But the problem arises from another side.

You can see a lot of notifications that are not ignored appear on every page and post which is embarrassing.It actually reduces the dashboard space & pushes the main content below the page fold.Therefore you have to either ignore the notification or keep them until you make any changes.

WordPress Cluttered Notification screenshot

WordPress Cluttered Notifications Solution

For busy bloggers, it’s not possible to take action as soon as the notification appears.Here the best option we expect to keep them in a separate section for viewing later.I have recently found one plugin called WP Notification Center which shows all Cluttered Notifications in separate Section.It is a small plugin which is installed in just a few seconds.It catches all upcoming notifications and put them into your notification section.After installing the plugin you can view notification at the upper corner of the right side.

wp notification center notifications

How To Install?

  • Login to WP account dashboard and jump to plugin section
  • Find “WP Notification Center” plugin
  • Install & activate the plugin

The plugin is available on Github.You can also download from WordPress repository

So far this plugin works fine without compromising your site’s speed.If you know any better plugin please mention it in below comment box.


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