Mexico Post Tracking – Correos de Mexico Post Tracking

Mexico Post Tracking - Correos de Mexico Post Tracking

Mexico post Tracking – Correos de Mexico Post Tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status. Get latest shipment status from MEXICO POST

Track Correos de Mexico Post

Mexico Post Tracking - Correos de Mexico Post Tracking

Mexico Post is a state-owned telecom operator. It organizes the delivery of international postal parcels, internal correspondence, cooperates with legal entities and individuals. There are express delivery services, they are more expensive than usual. The speed of work is high, reviews about the organization are generally positive.

Please note that the international courier service has certain restrictions for sending prohibited items, drugs. They are standard for most countries, more details can be found on the company’s website or from its legal representative. The only negative of the official resource of Correos de México is that it is not translated to user local language. If you don’t want to bother with translators, use our portal. Navigation is thoughtful and convenient, all data is presented in English.

You can track Correos de México by track number in just one click. The information is updated regularly, so you will see relevant, reliable data.

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Mexico Post Tracking

For Correos de México, parcel tracking is available with and without registration. We do not require users to create accounts, but it may be more convenient for them. For example, after creating a profile, you will be able to receive notifications to a phone number or email address.

Postal services of the organization:

  • storage of correspondence, its delivery and forwarding;
  • virtual store,
  • distribution of brochures;
  • work with periodicals.

Buyers from other countries are usually only interested in international shipping services. Moreover, the waiting times are minimal, the prices are affordable, and there is our portal for tracking. You can at any time clarify the information about your departure, get a quick answer. The site does not charge a fee.

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Correos de Mexico Post Tracking

It is possible to track the parcel of this postal service in the personal account of the online store where the purchase was made. As a standard, for this you need to visit your Personal Account and find information about the status of the parcel in the “Tracking shipments” tab or similar.

You can also use our website, which allows you to track parcels of various postal and courier services. The service automatically determines the delivery service and continues tracking the shipment even after changing the postal operator, which allows you to receive information about the status of the parcel in a continuous mode and without the need to use additional tools.

What countries does Mexico Post work with?

The company sends parcels to other world countries. Only the terms and cost of delivery will be different, it is better to clarify this information in advance.

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Mexico Post tracking number formats

Mexico Post offers to check the parcel by ID in just a couple of clicks. But the official site needs to be translated. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that small packages weighing less than 2 kg are sometimes not registered. But EMC shipments are always assigned an individual tracking number (this is an urgent delivery, it is faster and more expensive than usual).

Mexico Post offers to check the parcel by track number. Available writing formats:

  • RT124456785MX – small packages;
  • CA123446785MX – standard shipments;
  • EE123444785MX – express delivery.

R always says that the package is registered. For a standard parcel, the letter C will be used, E – an indicator for urgent delivery. Numbers are a unique numeric code. The last two letters MX are the sender’s country.

If Correos de México tracking does not work, there may be two reasons. First, you made a mistake when introducing the track. Carefully check the spelling and repeat the request. The second is that the data in the system simply did not have time to be updated. Usually information appears immediately after sending the package, but sometimes you need to wait.

Mexico Post package tracking statuses

The system provides full details of the route of shipments. This is a handy tool for monitoring the status of parcels. The information is updated at each stage of the movement of the cargo. Examples – receiving at the Mexican branch, processing at the sorting center, import, export, customs clearance, delivery to the recipient, etc.

Mexico Post package tracking statuses

Arrival at delivery office
Held by customs
Arrival at inward office of exchange
Arrival at outward office of exchange
Departure from inward office of exchange
Departure from outward office of exchange
Final delivery
Unsuccessful delivery
Item presented to import customs
Item returned from customs (import)
Item returned from export customs/security
Item presented to export customs/security
Departure from transit of exchange

About Mexico Post

Mexico Post (Correos de México) is the country’s main postal authority. The headquarters is located in Mexico City. The main function is to ensure the forwarding of postal items within the country and abroad. Delivery can be carried out by the usual tariff or express method. Provides postal, financial, insurance, information services to the population for personal and business purposes

Postal services of the company:

  • storage, delivery and forwarding of mail,
  • virtual store,
  • distribution of advertising brochures,
  • work with periodicals, issue of stamps.

Mexico Post includes a division of Mexpost, which is engaged in high-speed hand-to-hand courier delivery and provides the ability to carry out national and international transportation with a high priority of service, both for documents and for parcels. On the official website of Correos de México, it is possible to track the parcel or letter sent by the operator, we suggest you use a more convenient and versatile option – the site or application Where is the parcel.

Telephone: 018007017000

Mexico Post tracking Official site:

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