New Bloggers Do These 6 Mistakes Very Often

Are you new in blogging? then you may doing these mistakes. You need to check this post to avoid these blunders.

It has been seen that mostly new bloggers do these mistakes when they start their blogging carrier.

1. Too Much Design :

Yes, its good that your blog looks stylish and handsome but when your design covers all your page it brings difficulties to understand the main content. Readers may get disturbance when they read your post. I have seen some blogs which were designed almost every corner of post from header to footer. Try to remove this extra design layout and make it simple.

2. Background Music :

Some blogger they play music in content background .Readers don’t like music background while reading your post as they can’t focus to the content properly.

3. Lot Of Posts In Front Page :

If front page shows lot of posts it will take time to load. I recommend you that please set maximum 10 posts in your front page.

4. Use Keyword Instead Of Links :

Often we see that a post says “want to read more please click LEARN MORE”. But do you know readers they don’t know what is in behind the link? Now a large number of blogger they use their links to earn money and it really disturbs your readers. If you want to place link please mention the keyword .For an example you want to place a link for extra information of learning computer .Here you attach link with this keyword “Learn computer step by step”

5. Do Not Use Shorten Links:

Don’t make your blog just for earning money purpose. You have passion then only you should make your blog. Shorten links will redirect your visitor to somewhere else which may bring cash for you but you lose your visitor for the next time.

6. Put Social Sharing Widget:

You must add sharing widget if you have blog. Make your blog more convenient adding simple and rapid fast sharing widget.

You should be always careful for your visitor .Thank you for reading my post.

Intaj Mondal
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