Lithuanian Post Tracking – Lietuvos Pastas Tracking

Lithuanian Post Tracking

Lithuanian Post Tracking – Lietuvos Pastas Tracking to know parcel package speedpost ems delivery status.Get latest shipment status from LIETUVOS PASTAS.

Lithuanian Post Tracking - Lietuvos Pastas Tracking

Lietuvos pastas, or Lithuanian Post, is the national postal operator of the country, delivering goods and mail throughout the state and beyond. Each month, the company delivers more than 800,000 shipments of various formats, guaranteeing the sender and recipient short delivery times and the safety of the entrusted property. The use of advanced processing schemes and taking into account the requirements of European standards allows the service not only to ensure the prompt execution of incoming orders, but also to offer customers a range of intermediary, courier, financial and electronic services that have become widespread.


Lietuvos Paštas has the largest number of branches in the country, so domestic and international shipments are most often processed by Lithuanian Post. The company’s mission is to provide efficient services that save customers time. A variety of tariffs allows customers to choose the most appropriate shipping option – premium or economy class. Lietuvos Paštas is constantly improving its activities. Its goal is to become the most popular and reliable postal service provider in the Baltics and Scandinavia by 2021.

All shipments that receive the Lietuvos Paštas track can be easily tracked on the official website of the company.


International shipments have generally accepted tracking. It consists of 13 characters and looks something like XX**********XX. The first letters indicate the type of departure:

Shipments up to 2 kg start with the letter R;

With the letter C – items over 2 kg;

· with the letter E – EMS departure.

The last two Latin letters indicate the sending country. If the parcel is from Lithuania, then the track at the end will have a combination of LT, if to Lithuania, then the code of the country from which the parcel is traveling will be indicated (for example, HK (Hong Kong), CN (China), etc.).

The numbers in the middle are needed for the uniqueness of the code.

Benefits of Lietuvos Pastas

Thanks to a significant number of branches on the territory of the Republic, the service independently processes and sends the vast majority of units of incoming domestic and international correspondence to more than 150 countries of the world. The company plans to earn the status of the most reliable postal service provider in the Baltics and Scandinavia. This is facilitated by the ability to offer customers several formats for sending premium or economy cargo, as well as a wide range of additional services.

Another important advantage is the availability for customers of tracking parcels and postal items Lietuvos pastas in Russian. You can do this on the official website of the mail or on our website . To track post lt, it is enough to enter the track number indicated by the sender, after which the latest cargo statuses will be displayed on the screen within a few seconds. Checking domestic Lithuanian and international shipments is completely free.

Lithuanian post tracking number formats for tracking parcels and shipments.

International tracking numbers that allow you to track the parcel of the Lithuanian Post have the following format:

  • 13 characters with the initial letter R – postal items up to 2 kg;
  • 13 characters with the initial letter C – items over 2 kg;
  • 13 characters with the initial letter E – EMS shipments.

The last two letters of the identifier code, which allows you to track the parcel of the Lithuanian Post, indicate the country where the shipment was accepted for shipment. The middle digits between the two letters are selected randomly and ensure the uniqueness of the code.

How to check the parcel of the Lithuanian Post by the track number?

For visitors to the official website of the service, you need to go to the Shipment tracking page, where the Lithuania Post tracking form is located. If you need to check several shipments, you can enter up to five numbers in the form at the same time, separating them with the Enter key. Those who used the services of courier mail should go to its official website LP EXPRESS. The main statuses are displayed according to the generally accepted identification scheme:

  • Parcel accepted for delivery.
  • The parcel has been sent from the receiving point.
  • The cargo is in the sorting center.
  • The departure is on the way.
  • The package is at customs.
  • The cargo is located in the country of the recipient.
  • The item has been delivered to the post office, etc.

Please note: for some international shipments, the opportunity to check the parcel of the Lithuanian Post by the identifier code is provided only until the moment of crossing the state border. The further route of departure must be tracked on the service of the internal postal service of the country where the destination is located. Lietuvos pastas is ready to provide users with information on where and how to check a Lithuanian Post parcel after it has been cleared by customs.


You can track the Lietuvos Paštas order on the official website of the company. In the English version of the site, on the main page there will be a Shipment tracking link, clicking on which will open the search page. In the tracking number field, enter a 12-digit or 13-digit code and click the Search button. If there are several parcels, then you can enter all the track numbers, but not more than five. The Enter key must be used as a separator.

To search for Lietuvos Paštas courier express mail, you need to use the product search tool on the LP EXPRESS website.

Lithuania post notes that the Universal Postal Union does not oblige to provide other countries with information about the location of the goods. In other words, if the parcel is international, then it is not a fact that the national operator will be aware of its movement in another country. In this regard, tracking will most likely have to be carried out on different sites: the site of the postal service of the sending country, and then on the site of the postal service of the country of the recipient.

Lietuvos Paštas provides links to Lietuvos Paštas parcel tracking systems in other countries. As a rule, these are the national operators of each state with which the Lithuanian Post cooperates. Unfortunately, the transition to many sites is not carried out, so the easiest way is to use universal search engines.


On our website, you can track the parcel by Lithuanian Post Tracking number along the entire route of the cargo, as well as use a convenient index directory.

Enter the Lithuanian Post Tracking tracking number in the search box for the Lietuvos Paštas website or in the search box in the site header (or on the main page of the site). In the second case, our resource will check the data not only of Lietuvos Paštas, but also of other postal and logistics services that may be responsible for your cargo outside Lithuania. So you will receive up-to-date and complete information in Russian without the need to go from site to site.

Lithuanian Post Tracking Status

Iš siuntėjo priimta prekėThe item accepted from the sender
Prekė, išsiųsta iš kilmės vietos pakeitimo įstaigos į paskirties šalįThe item sent from the office of exchange of origin country to the destination country
Nesėkmingas pristatymasUnsuccessful delivery
Prekė rūšiavimo centreThe item at sorting centre
Prekė išsiųsta į pristatymo paštąThe item sent to the delivery post office
Prekė atkeliavo į paskirties šalies mainų įstaigąThe item arrived at the office of exchange of the destination country
Prekė ruošiama muitiniam patikrinimui paskirties šalyjeThe item is being prepared for customs inspection in the destination country
Gavėjui pristatyta prekėThe item delivered to recipient
Prekė atkeliavo į kilmės šalies mainų įstaigąThe item arrived at the office of exchange of origin country
Prekė buvo išsiųsta į paskirties šalįThe item was sent to the destination country
Prekė grąžinama siuntėjuiThe item is being returned to the sender
Prekė ruošiama muitineiThe item is being prepared for customs
Prekė ruošiama muitinei. Pateikite dokumentus prekės deklaravimui čiaThe item is being prepared for customs.Please submit documents for item declaration here
Prekė buvo perduota pristatymuiThe item was transferred for delivery
Jūsų prekė yra pašte. Norėdami jį pasiimti, turėkite savo asmens tapatybės dokumentą ir prekės numerį. Kitas asmuo gali paimti daiktą tik turėdamas įgaliojimą. Daugiau informacijosYour item is at the post office. To take it, please have your ID and item number. Another person can take the item only with a power of attorney. More information

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