Uzbekistan Post Tracking – EMS Uzbekistan Tracking Parcel

Uzbekistan Post Tracking – EMS Uzbekistan Tracking Parcel

Uzbekistan Post Tracking – EMS Uzbekistan tracking to know parcel package speedpost ems delivery status.Get latest shipment status from UZBEKISTAN POST

Uzbekistan Post Tracking - EMS Uzbekistan Tracking Parcel

The Post of Uzbekistan is the official postal service of the country, providing the population and business entities with a wide range of services for domestic and international delivery of cargo, mail and correspondence. The enterprise began its work in 1992, when the issue of postage stamps of the state was initiated. Already in 1994, Uzbekistan Post entered the Universal Postal Union, and today the company is included in the list of services of the cooperative EMS community.

General information about the operator’s services:

  • postal (forwarding simple and registered local and international shipments);
  • financial (implementation of money transfers within the country and around the world);
  • courier services, express mail;
  • public service in post offices;
  • publication and sale of postage stamps;
  • distribution of periodicals;
  • contractual services;
  • interactive services. More details about the Uzbekistan Post tracking service can be found on the official website.

The telecom operator works closely with all postal services in the world and major courier companies. You can track the delivery of all kinds of mail and cargo on our website. Here you can monitor information in real time. The service “Where is the parcel” reports on all movements of the shipment in automatic mode.

Today the list of services includes:

  • forwarding domestic and international shipments;
  • money transfers between different states;
  • express mail and courier services;
  • issue and sale of postage stamps;
  • a wide range of interactive services, including tracking of postal items from Uzbekistan and the CIS to Russian post , Belpost, Ukraine and other countries.

Currently, the company has a developed network of branches and established links with most international services. This allows you to reduce the delivery time of letters and cargo, as well as minimize the risk of their possible loss.

Possibility to track parcels in “Uzbekistan Post”

An important advantage of Uzbekistan Post is online tracking of parcels and letters by identification number. An individual passport is issued on the company’s website for each order, indicating the main data: weight, data of the sender and recipient, points of departure and destination, current location and packing date. Cargo movement is immediately displayed in the passport data, allowing the user to receive information in real time. To track a parcel by the track number of Uzbekistan Post, just enter its track number in the appropriate form. The status issued by the system displays the current location of the shipment.

Following the established international rules and standards for the delivery of postal items imposes certain restrictions on the company’s activities:

  • some types of shipments may be prohibited from forwarding;
  • the order appears in the database 6-8 days after the receipt of the cargo and its dispatch, which is associated with the work on its packaging and labeling.

Types of tracking numbers “Uzbekistan Post”

To make it possible to track mail from Russia and the CIS using Uzbekistan Post, each parcel or correspondence receives a unique track number. Its type depends on the weight and characteristics of the cargo:

  • the standard number consists of 13 digits;
  • EMS orders are marked with an “E”;
  • the middle package is marked with the letter “C”;
  • the letter R is present in the numbers of small packages.

In view of the foregoing, tracking of parcels and postal items of “Uzbekistan Post” is carried out using identification numbers of the following types:

  • packages up to 2 kg – Rx…..UZ;
  • parcels up to 20 kg – Cx…..UZ;
  • For EMS shipments – Ex…..UZ.


You can track and control parcels to Uzbekistan Post to the smallest detail – the site contains an order passport with full data on its condition, date of packaging, loading, location. The user himself can observe the entire path of his order by updating the main page.

In order to find the parcel, you need to get the track number of Uzbekistan Post. The track number is a unique sequence of numbers and letters, symbols that are assigned to exactly one order. The track number of Uzbekistan Post is 13 characters, for a small package the letter R is assigned, for a medium parcel – C, for an EMS order – E.

For more convenient work with the site, pay attention to automatic page translators, as well as the features of this service and some rules that you need to know before ordering:

  • The company is part of the Postal Convention, carries out its activities in accordance with its regulations, so you may face a ban on certain items;
  • Uzbekistan Post delivery speed depends on weather conditions and recipient country;
  • It takes about a week to collect the order (sometimes longer if you ordered several goods at the same time), packaging, accounting in the database, after which the order is delivered to the sorting center and becomes “visible” for postal services and the client;
  • If after the specified time the purchase has not been delivered, you can ask for a refund or a replacement.

You can track the path of the parcel through Uzbekistan Post until it arrives at the post office at the place of residence, however, on the territory, for example, Russia, the Russian Post will be responsible for the safety of the parcel .

Uzbekistan Post Tracking statuses ” Uzbekiston pochtasi “

When tracking, “Uzbekistan Post” can indicate the following statuses:

  • The departure is in one of the branches of the service.
  • Correspondence is processed in the sorting center.
  • The parcel goes through the customs clearance procedure.
  • Export or import of cargo is carried out.
  • There is a customs clearance by the postal service in the country of destination.
  • The parcel is in the country of destination.
  • The shipment is handed over to the recipient.

Terms of delivery of goods by “Uzbekistan Post”

Delivery time depends on the weight of the cargo, destination and weather conditions. More than 60% find the addressee within 14 days, about 30% – within 45 days, about 8-10% – within 90 days.

Hope you have successfully track Uzbekistan post parcel using our free Uzbekistan Post Tracking service.If you have any query you can contact their customer service to get help.

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