KazPost Tracking – Post KZ Tracking Number Status

KazPost Tracking - Post KZ Tracking Number Status

KazPost Tracking – Post kz tracking to know parcel package speedpost ems delivery status.Get latest shipment status from KAZAKHSTAN POST

KazPost Tracking - Post KZ Tracking Number Status

Kazpost is the national operator of the postal network of Kazakhstan, forwarding both domestic mail and international mail. Constantly expanding the scope of services provided, the postal service strives to create the most comfortable conditions for residents of all settlements of the country.


The history of the Kazakhstan Post begins from the time of the USSR. The organization arose after the country gained independence. The company was registered as a joint stock company and legal entity.

In 1992, it was included in the UPU, in 1993 the corporation was divided into post and telecommunications. In December 1999, during the transformation, the organization became LLC Kazpost, in the authorized capital of which the state participated 100%. In 2000-2003, a postal savings system was created.

In the autumn of 2006, the company organized the Electronpost enterprise, which expanded the list of services offered by Kaz post – information logistics appeared, including printing and converting postal items.

By December 2012, the first 24-hour branch of the postal operator was established. It appeared in Astana. In 2013, the company became a principal member of MasterCard WorldWide and Visa International. In 2017, Kazpost began issuing its own bank cards. A year later, a franchise network was launched, as well as an improved drone for delivering various items.


You can track your package in several ways:

  • on the company’s website;
  • using the universal service Posylka.net.

Both options work around the clock and are free. Tracking Kazpost parcels through the official page sometimes malfunctions. You can use our free serviceto search for mail using tracking numbers.

The portal offers the following information about the parcel:

  • information about the sender and recipient;
  • the average delivery time of the cargo by the postal operator;
  • the name of the delivery company;
  • current travel time;
  • the history of the change in the location of the departure;
  • parcel status.

Using our tracking service you can find out where the departure from DPD , Amazon Logistics , Russian Post , China post and other postal services. Questions related to working on the portal are recommended to be searched in the FAQ section .

Which countries does Kazakhstan Post work with?

It works with all countries of the world, which means that the inhabitants of the country have ample opportunity to send and receive parcels and letters. As part of the Universal Postal Union, Kazakhstan Post is a member of the EMS cooperative. These services imply the organization of a priority type of postal items – when passing through all stages of the journey, they are processed in the first place and are delivered to the recipient as quickly as possible.

Our postal operator website helps users quickly locate the letter or package they are expecting. Our service allows the recipient to receive information in Russian without any extra effort. All that is required is to enter the track number in the search bar.

What is a tracking number / track number / SPN?

The track number is a unique identifier for the mail item. It is assigned to the parcel when registering at the post office. It is a combination of Latin letters and numbers.

In total, there are 4 letters and 9 numbers in the tracking (RP197798022CN). With it, you can track the parcel at any convenient time. The track number is specified by the sender of the goods. It can be viewed in the “Personal Account” in the order log of a paid purchase in an online store.


Kazakhstan Post offers its customers a wide range of services. The postal operator responsibly approaches the performance of work. Citizens here will be able to receive all the necessary services related to parcels and letters.

Registered letters

If desired, each citizen can send a registered letter. To do this, you need to contact the post office, fill out the form of the established form, and then pay for the service. It is proposed to do this not only at the operator’s offices, but also on its official web portal.

You can also get a registered letter from the operator. This service is no different from the service of the Russian Post or any other operator.

EMS from Kazpost

If you need to urgently deliver a parcel, you should resort to EMS from Kazpost. The shipment can be received “to the same day”. In the shortest possible time, the couriers of the company will pick up the cargo, and then deliver it to the required point.

The service is provided within the country. There is also an economy delivery, which allows you to use EMS at the best rates in Kazakhstan, as well as within Astana and Almaty.

Call a courier

The courier service of the Kazakhstan Post can be called by each potential client. For this, it is used:

  • a call to the company’s call center;
  • order through the official page of the organization;
  • personal visit to the operator’s office.

On the official website of the company, you need to open the “Services” block, select “Courier Call” there, then fill out the electronic form in 4 steps and confirm the operation.


Cash on delivery is a convenient delivery method. He is paid. Funds must be paid to the cashier of the operator at the time of receipt of the goods.

Kazpost offers to track the parcel sent by cash on delivery and pay for it using the track code. To do this, on the official page of the company in the “Services” section, select “Cash on delivery”, and then indicate the tracking number in the line that appears.


Kazpost has virtual services that will help you get certain information completely free of charge. For example, find out the postal code at the address of a person’s residence. The option “Find index” is responsible for this.

Book a queue

If you do not want to stand in a live line at the Kazakhstan Post office, it is suggested to book it in advance. The service “Book a queue” will help in the implementation of the task.

The client must open the website of the postal operator, select the “Book…” option in the “Services” section, indicate the office of the company, click on the “Book” button, go through authorization in the “Personal Account” (registration is free), and then confirm the operation. In the course of the actions taken, the client will be able to take a queue by receiving an electronic number.

Attention: not all departments of the organization have the possibility of booking.

Calculate shipping cost

Postal tracking is a free service. But for delivery, as a rule, you have to pay. It is proposed to calculate its cost without leaving home. The electronic service ” Delivery Cost Calculation ” will come to the rescue .

The user must:

  1. Open Kazpost website.
  2. Go to the “Services” – “Services” section.
  3. Select “Shipping Cost”.
  4. Specify the parameters of the postal item, as well as the method of delivery, the address of sending and receiving the parcel.
  5. Click on the button for the calculation.

The service is provided free of charge. If the service does not work, the delivery cost is specified at the company’s offices, or by calling the call center.


A post office is a device with which you can pick up your order or postal item. Using them is easy.

For this you need:

  1. Open the website of the postal operator.
  2. Select the parcel you want to pick up from the post office. This is usually done at the time of making a purchase in an online store or sending a shipment.
  3. Fill out the application electronically. The post office address is indicated in the delivery address.
  4. Submit a request for processing.
  5. Wait for the message about the delivery of the parcel. It will contain the access code to the cell.

It remains to find the selected post office, dial the code to open the box, and then pick up the postal item. Cargoes are stored in the device for only 3 days.


Sending mail is the main service of postal operators. It is proposed to send a letter to Kazpost as follows:

  1. Buy an envelope and stamps. This can be done directly at the operator’s office.
  2. Write a letter and put it in an envelope.
  3. Seal the parcel in an envelope, and then indicate on it the data of the sender and recipient, the address of sending and receiving, the postal code.
  4. Give the envelope to the post office employee. When sending letters and parcels abroad, you must fill out a declaration and present your passport.

You can also put a letter in a filled envelope and put it in the mailboxes of Kazpost.


Sending a package is no more difficult than sending a letter. This will require:

  1. Pack the mail. You can buy the necessary materials in the branches of the company.
  2. Fill out the submission form.
  3. Show your passport and hand over the goods to the postal officer. The parcel must be weighed.
  4. Pay for the appropriate service if necessary.

Also on the website of the Kazakhstan Post, it is proposed to issue EMS and courier shipment. First, the parcel must be prepared for shipment, then select the appropriate service on the operator’s website and fill out an electronic form. Having confirmed the action, the client will either have to personally come to the Kazpost office, or wait for the courier, hand over the parcel to him and pay for the service, if this has not been done before.


With the help of a special option, you can redirect the mail to a convenient place for the recipient. This is done remotely, on the corporation’s website.

You must select the option “Forward the package”. You can find it through the operator’s FAQ, in the “Questions and Answers” section (hyperlink in the ” How to redirect …” block). Next, the client must indicate the track number of the shipment in the search line, click on “Search” and select a new place of issue.

It remains to confirm the operation, pay for the service and wait for an SMS with a confirmation code. The function is available only when the parcel status is “Arrived and waiting”.


Delivery time depends on various parameters. Namely:

  • load on the post office;
  • distance between sender and recipient;
  • the country to which the goods must be delivered;
  • shipping method.

In Kazakhstan, you can use the courier service with same-day delivery. On average, the time for sending postal items is about 15 days in the country, 20-30 – around the world.

Posylka.net will help you see how fast Kazpost works. When tracking the sent goods, the corresponding information appears on the screen.


Each branch of the Kazakhstan Post works according to its own schedule. The official page of the company will help you to see the work schedule of the selected office.

It is necessary to select the “Services” block, go to “Departments”, find the desired “point” on the map and study the information of interest. The unified call-center of the company operates around the clock and without interruptions.

Types of postal items of Kazpost

To control the path of the parcel, the user needs to know the track number – a unique set of letters and numbers assigned to each shipment. Internal shipment within the territory of Kazakhstan is indicated by the letters IF – this code at the beginning of the track implies the registration of the transportation of the parcel within the country.

Other designations of postal items of Kazakhstan Post:

  • R – the design of a small package is marked;
  • C – denotes a regular package;
  • E – means Express Mail Service or priority EMS.

After the first letter in the track number, a set of numbers of 9 digits is indicated. The code ends with the letter KZ, denoting the country of Kazakhstan in the international format.

Kazakhstan Post Tracking

Our website provides an opportunity to track the parcel of Kazpost by track number. A simple service service allows each user to quickly locate a shipment. To clarify the information, only knowledge of the assigned departure number in the international format is required. The tracking number is indicated on the receipt when sending the package or box with the parcel.

To obtain data, you need to go to the site, find the tracking tab and enter the track number in the search box that opens. The system will quickly give a detailed description of all stages of the route of this departure.

Tracking statuses of Kazpost

Tracking service shows detailed information about the transportation of each shipment. Under the search bar, a window opens with detailed information about each stage of delivery. Information is provided in the form of statuses.

Most common statuses:

  • admission to the OPS – registration of sending a parcel;
  • sorting;
  • arrival at the center, sent by land or air transport;
  • admission to an exchange institution;
  • arrival at the point of issue, delivery.

The entire route of the parcel is displayed – from the moment it arrives at the initial post office until it is handed over to the person designated by the recipient. The stages of the passage of a shipment through the territory of other states are most often presented in English. As in other countries, international parcels in Kazakhstan go through the customs control procedure. And for many people it is much easier to navigate among the information presented in english. Therefore, tracking mail on our website is not only convenient, but also a necessary service for most users who are waiting for the treasured package from another country.


Кеден органдары бергенIssued by customs
Сұрыптау аймағына келуArrival at the sorting area
Сұрыптау аймағынан жіберуDispatch from sorting area
Жөнелтуді қабылдауReception of departure
Улану аралық сұрыптау орталығын тастап кеттіThe poisoning has left the intermediate sorting center
Қабылдау бөлмесіReception
Жөнелту аралық айырбастау пунктіне келдіThe shipment has arrived at the intermediate point of exchange
Сақтау орныStorage
Клиентті күтуWaiting for a client
Жөнелту жүк алушының еліндегі айырбастау пунктін тастап кеттіThe shipment left the exchange point in the country of the recipient
Сақтау орнынан қайтаруReturn from storage
Клиентті күту, сақтаудаWaiting for a client, in storage
Жөнелтілім шығарылым пунктіне келдіThe shipment has arrived at the point of issue
Жөнелтілім сәтті жеткізілдіShipment successfully delivered
Сақтау орнына оралуReturn to storage
Кеден органдарына тапсырылдыHanded over to customs
Затты пошташы/курьер жеткізген жоқDelivery of the item by the postman / courier did not take place
Кедендік ресімдеу кезінде кідірісDelay at customs clearance
Кедендiк ресiмдеудi кейiнге қалдыруShipment delayed by customs
ЖеткізілмедіNot delivered
Биржаның транзиттік пунктіне келуArrival at the transit point of exchange
Жөнелту кедендік бақылаудан сәтті өттіThe shipment has successfully passed the customs control
Жөнелтуші елдің кеден басқармасы алған жөнелтілімShipment received by the customs office of the sender’s country
Жөнелту аралық сұрыптау орталығына келдіThe shipment arrived at the intermediate sorting center
Ұсталған адамды кедендік тексеруден қайтаруға босатуRelease of the detainee from customs inspection for return
Кеденге ұсынылған жөнелтілімShipment presented to customs
Бақылаушы органдар ұшып шығуды кейінге қалдырдыDeparture delayed by regulatory authorities
Кеденнен қайтарылған жөнелтілімShipment returned from customs
Шкаферде сақтауStorage in a locker
Жөнелтілім жөнелтуші елдің кеденіне берілдіThe shipment was transferred to the customs of the sender’s country
Постаматқа келуArrival at postamat
Пошта бөлімшесіне жеткізуDelivery to the post office
Жөнелтілім аралық сұрыптау орталығынан шығып қалдыThe shipment has left the intermediate sorting center
Пошта бөлімшесінен жеткізуDelivery from the post office
Сақтауға тапсыру пунктінде жөнелтуDeparture at the point of delivery in storage
Пикап-пунктке жөнелтілім келдіShipment arrived at the pickup point
Кедендiк ресiмдеуден қайтаруReturn from customs
Жөнелтілім жеткізу үшін пошташыға/курьерге тапсырылдыThe shipment was handed over to the postman / courier for delivery
Алушымен алындыReceived by recipient
пошташыға тапсырылдыhanded over to the postman
Жеткізу орнына келдімCame to the place of delivery
Алушыға сәтті жеткізілдіSuccessfully delivered to recipient
Пошташы/курьер арқылы жеткізу сәтсіз аяқталдыDelivery by postman/courier failed
Шығарылым нүктесіне келдіArrived at the point of issue
Сол жақ сұрыптау орталығыLeft sorting center
Сұрыптау орталығына келдіArrived at the sorting center
Ресейге жеткізу үшін берілдіTransferred for delivery in Russia
Кіріс айырбастау пунктінен жіберілдіDispatched from an incoming office of exchange
Ресейге келдіArrived in Russia
Сұрыптау орталығына келдіArrived at sorting center
Қазақстаннан жөнелтілімдерді күтуAwaiting shipment from Kazakhstan
Сұрыптау орталығынан жіберілдіDispatched from sorting center
Қазақстан шекарасына келдімArrived at the border of Kazakhstan
Пошта бөлімшесіне қабылдандыAccepted at the post office
Жіберу үшін алынған поштаMail received for dispatch


It is recommended to clarify the contacts of the Kazakhstan Post on the official page of the corporation in the “Branches” section. The money transfer center is located in Astana at the address: D. Kunaev street, 35. The central office is located at Beibitshilik street, 37.

Kazpost hotline – 1499.
The main office can be reached by phone +7 7172 611 699.
Internal numbers: 1094 and 1135 – office.

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