Afghanistan Post Tracking – Afghan Post Parcel Status

Afghanistan Post Tracking - Follow up Afghan Post Parcel Status

Afghanistan Post TrackingAfghan Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Afghanistan Post

Track Afghan Post Parcel

Afghanistan Post Tracking - Follow up Afghan Post Parcel Status

Afghan Post (AP) is a state-owned enterprise that provides a one-stop postal service with over a century of history throughout the country. AP is a member of the Universal Postal Union and the EMS cooperative. The company provides services for the collection and delivery of mail both domestically and abroad through 463 post offices safely, reliably and quickly.

Afghanistan Post maintains the trust of customers by providing consistently high quality services and affordable prices. The company is always thinking about meeting the needs of its customers as well as their requirements in parallel with new global technological developments.

All projects for the creation and expansion of traditional postal services are developing rapidly, and in the near future Afghan Post will play the role of the best service provider in the national postal market.

Afghanistan Post has the headquarters of the entire postal service with one central post office in Kabul and 25 city post offices.

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Where afghan post have services ?

Afghan Post plans to expand its network of post offices from 427 to 850, of which 130 branches will be located in provincial capitals and cities, and about 375 small branches in districts and small towns will be renovated with the help of ASP (Afghanistan Stabilization Program) and UNDP. By being able to provide new services besides conventional mail services, the system will contribute to improved communication, improved management and business, which will have a strong impact on revenue collection / generation. Training opportunities will be provided to both the public and private sectors, helping 5,000 Afghans secure stable jobs.

Afghanistan Post works with all UPU and EMS member countries, covering:

  • America ;
  • Western and Eastern Europe;
  • Asia;
  • Oceania.

Afghanistan Post tracking : check parcel by ID

As a member of the UPU, Afghan Post provides customers with the opportunity to trace the path of their cargo from the moment it is registered to the time it arrives at the point of receipt. Afghanistan Post shipments, such as parcels, small parcels, letters or any other postal items, are tracked by the tracking number that is assigned to each order. Track code formats are generally accepted, they are a combination of Latin letters and numbers, for example (# letter, * number,! Letter or number):

  • (R # *** *** *** AF);
  • (V # *** *** *** AF);
  • (A # *** *** *** AF);
  • (C # *** *** *** AF);
  • (E # *** *** *** AF);
  • (L # *** *** *** AF).

The first letters indicate the form of the service (package, letter, etc.), the last ones are the sender’s country, if the shipment leaves Afghanistan, the tracking code will end with AF (as in the example above).

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Afghanistan Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

The fastest way to track a package using the Afghanistan Post track number is to enter it in the tracking field on the official website of the service or use third-party tracking services. No need to call customer service, online results give customers detailed real-time delivery progress information as shipments move through the dedicated postal network.

After registering the shipment, Afghanistan Post tracking will be available within 2-3 days. After the client enters the track number in the tracking field, he will see the status of his order at the time of the request and all the previous stages of the journey. Messages will look something like this: “Accepted at the distribution center”, “Left the distribution center”, “Customs cleared”, “Delivered to the pickup point”, etc.

About Afghan Post

The postal history of Afghanistan begins in the second half of the 19th century. In 1870, the first post offices were established in Kabul (in Bala Hissar), as well as in the administrative center of each province of the country. Since that time, primary postal services began to be provided in the country and postage stamps were issued.

In 1928, the General Directorate of Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones became an independent department, and on April 1 of the same year, Afghanistan joined the ranks of the member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

You can track Afghan Post shipments using the track number on our website. Enter the mail ID in the box and start searching for information.

Afghan Post tracking official website :

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