How To Change New Cpanel Interface Password

CPanel (Control Panel) contains all the main site tools for adding new site or modifying their sub domains,email,back up and lot of other functions.You need to set your CPanel password very strong for the maximum security of your site.Often your hosting customer care representatives may ask for user name and Cpanel password to fix complex issue.

Here I don’t know what you do,but most of the time if any reason I provide password anyone,I change password immediately.No doubt authority will never share but still you should change the password.

August 10,2015 I got mail from my hosting company that “we are excited to announce that we will be migrating your hosting package for **********.com to brand new servers in a new datacenter”.They changed their data center and now works fine but I faced one problem when I tried to change password of my Cpanel.I got no option inside Cpanel to change the password like I used to get earlier in Cpanel interface.

How To Change New Cpanel Password step 3

Solution,How To Change ? I was wasting my time with this tiny issue and called customer care for instant solution.Now let me share you how you can do that ,follow below steps :-

You won’t get the option from Cpanel,you need to log in your hosting billing account to change the password.

  1. After log in find the “Manage Orders” and from the drop down menu choose list/search orders”

How To Change New Cpanel Password step 12. Now you can see your order with the main domain name.Click on it and you will be taken to the admin details of that order.

3. Find “Admin Details” link and you can set the password for your Cpanel.

How To Change New Cpanel Password step 2

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