How Artificial Intelligence will Provide Value to each person

Artificial Intelligence

Recently, an article was published by Sam Altman – a truly extraordinary person, the former president of Y Combinator and CEO of OpenAI. If you do not go into the details of his personal life, but focus on his words and deeds, then many of his thoughts are at least interesting, although not indisputable.

How Artificial Intelligence will Provide Value to each person

Sam Altman predicts that artificial intelligence will play a leading role in the future, capable of changing the lives of most people on earth. Already now, AI can do a lot – play chess in such a way that it beats the world champion, control drones, recognize a person by their face, analyze any, even the largest array of data, and even work with debtors, studying information about them and talking in such a way that a person is ready to repay the existing debt. Emotions and feelings are no help here, a computer cannot be moved to pity, such programs can save a lot of nerve cells of collectors, but no one thinks about debtors.

Further more. It is predicted that in the next 5 years AI will be able to read legal documents and advise patients, AI-controlled cars will become an integral part of traffic, but in the more distant future, AI will be able to completely replace human labor on the assembly line, develop new machines and technologies, write texts, create and think.

That is, according to Sam Altman, a new technological revolution is brewing: “The technological progress that we will achieve in the next 100 years will be much greater than anything we have done since we first took control of fire and invented the wheel. AI is able to create phenomenal wealth, but at the same time, the price of labor will “fall to zero”.

And this is where everything becomes complicated, because in such a system human labor is simply not needed, what is the need for it if it can always be replaced by machine work – it will come out cheaper, and possibly better. On the other hand, AI and the machines controlled by it are capable of creating colossal wealth that can be used for a decent standard of living for people. And here public relations come to the fore, tough measures that the government must take in order to avoid disproportions in social development, a colossal gap between the rich and the poor.

How artificial intelligence will provide better life?

Altman proposes to tax not labor (it is very cheap), but capital, and distribute all these taxes evenly among citizens. In general, the ideas of the classics of Marxism-Leninism are embodied at a new level and in other realities. He suggested creating a stock fund that would tax all large companies at 2.5% of the total value of the company itself in the share price and at the same time swung at valuing the land in dollars and sending 2.5% of this amount to the created stock fund .

How Much Can AI earn ?

AI lets you earn money

The figure turns out to be wonderful, it is enough for every person in the United States to receive $ 13,500 a year as additional income. That is, you can not work at all – the money will still cry, just for the fact of its existence.

“With this system in 10 years, 250 million Americans will receive $13,500 a year,” Altman said, and what’s more, according to him, much more goods and services can be bought with this money, since the costs of their production, and therefore the cost will be much less. As proof of such conclusions, Altman cites data on the decline in the cost of electronics and many consumer goods over the past 10 years, and if AI technologies are introduced everywhere, then, according to Altman, the cost of almost all goods produced by machines, be it housing, clothing or equipment every 2 years will decrease by 2 times.

Limiting the development of AI

True, not everything is so rosy and smooth, it is becoming more and more difficult with food – and although the technologies for the production and cultivation of crops have stepped far forward, for example, one modern John Deere S760 harvester can replace a dozen Dons, and people in agriculture require much less ability to land for food production is limited – there is something to grow, but nothing.

And what will the billions of people living on such taxes do? It is quite possible that they will simply go into virtuality – there is no doubt that devices imitating it with 100% accuracy may appear, people will simply, according to some futurists, live in virtual worlds, and go out into the real only to satisfy their physiological needs.

virtual world

But everyone chooses his own future. And humanity will certainly be able to avoid all the traps associated with the widespread introduction of AI, and will derive a lot of benefits. At least I want to believe it.


Artificial intelligence will greatly change the cost of producing goods and in the future will depreciate the cost of human labor, while it can increase income due to the growth of markets.

According to experts, almost every person will interact closely with AI-based technologies in a few years.

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