Lionbridge Language Cloud Integration Methods for Automation

Lionbridge Language Cloud Integration Methods for Automation
Lionbridge Language Cloud Integration Methods

It used to be difficult to get content from a CMS, DAM or PIM. You will have to spend hours copying and pasting text and manually exporting content. Everything didn’t seem to work as expected. Manually extracting content from different systems and converting it to a more localized format often results in delays, errors, and costs. At that time it was all over.

Lionbridge Language Cloud makes it easy to move and transform content from the original environment back to the original system. There are many ways to connect. Let them help you get it done so you can start localizing everything.

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1. Robotic Process Automation

robotic process automation
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Robotic process automation (RPA) allows you to extract content from any system by simulating user behavior. This is a useful solution if your content is locked in an outdated system or translation management system (TMS) and there is no other way to integrate it.

2. Smart MT API

smart MT API
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Their communication API allows direct integration with the Smart MTTM solution, which works well for all customer success and support systems. Receive real-time translations during the actual interaction with your customers. This is because they understand that no matter what language the client speaks, communication with the client must be immediate. The pandemic has heightened the importance of delivering an outstanding global workforce experience. their real-time communications API supports and enables these features. By engaging with them on their terms, they say, you gain an advantage in hiring and retaining your global workforce.

The GeoFluent Communication API is designed for multichannel communication. It can be enabled in your application by integrating with the API.

All language features

Real-time support for languages ​​that account for 95% of global GDP. Communicate effectively regardless of the language the client speaks

Multi-channel function

GeoFluent allows you to provide multilingual functionality across multichannel channels. Integrate GeoFluent into channels like:

  Chat - internal and external
  Email / Support / Ticket
  Social networks and SMS
  Knowledge base
  Community Forum

API Features:

 Automatic detection of the source language of the text
 Sends an array of translation texts in different languages
 Wait for synchronous conversion or.
 Specify a timeout and receive the translation asynchronously on completion
 Transcribe the audio and translate the results
 Protection against translation of structured brands and industry terminology
 High quality translations of structured glossary terms or common phrases

3. Language Cloud API

language cloud portal 1
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Their robust API allows you to connect your own developed applications or workspace to Lionbridge Layout Cloud. You can access a variety of localization and translation services, as well as specialty services, without the need for costly integration into inflexible third-party systems.

70 different locations

Lionbridge is the world’s largest translation company with over 100,000 translators. You can localize your content for 70 different languages.

Multiple quality levels

Their Translation API is the first product to support all major levels of translation quality, including machine translation, machine translation + human post editing, bulk translation, expert translation, and expert translation. This means that you only need to write to one API to access all translation services.

40 content types

Documents such as Microsoft Office
Video formats like mp4, mov, flv, wmv, m4v to convert audio characters and subtitles.
Technical formats like iOS, Android xml and resource formats
If you are an e-commerce business, they can also translate your product catalog.

Flexible payment model

You can pay for the client’s project and then charge the client, or the client can pay them directly. You can also pay for some of your clients’ transfers and they have to pay for the rest. Payments can be made using PayPal and you can either create a prepaid balance or claim credit on a purchase order and bill later.

4. Connectors


The Lionbridge Connector provides an easy way to integrate Lionbridge into your work environment. You can integrate key CMS, DAM, PIM, cloud storage systems and specialized content processing systems for regulated industries (Relativity®, Veeva) into Lionbridge Layout Cloud.

Below you can find out all available connectors , explore Lionbridge Connector Online

  1. Connector for Adobe Experience Manager
  2. Connector for Drupal TMGMT
  3. Connector for Episerver
  4. Connector for inRiver PIM
  5. App for Marketo
  6. App for Oracle Eloqua
  7. Connector for Oracle Content and Experience
  8. Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  9. Connector for SAP Commerce (formerly Hybris)
  10. Connector for ServiceNow
  11. Connector for Sitecore
  12. Universal File Connector
  13. Connector for WPML (WordPress)
  14. Translation Connector for FTP Servers
  15. Sitefinity Connector for Lionbridge
  16. Connector for Veeva Vault

5. Language Cloud Portal

You can use the Language Cloud portal to translate snippets of text or parts of files. You can grant access to your team or department and manage your localization costs. Enable a fully automated workflow or use the review and release features to manage your translations and how they are translated. Follow lionbridge portal :

6. Smart Content API

smart content api

Access the Smart Content API and take advantage of Lionbridge Language AI features to dramatically improve the quality of your content. Through API integration, their language AI helps detect and assign important properties and attributes, improving ongoing quality checks such as bugs and automation.

Content audit and strategy

Assess your content to determine how well it is understood and how well it performs in different markets. Get suggestions for improvement.

Content Creation

Create better content with over 120 content analyzes, making it easy to create compelling and resonant content.

Terminology and the voice of global brands

Ensure consistent brand voice and terminology across all content. Smart Content can flag inconsistent use of terms and identify issues related to brand and product names.

Management and quality control

It incorporates security measures into the content engine to localize each content in the most efficient way and satisfy all requirements.

Localization efficiency

Use the latest AI technology to speed up your content engine. This allows you to increase automation and speed while reducing costs. Smart Content can label and rate all content, automate workflows, make better use of machine translation, and find the perfect linguist for the perfect human touch.

You can find all detail integration guide step by step on Lionbridge official website.Please follow the documentation and set up connectors.

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